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  1. just wait and see for update 🤘 well chartbet is better than limbo for mee.
  2. well chart bet is the best, because you can cashout any time, not like limbo you need to set the multiplier and pray for a win but chartbet is different, you can cash out for 10x even your set was 20x! but i hope chartbet will be soon and now there is some challenge i rhink chartbet will be a good game for challenges ✔️
  3. I cant wait for this game to be live again, i really miss this game and for me it is better than Limbo, dont you agree? i think it a matter of days until we can play it again 🤑✔️ FYI: that chat is my soon to be wife 💕🤫
  4. Kung pinoy ka, siguradong na try mo na mag puyat dahil sa stake! Wag ka mag deny! wag mahiyang sabihin. Happy Father's Day pala sa lahat.
  5. I just want to clear out things, when i hit this, i withdraw 2.5 bch! then from 2.5 bch manage to make it to a 7 or 8 bch then i busted it all 💔 that really was a heart breaking moment for me.
  6. yup i just manage to withdraw 2.5 bch but it's okay. i dont like thinking of my lost money. you win some you lose some.
  7. i only started with 0.13 bch in this. but i think i withdraw 2.5 bch with this win then the rest 2.5bch went up to 7 bch then i lost it busted it all. KENO when playing BCH have a maximum bet of 0.1 BCH that's why i love using BCH on keno bet. you can never go all in if you use BCH on keno
  8. Who'se like me? Manage to take a screenshot of my big win but I busted it all 😂😭😰 it's like "this is only my reminder" i was a 5bchionare 😂 in just 10 minutes. lol Dont lose hope, Gambling is win or lose! A quick reminder to everyone, Take Profit Every Win ! ✔️ Goodluck and Godbless Everyone
  9. You really should try the challenge Dark, It help you kill up the time and it's fun. sometimes i'm betting big for the challenges and hoping to hit the challenge and end up being a HR but the chances is quite low. but then again it is productive strategy
  10. para maganda rin mga pa giveaway ni eddie sa filipino pag may na contribute ang Pinoy Forum sa pag improve ng stake
  11. Ang pagbabalik ko sa forum, e fufull time ko na tong forum ko! sana kayo rin para mas mapalago pa natin ang stake sa pinas ❤️ more pinoy mas happy kumbaga.
  12. I'm back at forum, and find myself happy because i usually play keno and find the challenge this week is Keno ❤️ Stake really makes me happy for doing this, they should do it most often. Challenges is a good thing because all the games in stake are being utilize. that's what i love about stake. Hoping to win some the challenge in a short time let's do this challenge everyone, who's with me?