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  1. Ohhh someday i'll hit that too haha Thanks for the giveaway LUpandina! and i love the dinabot you made too. You have been a great contributor to stake.
  2. It was explained here on somewhere in the forum. The more bets you make, the more chances the house edge can eat you. Therefore, going all in at once, gives you a higher chance to win than rolling a thousand till you bet all your funds. It takes loadsof guts to do what she did and i don't think i can do that in my lifetime. I know that taking risks are required to taking home something big, but I knew loads of people that did not end up the same as her soooo.... I'm happy for that winner and I hope i can still win big even if i don't bet as crazy as her. haha
  3. Sinusubukan ko ngayon to sa doge meron akong 2k base bet, at wag pansinin ang oras dahil pinatay ko laptop ko kanina haha. halos tatlong oras na umaandar yan at ganyan na resulta. Kung BTC yan nako ang yaman ko na haha.
  4. Lalo na ngayon trix, isipin mo higit 200 na lagi nananalo sa challenge bawat linggo. Kaya makukuha nalang ng panalo halos 27k sats nalang. Dati medyo ok pa yung 40k o 50k na bumaballik eh, dahil dumadami na manlalaro lumiliit na ng todo natatanggap natin haha. Madalas may utang pa dahil nalugi sa paghunt.
  5. Nakakainis malay ko bang secret nila yung kasimpleng ideya nayun haha. Wala naman ako talaga pake sa totoo lang kung gusto nila solohin, nainis lang ako na may nagPM pa sakin ng wala akong utak. DI ko nalang nireplyan ng di maganda, ayoko pumatol sa mga walang modong tao.
  6. eyp, even if you were betting doges, it's still prone to bust after 2-3 losses in a row, imagine 10. or better yet imagine 28 losses in a row as the others here says.
  7. martingale( or martingail? im confused) is not really beneficial for that low multis since it would involve a very huge multiplier to your base bets to have your previous one back. and could bust your balance if you had two or three losses in a row. Also, the winnings per bet is not high, and would waste your time for every bets per minute it takes.
  8. It looks like a good wallet with low fees. Although i would still prefer the wallet we use here in my country since it can covert the crypto directly to our currency even with higher fees, it's not that bad. Also, from reading the comments, users' wallets were hacked from that site? that's not a good sign. There's a chance that the owner's developers just waited for the chance for someone to store high enough value of btc on their wallet on that site and made the grab. Low fees is not worth losing your entire crrypto savings if you ask me.
  9. well i guess it's not that surprising anymore since some people here claim that they have all seen 28 in a row in the same chance. Still, i wanted to share this event haha
  10. People have different relationships here indeed, just as @lupandina said, but having an unhealthy international channel might not look good for people that is not used to that cause of culture (like me). Especially if the talks involve insulting race, gender, color, etc. These conversations deeply offends people who do not think the same, which must be stopped. I know we're all adults(well I'm not as old as you guys), but you gotta stop doing these and be more professional even in chats and think through your actions.
  11. to be honest, i'd love to. but i changed my mind when i saw this soo yeah i'll just say that what you said might be right and what i said might be right too. When i switched it to show only april 24 only 1 bet appears cause i don't really shut down my laptop cause i was hunting the numbers.
  12. that 44 is only the last win streak. the 10 losses in a row was the last loss streak too. My best win streak had 357 consecutive wins, I know 10 losses in a row is nothing, but considering all of it is 98% chance of winning on every roll makes it unique for me. I assume that 28loss in a row did not have 98% chance of winning? it was over 98 i dont think i will only get wins. I'm just saying that 10 losses in a row in a 98% chance to win is astronomically rare as i had sait it on the post. I'm not even rolling it for profit lo that largest win happened when i was changing the settings. at the start i was hunting alamar's 11x 5 streak unofficial giveaway, at the last bet i won after i clicked restat and just let it continue rolling. I had no care to its profit cause i'm just looking for an exact number (6.66 for PD challenge) If i had lesser chances to win, such as even 50%, i wouldn't have that 1 loss streak on third place of my worst loss streaks. Luckily i don't play high chance to win with high bets anymore haha. It's saddening though that i didn't get that streak when hunting high multis on dice.
  13. username: ceastem I found stake due to research about crypto after finding PD
  14. I try to hunt high multis on limbo/ dice. The autobet option helps me so much at that and i love how it stops when i finally hit because of the stop on win feature (customized settings ofc) I wanted to hunt in mines badly before too, but it's just not my game. I don't have enough luck to pick the right ones.
  15. on 98% chance to win in every roll? if it is i'll be so amazed