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  1. HILO: 16,329,871,469 placed by neich on 11/02/2020 Wagered 3.70000000 Multiplier 10.8034x Profit 36.27271326
  2. Join, enjoy and maybe catch a giveaway! twitch.tv/realcoinmarcel
  3. neich

    Lucky number?

    my most lucky number somehow is the 0 ive tried a lot of single numbers but green 0 worked for me at the best since forever i cant hit single normal numbers i stopped to try that a long time ago
  4. my biggest win on roulette was a green0 hit x36 with a 3$ basebet. to be honest; it was just mistake. it wasnt my intention to bet that much, but somehow i clicked on x2 instead of /2... i wanted to reduce my basebet well, at the end i was hella happy about that mistake
  5. neich

    Hi !

    Hello HappyMe! Welcome to stake! goodluck!
  6. so far ive already hitted a bunch of multipliers bigger then 10k. but sadly all of them were with not a big basebet so i never got any big winnigs from these insane hits
  7. in my opinion the bettingspeed from mines is pretty good like it is. just activate instantbets and deactivate the animations and the game is running 5x faster. also there is a minesbot with a pretty fast betting speed.
  8. neich

    Best bet amount?

    well, i guess the best betting amout always depends on the base balance. some ppl like to play risky with allin bets or 1/2 - 1/4 of the balance, and some ppl like to play more bets with smaller basebets. when im playing bj (what doesnt happen much) then i prefer the big basebet way
  9. in my opinion videopoker is a pretty funny game. i already got a few big hits with it. my best was a royal straight flush with the x800 payout. but my biggest profit hit was a x22 with a 0.04eth bet
  10. neich

    Best game for high x?

    in my opinion limbo is one of the best games for x1k payouts or more. i also love to hunt x2k payouts with the hilobot. they come very much more often as you would expect