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  1. I've never really used XRP but i might give it a try, i like faster deposit/withdrawls instead of waiting for 20 minutes
  2. it may of took 3million rolls but its still an insane hit
  3. I like diamond poker, i did a 25$ bet and won then halved it and won another 12.5$ it can either go good or bad
  4. played with a tiny bit of ripple, i hit a 270x multiplier then i lost it all so i can say i had fun with my XRP lol
  5. Plinko can be so good sometimes i've hit a few 1000x's its really cool
  6. 500 dogetoshi faucet they really have made it a lot lol
  7. meanwhile im down in profit by like 300$ lol
  8. in keno i go in high risk trying to get 7 or more hits it will be insane if it hits
  9. im gonna try these new patterns when i can eventually deposit!
  10. I think most beggars are probably kids that aren't even old enough to gamble lmao
  11. what's your average bet on stake? mine is 0.25-1$ bets just curious on what everyone likes to do
  12. gambling is still fun being poor and all
  13. it can keep me awake when i really enjoy gambling it's just so damn addicting lol
  14. Stake is so popular i think it wont take long per each billion