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  1. you are right it have both effects, they can add minimum bet amount to few games, like slot, plinko and keno but not good with dice limbo and etc.
  2. well i dont think you have to understand all the rules, when results are not in your hands. its good if you want to know as a knowledge of the game, but for winning it is not necessary, i also dont know how these lines pay how these works, but i know basic things which are enough for me to play, and if i am getting nice wins then its all fine for me.
  3. my craziest bet wasnt that much crazy but enough craziest for me because what i can afford those were beyond that and sadly that was a bust wasnt in one but, but in few bets. i betted 6 ltc at limbo for 6x multiplier with 0.16 bet size and i got bust in 2 minutes maybe.
  4. litecoin is the best for me, i always got a nice profit with litecoin you can play some high rolls with litecoin also its not worth that much so you can take risk, i know its sounds crazy but this is what it i,s because whenever you play with bitcoin you always play very defensively, its because bitcoin's worth and when it comes to litecoin you always feel lighter during gambling. Xrp is risky because its low in worth and you can get carried away and go for extra high roll and can get bust, so litecoin is a decent crypto to raise your balance.
  5. your idea is nice, but i will think about this, because i am not winning now a days, so kind a fed up, hope things will be better for me soon, and i will start this with you
  6. i had a strategy but not working now a days, i dont know why but its not that easy anymore. i am a dice player so what i always did that i betted for high side always with the target of 93 and if i got 2 to 3 hits above 93 and below 98 (which i moslty got) i changed my next target to 98 because if you are getting hits so frequently at high side it means dice is gonna roll mostly at high side (bet amount depends on your bankroll) so with this method i won many times a decent amount.
  7. at stake my ist payout was not that big but that was pretty nice experience because at ist day of stake i got 620x at plinko, wathcing the ball dropping on the highest multiplier was thrilling, i won that day 0.7 eth and i was very excited and happy, my ist withdrawl was 0.6 eth after that hit and the feelings were too good, that day fell in love with stake and till today i am at stake
  8. it depends if newbie already knows about gambling and games, then dice will be the best option for that kind a person and if newbie is really a fresh person to this industry and he do not know anything about gambling, then cards games are the best option, like black jack, baccarat and hi lo because these are easiest games to understand, also people whom are not even in gambling knows about cards and cards games very well.
  9. its a great competition with high amount of prizes, but very hard to participate for most of people as you can see the minimum bet amount is too high, atleast for me it is so i cant participate in this, but good luck for others
  10. damn that one is a really expensive flame lol but you got one hope you will recover this soon.
  11. sahil777

    Three scatters

    hi guyz hope you all are doing great man i am really pissed right now, its more than 600 rolls now and i am still not able to get even 3 scatters. i only got 3 scatters at the ist day of slot thats it, after that just nothing. i dont know what to do how to get, tried everything with seed changing and ip changing but no effect, it looks my account is cursed now. any suggestion guyz ? thanks.
  12. mannn i am a constant victim of limbo lol i love this game but also i got trolled mostly by this game as well. like a few days ago i was playing for 300x and i got 6 rolls above 200 and below 300 i mean really ?? even 2 times very close 299x and 291x i was like wth. i wanted to break my laptop
  13. In early days of stake, i started to play roulette and when i found that its really hard for me to win at this game i left the roulette and never played again, but roulette was my ist love and now a days i am only playing these games mostly. dice. plinko. limbo. because i love to play these games, also these game have potential to give you some big multiplier specially dice and limbo.
  14. two reason hmmm one is ofcourse i love stake games, variety of games and crypto easy to play. two, i like the chat here in which you can get rains and have fun with other gamblers, races and promotion also the factor.
  15. answer in one word "HOPE" yeah its a hope everytime, that i can win something big this time, also ofcourse nice games with the chances of getting higher multiplier and stake is the place where you can have all the fun in games, chat, promotions and forum.