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  1. i am going to post your link to several forums, and will raise voice againt that fraud and scam site. i read reviews about betchain at few sites, many people have problems and complaints about their coins, which they confisicate without any solid reason. i hope you will get back your btc soon.
  2. in start when i joined stake, i was regular at hunting challenges, and yeah i got profit many times during hunting.
  3. oh so that heart is for those whom are regular at forum ?? i didnt know, i thought maybe stake added new emoji system in updated version well by the way, that looks really cool, i hope i will get one soon
  4. well it happend to me many times lol but now i changed my strategy, when ever i close to bust , i do yolo for high multiplier and it did work many times actually.
  5. but i like the new version, its faster and also look wise its better. but thanks for sharing old version link.
  6. dont use word beg, if you ask for a favour from any person, and you really have thought in your mind that you will return him/her at some point, or when you depo, then i dont think thats begging, asking for loan from someone who know you is diffrent thing, but asking for some funds to play from everyone, thats just a favour which you need to play. only one thing is begging, which is always begging, no depo, no returning of favour, and yeah this is worst. if you were doing in past, and not doing now also you are regreting on your past behaviour, this makes you more bigger person in others eyes and in your own. have fun buddy and dont worry ..... enjoy
  7. i dont think any game is worst, unless you are losing too much at same game but yeah few games you just dont like to play, i dont like to play baccarat and black jack and mines.
  8. yeah finally we have full version of new stake, and this is awesome. yup thats pretty huge wagering amount, congrats to stake and players also.
  9. i didnt hit 1000x ever at plinko. yeah but got 99.99 at dice few times, but my bet wasnt really big. I am hoping to get 1000x at plinko soon.
  10. well nothing, watching others bet, and high roller and hoping for good luck for the next depo.
  11. ofcourse dice, no wayyyy for limbo, there is no match between dice and limbo, both are diffrent games with diffrent strategies.
  12. well my favourite is plinko and dice - but for the instant and fast profit you can play dice. This is the best game ever in the history of gambling world.
  13. now a days there is too much passives, but you cant do anything about it - rainbot's giveaway is shrinking day by day lol
  14. maybe it depends on your level, and yes also you need to be regular.
  15. it is not a demand this is real innocent wish for some day like xmas or new year when, a person who love the place where he/she spend time and money and enjoying the moments with their friends. i dont think she raise this topic at any other site, but only here. why ??? because she love to be here, she love to play games here like we all do. so we can expect something also from the site, when its time of celebrating and presents and prizes all over the world, then why not here.