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  1. the whole thing happened to me only once. even on an x99 payout. I am not exactly sure anymore but I think I hit 99.52 twice in a row .... or something like that: D
  2. For me it is going much better if I try to make a big payout with little basebets. somehow I'm not lucky enough to hit anything with higher bets.
  3. Hard to believe but I recently landed my second royal flush. after really losing a lot while wagering for platinum the incredible thing happened ... :D I hit it a few months ago but it wasn't even with 5cents basebet. but this time it was incredible.
  4. for me it worked always for the best to pick 9 tiles and play on high risk. but i prefer to hunt 5 tiles on high risk for the x450 multiplier
  5. When I play roulette, which is really very rare, I usually play on one color with martingale. but I've often chased the 0 and it comes more often than you think.
  6. videopoker is still one of my most favorite games on stake. since it was released i had a bunch of pretty insane hits. mostly some ragebet allins which ended up in a 4 of a kind or even a royal flush which i would have never expected. here are just a few of my last good hits :3
  7. i just had my 3rd Royal Flush a few days ago. the first too hits were not with a big basebet so i almost won nothing with them. but a few days ago the unreal thing happend. VIDEOPOKER: 17,633,968,328 placed by neich on 28/02/2020 Wagered 0.00013842 Multiplier 800x Profit 0.11059758
  8. well, i guess the best betting amout always depends on the base balance. some ppl like to play risky with allin bets or 1/2 - 1/4 of the balance, and some ppl like to play more bets with smaller basebets. when im playing bj (what doesnt happen much) then i prefer the big basebet way
  9. in my opinion videopoker is a pretty funny game. i already got a few big hits with it. my best was a royal straight flush with the x800 payout. but my biggest profit hit was a x22 with a 0.04eth bet
  10. neich

    Best game for high x?

    in my opinion limbo is one of the best games for x1k payouts or more. i also love to hunt x2k payouts with the hilobot. they come very much more often as you would expect
  11. Hey peeps! i was wondering if there are some ppl out there who also hitted the 5 scatters so far. about me; i already got 5 scatters for THREE times! First time was on slots release day. it was a small bet so its not worth to talk about it. my second hit was like 4 weeks ago, it was while autobetting with around 25k ethoshi. after the freespins i ended up with a highroller 0.32eth hit the third time was like 1 week ago while manual playing. my basebet was 200k ethoshi because ive never expected to get 5 scatters a third time. the spins were all deadspins (except 1) so i ended up with a x502 multiplier and 1 full Ethereum
  12. i prefer to play keno with numbers from 1 to 8. mostly its 1-5 on high risk. when im playing medium risk then i prefer 1-8 to get the x400payout
  13. i was on chat at this time, and yes - i was sooooo damn happy for you at the time when i saw this bet after months of losing you really deserved that mate. i hope u will get a hella lot more of them
  14. one of my biggest wins was while playing VP. i guess thats the reason why im still playing it ofcourse mostly it just eats my balance but there are always some good hits aswell. i just like the game and i miss the autobetting mode
  15. i guess my most hits in a row on a single number is 2 or max 3 times. but also i already landet 3 times Green0 in a row. but ofcouse it was not while i was playing with wager on the green.
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