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  1. Happy Birthday flan hope you will become bigger streamer and get more happier in life stake username Kittkatt easter guess : Revelation 9:20-21
  2. Kippo


    Thank you for your wishes.welcome from our community. Good luck with your betting
  3. @Steve I just posted screenshot from mybet . Just added extra transaction screenshot for your guys to check these bets
  4. (I know a picture like this is easy to edit which is why I will be manually reviewing each account to make sure everything matches. Anyone who tries using a picture that is not authentic will be banned from this competition and the next one. ) Hello sir @Steve this is a paragraph from the competition rules. I don’t know how to quote on mobile. But if you checked manually my entries, you should know that my bets are legit . If Steve decided that isn’t legit to enter, Sorry @barbaris and @ghitagulas. I tried my best on vacation with my phone. 😢 And I posted mybet screenshot too. I just posted extra screenshot for bet id to check. And look my screenshot I provided full screenshot
  5. @Steve why my entries for round 3 doesn't count ? i just uploaded screenshots of mybet and transactions screenshot for bet id to check . what did i wrong >>??
  6. good luck stake username kittkatt
  7. I’m playing on phone so I can’t provide id in mybet screenshot. So I uploaded second photo of my transaction screenshot for bet id