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  1. i wouldnt mind unbaning most, Some that really fu*ked up should stay banned tho (big scams etc)
  2. I am sure they will add more slots once they are ready- I am kinda excited for that.
  3. I am sure stake got many new users. On top of that, Now they offer double balance for forum post so once you post something everyone is looking to give some thoughts too. I personally created a topic too and i got soooooooooooo much notifications too. I guess this really is good thing to be honest, More users in the forum = more fun and more things to read Therefore i think we should just be happy
  4. bigger balance doesnt make it easier. All you need to do is set your limits. Good strategy is to perhaps set your bet limit to 1 percent of your bankroll. You can then adjust the size of your bankroll depending to this.
  5. Honestly sometimes it seems like the best way for wagger are just simple honest dice bets. You avoid house edge cut that way and you might even win more.
  6. I am really looking into that . I think slow strategy like 1 slot every month would be great. Everyone will then find the favourite slots. Some love progressive jackpots , some just need the classic. It will really make stake more interesting and this selection really is needed and awaited.
  7. Honestly i am kinda tired of all those changes, Recently i been having real trouble finding the rain tab . In my opinion it shouldnt be changed at all and if needed then only as little as possible.
  8. minimalism is really great style, its indeed the style stake choosed. However i really hope and believe that they will add more types and some kind of jackpot bonus slot that will still look nice and clean
  9. This will be big one. Many imagine the flashy slots machine as soon as they hear the Β΄gamblingΒ΄ phrase I really wonder which way would you all like to see the progress of slots. Some are really comfortable with the current way as is, Classic and low key, Others are waiting for those flashy bonuses. Do you think implementing some of the current big slots would help? Or would you love to see something made by stake like stake slot jackpot? Looking for your thoughts guys.
  10. Hey everyone. This topic will be just interesting question for you all. I wonder if you feel you gambled more than you should / less than you should Or perhaps exactly as much as you like. Personally for me, I believe i have played just as much as i wanted. Doing micro stakes that i do (1-20 cents) Is kinda safe way and that way you never feel too bad about it. WIth time spent i am okay too. How about you all?
  11. Did you ever felt like dinabot has no future? Maybe you were even thinking about ending the project? I am glad you made it this far. providing great service to every one of us. Bonus question : How did you firstly got the idea? Thank you Stake DanielRandomDude
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