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  1. KENO: 18,495,147,788 placed by neich on 12/03/2020 Wagered 0.00160000 Multiplier 500x Profit 0.79840000
  2. the whole thing happened to me only once. even on an x99 payout. I am not exactly sure anymore but I think I hit 99.52 twice in a row .... or something like that: D
  3. hey & welcome to stake! have fun and good luck!
  4. For me it is going much better if I try to make a big payout with little basebets. somehow I'm not lucky enough to hit anything with higher bets.
  5. Hard to believe but I recently landed my second royal flush. after really losing a lot while wagering for platinum the incredible thing happened ... :D I hit it a few months ago but it wasn't even with 5cents basebet. but this time it was incredible.
  6. neich

    Royal Flush

    a few days ago i just hitted my 2nd royal flush. the first time happend months ago with a really small basebet. but this time it went insane. i really really did not expect this.
  7. thanks to everyone but in the last weeks i already got some more of these huge hits on video poker. its still my favorite game and im sure that this wil never change
  8. for me it worked always for the best to pick 9 tiles and play on high risk. but i prefer to hunt 5 tiles on high risk for the x450 multiplier
  9. When I play roulette, which is really very rare, I usually play on one color with martingale. but I've often chased the 0 and it comes more often than you think.
  10. iam looking forward to it. cant wait for it let the battles begin!
  11. SLOTS: 17,815,867,827 placed by neich on 02/03/2020 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 112.867x Profit 0.01118667
  12. videopoker is still one of my most favorite games on stake. since it was released i had a bunch of pretty insane hits. mostly some ragebet allins which ended up in a 4 of a kind or even a royal flush which i would have never expected. here are just a few of my last good hits :3
  13. i was never hunting it with focus but so far i got 3 royal flush hits in total. the lastone was also the biggest one
  14. i just had my 3rd Royal Flush a few days ago. the first too hits were not with a big basebet so i almost won nothing with them. but a few days ago the unreal thing happend. VIDEOPOKER: 17,633,968,328 placed by neich on 28/02/2020 Wagered 0.00013842 Multiplier 800x Profit 0.11059758