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  1. DICE: 4,517,009,059 placed by felismarasigan on 15/04/2019 Wagered 0.00003100 Multiplier 21.019100189208984x Profit 0.00062059 DICE: 4,517,009,378 placed by felismarasigan on 15/04/2019 Wagered 0.00003100 Multiplier 21.019100189208984x Profit 0.00062059
  2. MINES: 4,374,734,321 placed by felismarasigan on 10/04/2019 Wagered 0.00001600 Multiplier 417.45001220703125x Profit 0.00666320 MINES: 4,389,853,473 placed by felismarasigan on 11/04/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 404.1050109863281x Profit 0.00040310
  3. goldluck im watching you play bro. felismarasigan
  4. When you gamble really go for all in always ❤️ Lose or Win don't get too upset for your bets. and remember "you gamble because of your extra money, don't gamble for profit only" for me the best strategy on stake is just pure luck! -small bets then small profit that takes you 2 hours to complete a withdrawal or -big bets then big profit that only takes 5-10 mins then withdraw some profit no guts no glory guys, but don't aim for HR if your extra money is not enough, be a High Rollers when you have 300$-500$ EXTRA money p.s: always remember keep a generous attitude if you win!
  5. Would you help me? i want to complete all the challenge but i only got 0.01 bch? would that be enough? and which challenge is an easy get? any recommendation? last week i only complete one challenge. the other one is so hard 💔 well get well stakers, bet like it is your own life goodluck and godbless everyone!!
  6. Well, hindi sa corneto guys 🤣😂hahaha, kundi kung nilaro mo sa stake may chance kang manalo ❤️ gaya ng attached file dito. swerte tlga! 20 pesos naging 50k petot na "wala talagang impossible sa stake kapag may BAYAG (tapang)" 20 pesos a day is a good day 😈 #LabanPinoy Join my own telegram group guys. P.S dapat masaya kang naglalaro hindi yung galit matatalo tayo dyan!
  7. everyone telling change my seed? how and why? what is the advantage of seed guys? im really am curious I'm playing stake for 6 months now and i still dont know what it is, good thing there is a forum ❤️ does it really help if you change your seed?
  8. It really is a proven fact guys. that's why most of the companies do charity works well if you heard this before i just quote it from chillz, a great narrator in one of my favorite channel on youtube, so i dont know but no updates on telegram giveaway? everyone so busy in the race me im 1000th place already goodluck and have guts!
  9. i really hope i win ❤️ please god let me win this give away i need it for my birthday this 16th
  10. I can be your guide tour if you guys travel here. i have some ideas on mind where will be the best place for you guys ❤️ but I highly recommend Samal Islands in Davao City or in Sairgao Beach. it is the best. CHICKS, WOMEN, ALCOHOL, DRUGS but dont get caught or your dead Summer is NOW! why not give it a try? winnings on stake? better not gamble it again, you should spend it in travel ! #MOREFUNINPH!
  11. if the birthday of the account on stake? ❤️ it would be a better one right guys? 1 year on stake? anniversary of your account...
  12. well, most of us people would be happy to receive any gift in our birthday? right? i really suggest that stake can give one to those who is having a birthday. its not that much because it's only once a year with the players who is active! an include birthday on accounts would be a great idea too, to ensure validity on account in one condition 1 account per IP address, because some A!@#$oles be cheating and saying it's his/her birthday with multiple accounts. tell me, it is not that bad of an idea? comments ❤️ maybe choose some players and ask their birthday right? mine is at April 16, im turning 24 quite old. p.s my profile pic is coming soon!
  13. Does anyone miss chart bet? Version 2 called it Limbo now. It's crazy and addicting too. hunt times 10x or 25x feels good when you hit it in your 5th try. ❤️ goodluck guys. have fun playing! who is the Limbo God?
  14. Kung may extra pera ka ng "50k php" ano pipiliin mo? Ako i choose 50% SABONG 50% STAKE! Stake - Hindi na kailangan ng manok! -easy to access -walang pamasahe pa puntang sabongan sa 7'11 lang hahaha -my times 10x 20x 30x pataas pa! IBA TLGA SA STAKE ❤️❤️ #Elsabongero
  15. it's very hard when you lost all your funds at gambling! >.< remember stakers are not thief! dont go steal money and play it on stake! just a quick remember to those who has a problem in gambling! like what i've heard, sold their lot but invested in some platform but then it was a scam. just be careful guys! we are just people who will be addicted to anything! gambling is the worst of them all. well, a good gambler is thus have good profit so my advice to all of you, BE THE BEST GAMBLER ON STAKE, it is not about being a HIGH ROLLERS, it's all about handling your crypto [BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DOGE] ❤️