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  1. You say that but you didn't say why you liked it either XD anyway, after reading flansca's explantion on different payouts to this game, i kinda like it better now. At first I didn't because I only thought it was as boring as diamond poker with a tie as a difference and you can bet on which side. But now i think it's quite fun to play it and experiment on different payouts. Although having 8x maximum is kinda lame... haha
  2. Well it might be an issue since we are on various places around the world Althiough it may be possible, i think it's better if they just send the file then we print it ourselves? OR even better, have a contest pertaining that! It's gonna be awesome to see different designs from different people about stake
  3. I don't know if they are going to add it though. I haven't heard anything about it during the last TI compared to the last football championships. So it got my hopes down..
  4. I forgot to add too. Cockfighting. Not the cock you're thinking of. Haha 😂 I don't know if it's common in other countries but it's very common here in the Philippines! Although I don't like it cause I somehow feel bad for the chickens. Based on the comments above, I find cockfighting rare since no-one have stated it before.
  5. I'm a huge fan of Esports! Specifically dota 2. I always watch streams from pro players and such, I always play this game too. Everytime there is a tournament, I always bet in my two favorite teams! (OG and liquid) It's actually hard to predict cause sometimes unexpected mistakes happen even if it's just the same game over and over again, just like in basketball with less physical activity.Perfect for unathletic guys like me XD I remember the times that are past, me and my colleagues always play dota 1 and counterstrike and bet between each other. I usually bet on onehash but once it showed me that there was a tie. WTF tie isn't possible in a game like that and ever since I looked for a trusted site where i can bet on. Even the betting sites promoted by players themselves have received scam reviews so I'm not going to try. If stake has it, I'll surely try again since this site is very trustworthy. I wish this is included in sportsbetting since it's some kind of a "sport" as well. Are any of you aware of E-sports betting or even a fan of it?
  6. Ooohhh ganun ba.. Goal ko na talaga ngayon magkavip o kaya bronze star. Ipon ipon Lang muna ako tapos pag nagkabudget isang pasada ko tatayaan para tumaas wager ko
  7. Yeah we do that too when we were young. We had it a little different and bet with money now to make it more challenging It's actually quite fun!
  8. Looks like the community is growing and growing! I look forward to hearing more from you bro!
  9. Awe I'm sure there is some! Even if our country is mostly filled with Christians, and gambling is considered a bad vice, it's still fun so we come up with our own variations of it! Maybe you just missed it when you were younger.
  10. Probably not 25k USD but I'm pretty confident it can last up to 10k. If it reaches that Mark, I'll cash out already because I already have loads of profit from my investments. Waiting for it to be impossibly big is just me waiting to be impossibly broke So yeah goodluck to holders! Don't take my word for my statement since bitcoin's price is volatile and goddamned hard to predict.
  11. I would love to hear about the local gambling/betting games you have in your country. Most countries have their own gambling games or different variations of it just because it's naturally fun to play when wagering something! I'm going to start with a few from my country which I think other countries don't have. First is Kara Cruz! Someone already explained it here in the forum so I won't explain it further how it works. It is one of the most common gambling here that are usually done by "rugby boys". (not the rugby in sports) due to its low betting requirements which almost always cost at least 3 php! another is pusoy dos, tong its, etc. That is our own different variations of poker. Tong its is played a bit differently and will cost a whole new topic in the future! Unggoy unggoyan(act like a monkey), this is quite popular and its mechanics is very simple so I'm gonna explain it. It works by having one deck of cards and removing the joker. After that, one card is randomly chosen and hidden away. No-one should know what that card is. The cards are then distributed to the players. All pairs should be presented for everyone to see. After that, each players will take turns to draw a random card from their side till one players is left! The one player is then called a monkey 🐵 we sometimes play this for fun, but sometimes we wager on this by having each of us bet 500 per game, then the loser loses his money and is distributed evenly to other players. So what's the other gambling games you have in your country? I would love to know them
  12. Lingid sa kaalaman ng iba, meron na laganap na sugal Dito sa pinas na madalas at matatanda ang kalahok. Noong una hindi ko inisip na sugal ito, more like laro haha Ngayon ko Lang naisip na sugal pala ito at makikita sa mga sulok ng malls. Naalala ko dati unang laro ko nito sa Christmas party nanalo ako 500 haha. Pero mula nun naubos na swerte ko. Di na ko nanalo ulit kaya di na ko sumasali twing may pabingo Dito samin. Ikaw ba may experience ka na ba sa bingo? Magiging giveaway kaya to sa stake nalang Araw? Haha
  13. And this year it's getting better! I think it's much better than last year that some altcoins like chainlink has a recent insane bull run I'm glad I invested in it and I wished already hehe
  14. I never seem to get the luck needed for this game. Almost everytime I hoped for the hundreds of multi but i just can't get it. Unlike when i hunt for challenges, it usually come out! I wonder why lol I never had a decent win from here and won't try aain. This game don't like me at all, almost in the same level as plinko XD
  15. Gambling is just meant for fun! Having it as a sole source of income will surely ed dire for you. Having it pay for the bills will be somehow viable with some extra cash but as a single source of income? No way. Someday you;ll end up not eating a meal or two just to gamble. By then, it's already too late for you to change. Don't do this. Ever. Also, I believe this has been talked about before... Damn.