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  1. neich

    Gary Halloween mask

    Today ill upload my halloween pic. I was wearing the normal mask
  2. neich

    Which OS you are using?

    im on windows10 but i miss XP
  3. neich

    Where do you get the crypto to depo here?

    I came here from csgo gambling what is vgo now. I exchange vgo skins into crypto. I takes 5%fees but its pretty fast.
  4. neich

    The "20"

    Im feeling like 95% of the time the Dealer has a 10/JQK the 2ndcard is a 10/JQK too and he is winning with 20. Is it only for me?
  5. neich

    Pattern favorites?

    I like the XFile pattern. Mostly i Play x file or autopick. How about you?
  6. I dont play it. Cant win 🤷‍♂️
  7. neich

    Whats your best win ON plinko?

    Cant win on plinko. X9 was my highest
  8. neich

    Share A Prize Pool Giveaway #1

    Ty for all of those GAs db
  9. neich

    Biggest win on wheel

    i dont play wheel... it dont want to pay out for me 😧
  10. neich


    great hit! i cant even hit more then x10
  11. hey how long do i have to wait to receive my email when i withdraw from vault?
  12. neich

    Vault now live!

    i withdrew and waiting now like 25mins for my Email... is thisnormal?
  13. neich

    Dice- auto or manual ? post your preference here..

    Mostly im playing manual. Auto is busting for me everytime..