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  1. ceastem

    Why's the multiplier on bank not 2x?

    Well if this is their only goal, they will be better off doing this in roulette since the chance for a tie is quite big on this one than getting a zero in roulette.
  2. ceastem

    Ibase mo ang basebet sa iyong balanse.

    tama, kasi pag naghabol ka ng naghabol ng talo, matatalo ka lang lalo. Natutunan ko to ng masalimuot na paraan. di lang ikaw pre gigil na ahhaha tsaka ibase din dapat sa napanalunan mo na, dapat hindi lang sa paghahabol ng talo ka hihinto, kundi sa paghahabol ng panalo din. dapat may iset na goals kasi pag di ginawa yun tataya ka ng tataya hanggang sa mawala na yung napanalo at maging talo pa sa huli. maraming beses nadin nangyari sakin to, naging gahaman kasi ako masyado haha
  3. Beginner's luck is kinda real i suppose. I observed some occasions where this occurs, mostly in sports or other games, and Especially in gambling. Most people tend to win in gambling at first. This gives the urge to gamble more and in the end lose so much more. I knew some of my relatives that fell prey to this incidence and ended up losing their life savings as a result. Beginner's luck in gambling is quite dangerous if you ask me, although not unless you can stop when you win for the first few times or be disciplined enough to gamble responsibly. but creating a new alt account for a fresh start seems pretty stupid to me. I believe it is quite the same as changing seeds so it practically just wasted your time and effort.
  4. I have seen this type on a different onlline casino efore but i forgot the name. Anyways this was how it works. I don't know if it is the same as @wilbur is saying but here it goes. Investors "invest" a certain amount. for example, the site has X full bitcoins of capital due to investors. If you own X/2 bitcoins from it, then the profit for the whole month from that said casino can be viewed from a certain link and shared to all investors with regards to the percentage of how much they invested. so if the site managed to earn 50 bitcoins this month, and since you invested for the 50% of the total capital, you will be shared a hefty amount of 25 full bitcoins for the month. It is different to the "interest" that @irawk0 is talking about since with that, it only means you have to hold money to your account and earn few cents of coins daily, or even annually. Again i might be wrong here on some points, so input is appreciated.
  5. ceastem

    Mobile gamblers

    I always found stake to be better through desktop or laptop instead of mobile. Not just because of luck or some sort, it is because I always leave auto bet on and look at other tabs while doing other things haha. It's a bit of boring for me to continously watch the auto bet or bet manually over and over again so itend to leave auto ebt open and check facebook or something like that everytime. There's not much hate on the mobile though since you can bring it anywhere and have it set to desktop version too so that it can be viewed and played just like in desktop.
  6. Hello mga noypi! gusto ko lang malaman mula sainyo kung saan nyo ba nagagamit ang mga coins nyo ng di pinapapalit sa php. kunyari ako nakagamit ako ng LYL coins pambili ng gongcha haha nauso kasi nun yung refer refer lang tas bibigyan ka ng LYL pag may napaginstall ka ng app. anyways, maliban dito, wala na ko alam na coins na napaggagamitan sa pilipinas at kung anong uri ng coins yun. Kayo ba meron na kayong napaggamitan ng bitcoin o ibang altcoins nyo? kung meron, ano at saan? gusto ko malaman lalo na pag may discount pag coins ang ginamit haha
  7. ceastem

    1000x Returns 1st Day and I hit!

    Oh didn't know the old one is back again. Grats DB! Imma give this a try too, i hope it brought luck with its comeback
  8. I will accept bitcoin but now to its original price! haha as you know bitcoin's price change quite fast and there are fees concerning the exchange too so you will have losses in profit if you don't charge extra on things like these. And it can become other source of income due to the fees! haha
  9. As of now, I say hold a bitcoin! for gold, yes holding a bar of gold will stay almost the same as holding it 10 years from now. but i don't think i will be happy that the value for my money just sat there waiting to be withdrawn. As you said, the price of bitcoin changes quite a lot and quite fast too. Bitcoin just suffered a gigantic blow and will surely soar up (in my opinion) and i believe now is a good time as ever to invest in bitcoin due to its low value. Although it is risky, it might be worth it, and that's what I like.
  10. ceastem

    Lost to a 0.00354300% chance

    50 50 is a fast come and go type lol that is until you lose it all in the end. the important thing here is to know when to stop and change your strategies. having that miniscule percentage of losing and cchanging it up to another miniscule way of losing, and doing it over and over again will lead you to a losing percentage of almost negligible. This can net you a fortune but of course you never know what strategy will bust up early than the others so yeah just keep it slow and mind you balance always! don't chase losses for more losses. if your betting amount goes too high, might as well stopor change strategies soon to stop losing all your balance. and by the way, don't leave auto bets over night! that is asking for a loss since you can't monitor if your balance is getting too high and end up losing all you've earned. Just saying cause it's from experience lol
  11. ceastem

    Your wife or gambling?

    MY WIFE (or in my case my gf lol) well to start things off my device would be broken if i won't listen to her due to her rampage, and to top things off i'm the one ending up to say sorry cause you know gambling is bad by itself culturally. I would say have an agreement with your wife about time and responsibilities you should do. She would really support you if she sees that gambling doesn't hinder you from doing what needs to be done and spend more time with her. Who knows maybe she wants you off gambling to be with her instead?
  12. ceastem

    Union Bank of the Ph Launching a crypto ATM

    This is very good news! I just hope that they will charge much less fees than coins.ph The only problem is that only few percentage of filipinos that are currently aware of bitcoins or other alt coins at the least. We are all spread aroubd the country (some abroad) so they will need to place those said atms on different locations.
  13. ceastem

    Anong sugal ang una mong natutunan?

    Piso dalawa haha. Eh usual naman kasi nun 100 pcs lagi binibili sakin. Ala nadin sakin mga text ko e, ala narin ako nakikita batang naglalro nun, mobile legends na. XD
  14. BACCARAT: 3,124,885,595 placed by ceastem on 20/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 8x Profit 0.00000700
  15. well in my opinion, if you found somewhere to be truly lucky where you won a hundred btc, i doubt you will have the urge to stop. it does not matter how much you say you will stop, it won't affect that you will still gamble hoping to have the same amount of luck.