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  1. hey stakestef welcome at stake forum and i hope you make money in games.
  2. ist let me understand this game's psyche i am working on it now a days, that how much rolls it takes to give me a 2x hits in a row, i am reading the results and pattern of diamonds, as you know its a 2x game so we have to bet big in this game to get good profit, i will share soon new strategy.
  3. will never ever tell my kids about gambling, and i will never let them do this because i know the consequences of gambling and its addiction, why not to teach them some real life good things gambling is not good, its a bad habit its same like you are teaching your kids to smoke cigaratte or weed.
  4. that happens usually at dice, happend to me many times, but i never bet with that much low amount because its a waste of bigger multiplier also no benefit of winning 10k sats, lowest i played with 20 sats and usually i play with 50 sats bet amount for hunting 9900x. and as you got those unexpected hits i got them many times when i was hunting for 2000x or 2400x.
  5. hey fellas as you all know 1 millionx is max limit at limbo that you can hit and get profit, but if you get for example hit of 5mx the payout will be for 1 million more than that will not be added to your amount, few days ago i saw someones bet roll was 11000000x though his target was low, what if there will be no limit and you do hunt for 10m and get hit even 10sats bet can give you 1 btc win. then if there is a limit of 1m then why more bigger rolls, why not limit in rolling of 1m and not bigger rolls. what you guyz think about this.
  6. only few changes i want to see in few games, like for plinko i think that will be nice if they add few more bigger multipliers, because its already damn hard to hit 620x and 1000x then why not more bigger multipliers, also i want to see some changes in keno it will be better if they make it bit easier with giving us option of selecting 12 tiles than 10, because as you know no one ever hit 1000x till now.
  7. maybe its not necessary from our point of view, but its important for site owners they like to make their site more attractive so they can catch more new players, but i agree its annoying for us so hide option really needed there.
  8. sahil777


    people use weed too much all over the world i think, i never tried i am only a smoker
  9. i started with plinko and dice, dice is my most favourite game since start, i even started gambling with dice but then i liked playing plinko because its also fun and then after few months i stopped playing plinko but dice is still my top priority.
  10. you always have silly ideas lol, this isnt possible that one can not know the value of coin, but yes its true when ever we play with diffrent value of coin our betting size change, and mostly with low worth coins we try to play big which we usually dont do with btc, like if i am playing with 2k sats bet but in doges for example i will try to play with 100 or 200 doges bet which is ofcourse woth more than 2k sats, so yeah its reality we behave diffrent with diffrent value coins.
  11. i think eddie as millioanir for sure, and nice cool guy with a great vision of gambling, as we can see in few years stake become one of the best online casino on internet its because of eddie's vision and hardwork, also i think eddie as generous person and a great business minded person.
  12. its nice you raise this question because this is also in my mind since long time, and i dont understand how this all bonus system works, last week i didnt wagered enough and i got 33k sats in weekly coupon, previous week i wagered a little more than last week but i got 17k sats, this is so confusing i hope someone from support answer this in detail here, atleast make any link where we can see all the calculations, how this rakeback and coupon works.
  13. the question is why would stake do this, they have no benefit in it its totaly beneficial for players and already stake giving away money in various ways, idea is not bad but there are many question you can raise about rakeback loan, and 2nd thing how you or stake will determine that how much loan to give or take, and if they will give you loan then there will be intrest as well, thats the only way they can earn something from lending.
  14. hey guyz what is your longest run at hi lo which ended up at win not busting and without skip a card. i had a 11 in a row and won but never tried for more, and after this winning i never go beyond 11 again hi lo is always a very tough game for me to get some big multiplier. though with card skipping once i got 23 cards streak but multiplier was low because i was playing safe, my biggest multiplier ever is only 170x at hi lo. so whats your longest run at hi lo without skipping a card ?
  15. sahil777

    What's the best age ?

    i think best age to enjoy sex is 20 to 30 this time period of your age is best it have passion and more stamina.