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  1. reload is better far more better than one coupon, with reload you can always try for some big hit but one coupon you normally bust in few minutes or hours i hope this 5 day reload system will always be a monthly coupon for us no more coupon
  2. lol nice topic well my wife dont know that i gamble, so there is no problem for me but if i have to chose one thing then ofcourse its my wife, because family always ist every other thing is secondary, but i hope she will never know that i gamble
  3. gmail have its own auto filter and spam and scam alert, when ever you will recieve some suspecious email gmail send you alert about that as well, and i think now a days everyone knows about phising, your post is informative thanks for this.
  4. dear its a wrong section to ask this question if you want to know anything about stake then ask from support or contact mods, you also can post topic in stake discussion then other members will also help you about anything you want to know.
  5. you think he didnt wagered but maybe he wagered with tips and rains, because what you get in coupon is depends on wagering and i think its auto calculated by some software so there is no space for mistake in this matter, 300 is nothing in wagering, last week i wagered more than $1500 and got like 14k sats, so its all fair.
  6. sahil777

    New here!

    hey welcome at stake, both are good but i like casino games.
  7. seems nice strategy but i will stick with hunting, i only like limbo for hunting big multipliers, for low numbers dice is better option, limbo is hell hard if you go for 4x or 5x etc, but its good for big numbers, i usually hunt for 4000x or 5000x.
  8. ofcourse amount should be diffrent, man i am fed up with this 10 min reload i asked support if i can change mine but they said not for bronze and silver so i have to take after every 10 min which is really tiring, gold and plats are lucky people.
  9. 10 minutes reload is totaly headache trust me, also its not worth playing, its better if you take hourly, daily is also good but hourly is better because with that you can play all day, also you can get more better amount to play than 10 minutes reload.
  10. everything is fine guyz, its just licence issue and will be resolve soon i hope, maybe they have to change licence provider, but if needed, but i wish things back to normal as soon as possible, we never ever want to lose stake, its not only a fun but a 2nd home for all of us.
  11. welcome at stake forum YowGin321
  12. if bitcoin.com is working fine then its fine even if not official, i mean if someone is running site with nice and fair intentions then there is no problem to be a part of that site, thanks for info bro i didnt know the diffrence between these two sites before.
  13. every other crypto depends on bitcoin there is no doubt about it, but other crypto also have their own price and market and investors, so sometimes other coins can go opposite of bitcoin, but mostly not usually they up and down with bitcoin movement.
  14. this is a conspiracy theory that saotshi nakamoto is a bitcoin creator, but most of the world top analysist do not agree with this, because there is no face or no physical appearance of that person, so most of the people think bitcoin created by agencies and world's powerfull people, like CIA and MOSAD can be behind this, its just another theory but i also agree with this.