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  1. Cats are cute but evil. Dogs are wonderful and loyal. What I don't like about cats are they make you a slave. Haha But dogs makes you feel loved and cared about.
  2. The best age is between 20-40 I guess? Haha Since people at that age are usually matured in thinking and body already I don't see myself having sex as an old man anymore. Lol
  3. Well it won;t be never ending lol since we only comment our favorite colors. Anyway BLUE!
  4. Oo naalala ko to nung nagbabasa basa ako ng history ng faucets. haha Grabe no 5 btc? Halos wala pa kasi halaga btc noon eh. Naalala ko noon dalas ko pa nag hahanap ng laro sa internet o kung ano man. Sana kahit aksidente lang nakita ko tong site na to. Sana iba na ang buhay ko ngayon sa isang claim lang nyan. Haha
  5. Well so far, crypto pays my bills such as electricity, water, etc. It kinda helps me mmonthly so it's pretty important as another small source of income. Haha Aside from that, I don't really see it as a very important part of my life due to instability of prices. But maybe when it becomes available everywhere, it will be very dear to me
  6. It's not crazy and that's what we crypto users actually hope for. Being able to use a single currency around the world sounds good to me and i think technology can achieve just that. I just don't know if it's gonna happen anytime soon but I'm still hoping it will someday. Maybe 10 years from now is not that bad of an estimate.
  7. ceastem

    Custom Wheel.

    Anything customizable is good! I just wish they also let us customize dice's winning range just like in windice. I don't know why they haven't done it yet although it had been suggested multiple times already from a loooong time ago.
  8. Okay then take my secon dline for it Which is going for 5 As. It was around 27k payout and a handful of players got it already using the bot.
  9. Well it's not like there are exact winning combinations for every account. I can say that hunting 5 A or K is working for me and I doubt you'll give it a shot. Haha Anyway, it's kinda random but just pick your favorite combos or just put it randomly I'd say putting it randomly is good, unless you're looking for exact multis.
  10. Okay thanks! I'll have this on my reading list Anyway, if there are other comments that can help, I'd gladly welcome it. Suggestions are also welcome!
  11. I Don't really know much about it as of now. I'm currently reading in github as per the previous comment. I would like it to be web based so that computer users can use it too! Also, not only those but i would like to incorporate faucets along with the wallet app just like faucethub. This way, they can earn their own crypto right to the wallet! Well it is all just dreams for now since I don't have ideas yet just how much for a grand total it will cost me.
  12. I'll check this out thank you! It's not as bad as you think, but it could be better. I also hope to have a bit of passive income with this along the way too
  13. Hello guys! I have been searching in google for "making wallet apps" or something along those lines and it just shows me to coinbase and other well made wallets already. So now I need your knowledge about this if you have any. So, here's why, My country has very limited wallet apps available, and most of them concerns huge fees, slow verification, too may malfunctioning cashout options, etc. I want to know everything there is to know to make a "wallet app" of my own that can be used to create wallets of their own and exchange various crypto currencies to my local currencies
  14. Well for me I only use Coins.ph since it allows me to change it to my local currency. I won't argue with the coinbase fans but being able to change into my local currency was the game changer compared to other wallets.
  15. I was wondering about the exact same thing after reading the post! They said that since VPNs can be used, some people can easily refer themselves, farm the faucet, etc. I don't know if they fixed it already or something, but I think that they already found a way how to counter it?
  16. Yep, but mostly computer games It's also a national competition and they compete for millions of dollars of prizes!
  17. Well reputation is just a number of how many people actually liked your contributions. I usually look at this if only checking if the post is credible. It's more like a tag price indicating how much posts he have contributed here. Everytime someone reacts on my posts/ comments, I feel more important and appreciated Other things aside, I'm not going to let them borrow money from me cause they're reputable people though. I have seen lots of "reputable people" scam so many people in the past and I don't plan to be next
  18. Well I actually have some on a list... But it's not allowed on this section to post referral links. Or is it? haha Don't wanna get warned or something.
  19. Yep and there are others that are pure scam. That's why i research about the site first and see if anyone says it's a scam. ANYONE at all. Because of course they won't scam all the players, there's a chance that they only scam a selected few so that their business will keep on going
  20. I don't know if they are going to add it though. I haven't heard anything about it during the last TI compared to the last football championships. So it got my hopes down..
  21. I'm a huge fan of Esports! Specifically dota 2. I always watch streams from pro players and such, I always play this game too. Everytime there is a tournament, I always bet in my two favorite teams! (OG and liquid) It's actually hard to predict cause sometimes unexpected mistakes happen even if it's just the same game over and over again, just like in basketball with less physical activity.Perfect for unathletic guys like me XD I remember the times that are past, me and my colleagues always play dota 1 and counterstrike and bet between each other. I usually bet on onehash
  22. Hmm these are interesting. It would even be more helpful or look more effective if you added a live stats picture or your stats so that we can really see if you yourself are tired of losing and started earning ANyway, I'll give this a try some time, but some here are a bit too common strategies that I have tried already.. Looking forward to other creative strategies!
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