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  1. ceastem

    Giveaway [Everyone Is A Winner]

    holy i made it! 5 hours haha username stake: ceastem thanks DB for this! i would like btc though if possible haha
  2. ceastem

    367580.00x Payout In Hilo

    6 aces for real?! haha with three in a row im already thinking of cashing out there haha. 6 is outrageous! congrats man! you are a brave one and you deserve it, try not to hunt it with btc since you got this lucky i highly doubt it will come again after thousands of bets. (anyway what do i know? i don't play hilo)
  3. ceastem

    10 numbers strike - 100x multiplier

    I am sensing that there will be a tier challenge for this haha. like hit the most tiles. only then we might see someone finally hit 10 tiles haha. but as of now nobody still got it or at least nobody opened it in public. anyway what happened to this month's tier challenge?
  4. ceastem

    PH Players Forum Challenges

    sige lang elds! take your time haha alam naman namin time consuming at mahirap maging teacher. sa bahay nag aaral ilelesson/nagcheccheck tas sa school nagtuturo, ala na hingahan haha palaruin mo dito mga estudyante mo may plus kamo pag naka 10k sats na tip sayo hahahha joke lang. anyways ala naman rush, inform mo lang kami kung kelan official start haha para madami sumali
  5. ceastem

    What would you do?

    yea same goal here haha although i wish to earn as fast as possible, these hands of mine just cannot stop gambling haha. also i promised someone i will someday build up 1 bitcoin soooo yeah haha goodluck and i hope most of us get atleast 1 bitcoin before the end of the year TKO, i would use it to help in my studies to help my parents. they are getting old and i just want them to rest and retire. if only i can fund my own education... anyways yeah that's what i would use it for
  6. ceastem

    Ripple is attending 20/20 money usa conference

    yes i think so too! it has great room for success and i even invested some of my money on it! haha i sure hope it will be a hit. i'm expecting a rise soon too cause of this news. thanks @Mlc for keeping us updated with the latest news!
  7. ceastem

    A new forum category

    i love stake staff's good heart. i have never seen a casino doing charities from their business. cause most of them are cold blooded money loving people. keep this up stake! and i hope we get more people here on stake so that they can help more people ❤️
  8. ceastem

    Would You Rather...

    all in on wheel haha. although i love die but dice ate most of my income already. maybe it's time to try a new one 10k sat 1 mine haha. don't like to just throw away my 10k sats keno FTW! i hate plinko. especially on high risks, that game is a killer with a magnet on 0.2 or 0.5 haha. good luck to those that will hunt the challenge! 10k eth to 10 people. this gives more chance to others and rewards random people equally. also with this, more people can be happier haha
  9. ceastem

    DM Begging

    well as he is listening to random people's problems and gives advices, i do not think this will be better. maybe just reportt them to support? so that they can ban them? i hate begging people. its okay if you are on the mood to giveaway some winnings but it makes my blood boil when people ask for it.
  10. BLACKJACK: 1,145,989,480 placed by ceastem on 22/10/2018 Wagered 0.00003200 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00009600 BLACKJACK: 1,146,128,133 placed by ceastem on 22/10/2018 Wagered 0.00003200 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00009600 BLACKJACK: 1,147,334,767 placed by ceastem on 22/10/2018 Wagered 0.00003200 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00009600 BLACKJACK: 1,147,605,429 placed by ceastem on 22/10/2018 Wagered 0.00003200 Multiplier 1.6x Profit 0.00009600
  11. stake username: ceastem goodluck shinjo!
  12. ceastem

    Primedice or stake ?

    Stake for me. not only because of the variety of games, but also i think i gotta choose one to focus on haha. my time is already tight enough as it is and i learned i must choose between stake or primedice. i chose stake because "i think" i made good friends here already while on Primedice most of the people there are veterans and probably know each other already which places me out of place which makes me feel sad.
  13. I guess it is popular due to its fast payout/fast bust sysstem. people tend to do it often specially if they had the taste of profits at the first few minutes of martingale. that is, till they bust. it is important to have discipline in gambling and limit yourself even in martingale. yes martingale can be effective but make suer to stop when you made profits/ start busting.
  14. ceastem

    photobomber nets more than 6 BTC

    so i guess i gotta start photobombing with my btc adress on television every now and then? hahaha this guy had the guts to photobomb "buy bitcoins" while U. S. Federal reserve Janet Yellen testifies on congress. after a mysterious man (maybe him too?) shared his wallet address, donations came pouring in. some rich crypto people just don't know where to put their money! haha damn lucky guy. https://www.ccn.com/bitcoin-sign-guy-nets-6-btc-viral-photobomb/
  15. Who knew DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather, would promote something that can be a cryptocurrency scam? haha with all the money they had from their jobs, i guess they should have just played it safe and avoid these kinds of things. do not trust what famous people advertises easily guys! not every famous people probably know what they did. source of this post: https://bitcoinist.com/floyd-mayweather-and-dj-khaled-reportedly-sued-over-crypto-scam-participation/