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  1. Trust pilot username cheesecakezt stake username cheesecakeytt https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/5dcbaeb7c845450918bf94a5
  2. Hello guys, Since i was inactive for 1 month on forum . I just away from the slots progress a lot. How much balance and which currency you guys play in slots. What kind of strategy did you use it to get in profit. Please guys let me know about your experience and strategy on slots
  3. I know that feeling bro . It’s just like regret about you didn’t done it and you should stop and cashout. I just felt a lot since I started to gambling. As much as I got a lot of experience with that i can control my mind and always set a hoal/target to farm and completely stop when I reached it . I hope this will help you
  4. I don’t know exactly when I changed the seed because I just changed it only when I was boring in site with 0 balance lol 😂 .
  5. I don’t want to that confirmation button. It’s make distracting me a lot . The best option to fix that Kind of mistake is just cut your thumb if you use it on mobile and just make a eyes testing if you use it on pc . Hehe 😉
  6. The better quality your responses and posts are during this period, the higher your value rating starts. This value rating is determined by numerous factors, which include: the plagiarism score, the amount of responses and activity your topics produce, your responses quality, and a few other under the hood checks (post length, interval between posts, etc.) bruh read the entire post and you will understand how it’s work
  7. It’s didn’t hard . But it’s just testing how much you have been experienced in stake to be a true vip . I mean stake vip treat is nice and people chase to be a vip with easy auto rolls. Stake vip challenge will very hard to get if you didn’t got experience in the game mode a lot.
  8. Rage is good for some time but it’s rekt most of the time in my past experience. Only one thing i want to to suggest is don’t chase the loss when you play gambling. It will make you to control your emotions in gambling
  9. Changing seeds doesn’t effect your win or lose, seeds is just about to decide what number to roll in the round. Only your input decision make it win or lose. I hope this will help you to understand how seed work https://stake.com/provably-fair/implementation
  10. As i seem it was okay to open multiple accounts if you don’t trying to cheat on free money promotion of stake ( rains( don’t talk in chat with multiple accounts ), forum promotion) . You can open multiple accounts and deposit from same address as much as you want.
  11. Ofc I’m very enjoying with the stake Halloween promotions because it’s free money you can try to get it . I always love to take part in every promotion of stake . And please don’t complain on free money
  12. I choose dice because I played dice a lot. But to be a vip , don’t look (focus) on the stats bar every time you play . Just focus to win and play carefully. The more you win , the more you can wager, and the faster you will reach vip . Good luck
  13. I hope this will help you to understand about the rewards system but I think that post need to update about rewards amount like 3000 satoshi per topic and 1000 satoshi per post maximum .