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  1. I dont know about stake but in pd, they dont allow it because first of all you're not vip. Not sure though because I;m talking about the reload bonus and i don;t know if what you're talking about is a different type of reloads cause I'm new here again haha
  2. IF you're sying dropping a little, then you'll be buying a lot of times cause it usually goes down a little and go up little from time to time. Buut ofc, now i can see that it fell A LOT since the last time i came here, I think now is not such a bad time to buy but it won't hurt to wait for it to go lower or possibly stabilize a little..
  3. Hello guys! Kakabalik ko lang mula sa mahabang pahinga hahha. Grabe ang baba na pala ulit ng btc ngayon. Anyway, MAGPAPASKO NANAMAAAAAAAAN~ ano kaya sa tingin nyo ang pasabog ni stake sa napkasayang okasyon na ito?! tsaka pang ilang pasko nyo na ba ito dito?
  4. I bet I'm gonna win this now since the regulars are gone
  5. Yes the taffic has decreased quite a lot but the quality did not get lower I think. I hated reading rants everytime with the same contents. Winning some then losing all in the end. Anyway, a lot of people tht quit gambling before resorted to forums but now are gone altogether since its not that profitable enough for them anymore. so maybe they're gone and the traffic seemed lesser than before? haha
  6. Pwede rin siguro alternative yung credit card. Ang pagkakaalam ko meron ding mga websites na nag aallow ng pagbili ng coins thru credit cards. Di ko lang sure kasi di ko pa nattry. Mga tao kasi sa ibang bansa jusko di na mabubuhay ng walang credit card. Nag mall nga kami nuon ang pinto sa cr credit card lang pwede pambayad jusme ala pa naman ako credit card haha
  7. was gone and now I'm back to win this game at last :DI
  8. Meron akong post dito sa ph section na pwedeng pagkunan ng funds dito sa stake Di ko lang mahalungkat. Haha Pag nahanap mo dun na nakalagay lahat ng alam ko. Masyado kasi madami para ulit ulitin haha
  9. If we do this, won't it be just like in the forum games? It's not good to be here though because it will be quite spammy. This is a paid section so it won't be good. Although yeah I had seen someone use it before. But mostly for sarcasm. Like they quoted someone and edited it to "Bla bla bla" and said " what did i just read? nonsense for forum sats?" something like that. I haven't seen someone use it other than that though.
  10. Unahan tayo maka 1m! Haha di ko na talag iwiwidraw to kahit magkaroon pa ng mega karera. Nangangati kasi lagi kamay ko pag may karera na ganun. Lalo na nanalo na ko minsan. Haha
  11. (That's what she said) It's not that hard @davinmark. See? I won!
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