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  1. Stake username: cooldemos Scarab spin
  2. cooldemos Orange 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊
  3. I used to do so, I used to play Limbo and Dice and when I hit a lose move to HiLo to recover till it ended up my 1000$ run. I ended up busting those 1000$ trying to recover a 5$ loss on this evil game, It kept going on the less possible direction, hitting a couple of K's and A's in a row and then killed my balance with a mistake click on a big bet. I rarely play it since then. I barely play anything but Limbo to be honest.
  4. I don't like it, I'm really disappointed. The previous ones were delivered as a coupon by email which could be redeemed instantly. Now I have to login for five consecutive days to get the full coupon. They are probably trying to promote this Platinum perk and to get players to wager more but still I'm not interested in such thing. Let's hope for the best, at least the weekly ones are still coupons.
  5. You probably missed up a zero or 2 there, with the current demand, market behavior and pump and dump shit. I don't think that It would be reaching that mark price any time soon at least from my prospective. Even though the nearly coming halving might have quite an effect on the demand and market equilibrium still I don't believe the 50000$ mark is feasible within 2020, Not even the 20000$ mark.
  6. I got my phone verified like a couple of months ago. the first phone promotion I received was on the same date of this post 4 - Feb, It was a promotion regarding some sports bet with bonus or something like that. I don't like these kinda of promotions because I get lost, no obvious rules or requirements. I might consider them If they were perfectly detailed like the promotion section, with a clear start and end date and clear requirements. However I find it exciting that stake started promoting through sms.
  7. Flash busting probably what you meant. It is there on other sites to end up your session and balance a little bit faster. I wouldn't want to see such thing over here in stake that would kill the exciting of playing and having that experience as if you were in a real casino. I don't really get it, why would someone use such feature. It's more like bot betting.
  8. I would love to see lottery here on stake. with stake's theme, It would be the greatest lottery out there. Especially with the fact the most of the lotteries out there on other sites are neither fair nor have a good UI or good logic most of them aren't even automated. Plus other sites don't have the player base to support a draw on hourly or daily basis. But I would love to see more than lottery is other PVP games though Eddie said they won't be looking into it any time soon, he said and I quote "what's wrong with gambling vs me".