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  1. I would try to go for high multipliers - the ones with dances - usually x250 or above with not that big bet. works fine for me.
  2. Always go for high risk less numbers 4 or 5 maybe you have a great chance of hitting a x450 or x259 if you can see patterns with in the game for instance with little rolls I managed to get that KENO: 7,174,946,172 placed by cooldemos on 18/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000128 Multiplier 450x Profit 0.00057472
  3. Congrats bro, you achieved the impossible We tried to tell you in the stake chat.
  4. The dude just won .8 btc out of 80 sat unbelievable. Congrats man, the 1 btc dream is possible. LIMBO: 7,130,765,145 placed by Zoltan on 16/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000080 Multiplier 1000000x Profit 0.79999920
  5. It matters when I lose, not when I'm playing to be honest. losing 100$ isn't like losing 10k$. but playing with .1 eth or .1 btc is the same
  6. It doesn't even state what did get updated. even the Change Log is a couple of days behind, I guess maybe they are testing some features regarding the crash however why should I get notified every now and then for something that isn't stated feels odd!
  7. cooldemos here Good Luck to that guy who would win x100