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  1. yasin

    $250 Twitter Giveaway #13

    @ donyasin666
  2. yasin

    $250 Twitter Giveaway #12

    twitter: @yasin420_
  3. yasin

    Stake Discord!

    nice that its back up
  4. yasin

    Is this the end?

    every "noob" btc holder is like "HALLO WHERE IS SELL BUTTON?!?!?!?" right now hahah
  5. I have come up with my own dice strategy that works pretty well but u need to set up some sort of safety so it doesnt rip u in the long run * Do whatever basebet u want (i recommend a very low one if u plan on doing it for a while). * 3x multiplier. * On loss multiply bet by 80%. * On win return to basebet This strat also works on crash gamemodes btw
  6. yasin

    The biggest rain you've received?

    The biggest rain ive gotten from the rainbot is 0.0014 bch and 0.002 ltc from a user created rain that was by blxn
  7. good luck boys and girls!
  8. yasin

    [Closed] Stake Lottery! #1

    Tip sent
  9. Good luck hope u win big today!
  10. yasin

    [Closed] Stake Talent Show #1

    I cant record a video of my "talent" this time of the year but i hope you can still consider accepting my entry, i can prove its me by linking my personal instagram where i uploaded the video about a year ago and u can dm me there to confirm it if thats okay? Or i could record me mentioning the talent show while showing its my bike? Anyways heres the video
  11. yasin

    [Closed] Stake Youtube Giveaway #1

    stake name is yasin