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  1. People that lose that much it's there own fault you shouldn't gamble what you can't afford and only gamble for fun it shouldn't be something that takes all your money it should be something that you play for fun, if you can't afford to gamble then don't do it at all and i know people can get addicted and they can't help it but they shouldn't of started in the first place, i try to play with around 5-10$ at a time i know it's not much but its affordable and can still be a lot of fun
  2. i always lose when i use tipped money, but when i deposit i usually do a lot better i think it's because i care more about it then just small tips and i actually try my best to multiply it maybe it's just you but you should try play games like mines when you deposit and do a H shape with 4 bombs that seems to always do great for me!
  3. i play a lot of Plinko, i do Dice, Limbo, Hilo, Keno, Mines, Plinko, Blackjack, Wheel, Diamond poker, Crash and slots. Slots hasn't really paid out much but i'm addicted to games like slots and they are a lot of fun to play Keno and dice are probally my favourite games, I try go for 500x's in keno it is hard but usually you can hit them after a long time and usually im only a bit down in profit. Diamond poker seems to do better then blackjack for me aswell, blackjack i also lose to the dealer usually and they somehow always hit 21 against me
  4. I kept losing a lot but it felt good after i cashed out like 50$ This was before the update so sadly i didnt get closer to bronze rank doing this but i wagered around 20 LTC and ended up 50$ in profit just playing small it was great, and the withdrawal for ltc was really fast at the time lol
  5. holy crap man im so happy for you, what do you plan to spend your winnings on? or do you plan to gamble more of it lol. I never have done good with video poker, the best i've done is a flush but maybe it would be fun to try get a royal flush one time even though it's insanely rare lol. Anyway congratulations
  6. jesus thats such a good win congratulations man and i hope you get many more big hits i'm currently hunting a 1000x but i cant seem to win lol so i might just give up
  7. The craziest bet i've ever done is 50$ and won but i don't gamble much since i play for fun, i don't want to gamble an amount i cant afford to lose so i do like 5-10$ bets max usuaully that was a 1 time thing, i do like 0.10$ bets and hope to hit big multipliers usually lol
  8. depends, if im watching youtube and just wanna come back to it i have the sounds off but if im like typing i listen for the winning sounds and when i hit them it's usually like a 40x so if i hear them a lot it's really good lol. just have it muted if you're doing something and unmuted if you wanna hear what's going on
  9. Do you guys think the bitcoin price will increase in 2020 John McAfee thinks bitcoin will hit 1million by 2020 but i don't see that happening lol, and he said "if the bitcoin price isn’t at that level in the next 20 months, he will have to eat his d**K on national television"
  10. I've had a lot of strategies, in mines i use different patterns that cause a 18x or 25x like a H pattern with 4 mines, it can pay out very well and you can make a lot of profit. in keno using numbers 1 to 10 sometimes you can hit a lot of them and profit a lot and in games like dice you can do a certain bet where you increase bet on loss intill you win but that can be risky. you can play risky to win big or play safe to win like 1.5x-2x it's totally up to you but don't gamble with what you can't afford to lose it's suppost to be fun at the end of the day, hope this helped
  11. i always lose all my money when i play stake but that's gambling, don't gamble what you can't afford to lose lol.
  12. First time doing slots, i spen ta long time but i seemed to just rip, just curious if anyone was having luck. I did around 1000 rolls and i hit a 50x and that's about it most of the time i played it was just losses, anyone actually profited on it?
  13. I've never really used XRP but i might give it a try, i like faster deposit/withdrawls instead of waiting for 20 minutes
  14. it may of took 3million rolls but its still an insane hit
  15. I like diamond poker, i did a 25$ bet and won then halved it and won another 12.5$ it can either go good or bad
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