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  1. I dont know about stake but in pd, they dont allow it because first of all you're not vip. Not sure though because I;m talking about the reload bonus and i don;t know if what you're talking about is a different type of reloads cause I'm new here again haha
  2. IF you're sying dropping a little, then you'll be buying a lot of times cause it usually goes down a little and go up little from time to time. Buut ofc, now i can see that it fell A LOT since the last time i came here, I think now is not such a bad time to buy but it won't hurt to wait for it to go lower or possibly stabilize a little..
  3. Hello guys! Kakabalik ko lang mula sa mahabang pahinga hahha. Grabe ang baba na pala ulit ng btc ngayon. Anyway, MAGPAPASKO NANAMAAAAAAAAN~ ano kaya sa tingin nyo ang pasabog ni stake sa napkasayang okasyon na ito?! tsaka pang ilang pasko nyo na ba ito dito?
  4. Ako di ko natatamaan to kahit ano gawin ko. HAHA Napakamalas ko dyan. Lalo na [ag may taya na nako sigurado mauubos. HAHA Auto bet lang at tamang dasal lang tatama kadin Kailangan kasi talga dito swerte eh, minsan kahit gano kadami rolls mo kung malas kaa malas talaga.
  5. Nope, he only needs 30 posts before getting a reward. There is a pot to clear this up made a long time ago. I'm too lazy to search for it now soooo.. Haha Also, it\s not that high in the beginning so don\t get your hopes up too much.
  6. It's one of the forum promotion that they do to attract people to go to the forums. Just like how we can't privately transfer our funds from forum to our accounts. There are some people that don't know about the existence of the forums (newbies) and it is the best way to let them know about it
  7. If the objective is to catch rain, english room is one of the worst places to be since most of the 2k people that are online are staying there. Haha I believe that it's just a livelier place and most people here are from other countries. The only place for them to chat in is at english channel.
  8. It was released three days ago i think. Also, I think that the only requirement they had for this is that you have wagered enough to chat. If you haven't yet, I think that's the reason why you didn't get any emails. Other than that, maybe it was sent on spam folder? It sometimes goes there. Haha
  9. Well if it only has longer duration, it wont matter much and i know nobody will lose sleep over this lol why? because we all know that the last hour of the race is where we really race. The first 20 hours would be nothing in my opinion and will only be full of suspense in the last hour only
  10. Marami salamaaaat! naguluhan kasi ako may boost na kasi ngayon tapos may mega boost pa kaya akala ko mas mataas bigay pag sabado. HAHA Kasalanan ko din eh inuninstall ko tele ko Iinstall ko nalang ulit para sa susunod na mega race makasali ako haha
  11. When I asked for it before, they actually answered me though. They sent me the exact wagered amounts needed to get the stars But it was last two months ago i think, maybe they changed it already? Anyway, I agree with the numbers though, I wish they show too so that we can see how much exactly do we need to advance.
  12. Yep, if you're looking for insane payouts, limbo is a game to go! It gets a lot of high multis and you'll catch it often overnight. Although mines has higher multis and hilo, it's a lot harder to get because you will need to choose the exact pattern for insane multis and will leave you sad when it's one off the mark. Unlike in limbo where you;ll just wait for it to hit and no decisions are made whatsoever. Haha
  13. 17 BLACKJACK: 8,772,714,037 placed by ceastem on 10/09/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100 18 BLACKJACK: 8,772,792,896 placed by ceastem on 10/09/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100 19 BLACKJACK: 8,774,054,094 placed by ceastem on 10/09/2019 Wagered
  14. I care about this when they boast their strategies. Haha This is my only basis for finding out if their strategies are really working out well or they are just sharing strats so that others can try it instead f them.
  15. Ako kasi di ko pa nasusubukan. Worth it ba na tumaya ng tumaya para maging eligible dito? Di ko pa kasi nattry kasi busy ako masyado sa buhay haha kaya di na nakakataya masyado. at ano ba ang mega boost? na boboost rakeback percentage? o faucet lang? di ko talaga alam. Haha Share naman kayo ng opinyon nyo dito. Salamaaat
  16. I bet I'm gonna win this now since the regulars are gone
  17. Yes the taffic has decreased quite a lot but the quality did not get lower I think. I hated reading rants everytime with the same contents. Winning some then losing all in the end. Anyway, a lot of people tht quit gambling before resorted to forums but now are gone altogether since its not that profitable enough for them anymore. so maybe they're gone and the traffic seemed lesser than before? haha
  18. Maabala nga lang na meron nito pero at least di agad agad mahahack ang accounts mo. Siguraduhin lang na iba din ang password ng email at ng authentication app para mas maiwasan na mahack Akala ko talaga dati wala na mag hahack sakin dahil di naman ako ganun kayaman tulad ng iba. Meron parin pala mag iinteres kahit sa mahirap na gaya ko haha
  19. 30rolls*800sats is only 24000 satoshis lol and not 120k sats its a huge miscalculation. It's hard to cheat the system but it can be done with enough luck. But with your account and seeing you haven't even wagered a lot yet, it's quite hard for us to trust these strategies to work
  20. This was suggested by @hanvee from a long time ago. I love seeing that it's going to be implemented! That's why keep on giving your ideas guys! This forum is a great way to share your ideas for the betterment of stake That's what he said in his post. it will show.
  21. Ganun, kainis. Kakawala nga ng sipag haha Dati isang topic lang 7500 na agad. Napakababa naman ngayon. Ok lang sana kahit kinalahati lang eh Ganun, di ko nakita announcement eh haha Ang pangit lang kasi nag ppromote sila forum dati tapos ngayon gagawan nila paraan para kumonti tao dito. Walang sense
  22. iniintay ko ngayon bumagsak ang presyo. Next time talaga na bumagsak ito ng around 6k USD iinvest talaga ko araw araw ng may makukuha ako pera. HAHA Last na bili ko nung umabot ng around 6k USD per BTC kaya medyo bumerde kita ko haha Pero di naman as in nag invest ako ng sobra sobra kaya di rin ganun kalaki na tipong aabot ng milyon ang kita
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