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  1. amazing man you are lucky as hell, i can only imagine to complete that fast keno and mines are always pain in the head for me to complete challenges, dice and limbo seems more easier than mines and keno, but you are lucky indeed.
  2. its nice for you if its giving you profit very fast, i never took a nice profit here but i think dice and limbo are best to get nice and fast profit, but right seed also needed, at mines you need right seed plus very big amount of good luck as well
  3. sahil777


    select 4 bombs and go for auto betting, if you are not getting any hit in 50 rolls then change the pattern and keep doing it after every 50 rolls if you are not getting nice hit, this is my simple strategy which works few times, but i also need a better strategy.
  4. sahil777

    How do you play?

    i played for challenges mostly, but when ever i play for profit purpose i usually play with 4 mines, though i got nice multipliers few times but i am not that much lucky as i saw many players won big at mines.
  5. sahil777

    Hi All

    hey metis welcome at stake forum, enjoy your stay here
  6. ok i am going to download this video will watch later, really need a nice strategy for mines and keno as well, because these two games are giving me very hard time, and i am almost going to quit both games for a while.
  7. its technical issue happens sometimes, few months ago i had a same problem then i talked to support and they send me email again, i dont know if there were low amount, maybe thats the amount which you could have according to your wagering percentage.
  8. i am seeing a little spike and a volatile market in coming weeks but i think that will be temporarily, bitcoin cant sustain its high price in these times of crisis in world so maybe market manipulators make it rise once and then it will collapse badly.
  9. its a wrong thread to offer or post your website or links, for this there is a thread named "other websites" you have to move your post there, or admins can give you warning point or straight ban, just beware.
  10. its because bitcoin have no source it have no physical form and anyone with high amount of bitcoin can manipulate bitcoin price when ever he wants, thats why its not suitable for nations, but individualy its very attractive and fruitfull to use or earn.
  11. where did you got bitcoin card ? becasuse i know you are from pakistan and there is no bitcoin rules and regulation even authorities are caputring people whom are doing buying and selling in bitcoin, then where did you got bitcoin debit card ? if some how you did manage to get from somewhere then there is no atm machine also no bank is offering bitcoin services here, so its useless, or you just wanted to add a post and you didnt had a topic.
  12. i dont know why people take drugs and kill theirselves.
  13. i was a forex trader in past and i did forex trading for many years thats why i will suggest trading is best option in bitcoin, binanace crypto trading is diffrent thing plus for that you need a very nice amount to sustain and take profit, but in forex trading you can even do with $10 but you need a nice broker for that which offers high leverage.
  14. sahil777


    this is very technical topic i dont think if anybody completely aware about these things, you can search at google there are many detailed videos about this, to understand blockchain you have to be good in math, which i am not lol.
  15. not in my country as well, its only in those countries where bitcoin trading and mining is legalise by their governments and banks, but in many countries governments are going to ban bitcoin trading and anything about crypto related.