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  1. never ever, and also have no hope here, they only pick their friends or the people they like thats it.
  2. 98.31 DICE: 34,871,999,954 placed by sahil777 on 23/01/2021 Wagered 0.00020000 Multiplier 19.8x Profit 0.00376000
  3. still at gold and hoping for plat, which isnt easy for me to get, but i will someday lol
  4. sahil777

    Happy new year.

    happy new year you too man, and to everyone and to stake and all the stake staff as well.
  5. i dont know, if you figure this out tell me as well.
  6. one of the sharks will win the lambo, the players with more than 10k raffle tickets, millions of tickets already so no chance for those whom are holding few hundreds, though you cant say any thing about luck, but its hard hell hard.
  7. well i think there will be more than 2.5m raffle tickets in the end, so no chance to win raffle with 30 tickets lol, but if by any chance i win 1k$ prize that would be coooool, i will withdraw 500 bucks tip out to fellas 400 bucks will play with 100 bucks.
  8. bitcoin is the king of all crypto no doubt, but i like to play with litecoin, easy to raise and easy to buy as well, very reasonable price, now a days litecoin is at very nice price range.
  9. stake : sahil777 game : Wild Spells
  10. sometimes its nice to cashout little amounts so you can cover your extra expenses, but sometimes you like to bet big and want to make big profit, you cant go for little amounts all the time, because its no fun, but good for needs.
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