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  1. since a few weeks im starting to like diamond poker i was playing it while race to try how it works for wagering. after around 1000 bets i only lost like 2% of my start balance.
  2. my biggest mega boost was around 120k satoshi with the silver vip lvl. but i never really focused on wagering. i guess my next mega boost is going to be my "new biggest claim" after i wagered a lot more in the past days as i usually do
  3. for me it feels like autobets on mines are working way better then manual bettings. mostly im going to manual bets to try to recover losses from autobets but sadly its used to end up in busting.
  4. MINES: 11,053,676,455 placed by neich on 05/11/2019 Wagered 0.00005100 Multiplier 1010.260009765625x Profit 0.05147238
  5. neich


    i was used to smoke joints. im my younger days i smoked bongs. now i love to vape.
  6. ROULETTE: 10,868,163,817 placed by neich on 31/10/2019 Wagered 0.00005200 Multiplier 36x Profit 0.00182000 MINES: 10,868,475,920 placed by neich on 31/10/2019 Wagered 0.00005200 Multiplier 1010.260009765625x Profit 0.05248164 VIDEOPOKER: 10,868,556,814 placed by neich on 31/10/2019 Wagered 0.00005200 Multiplier 22x Profit 0.00109200 LIMBO: 10,868,916,878 placed by neich on 31/10/2019 Wagered 0.00005200 Multiplier 666x Profit 0.03458000 BLACKJACK: 10,869,247,664 placed by neich on 31/10/2019 Wagered 0.00005200 Multiplier 2.5x Profit 0.00007800 SLOTS: 10,869,941,565 placed by neich on 31/10/2019 Wagered 0.00010400 Multiplier 2.200000047683716x Profit 0.00012480 HILO: 10,871,070,352 placed by neich on 31/10/2019 Wagered 0.00005200 Multiplier 3.072619915008545x Profit 0.00010778
  7. Happy bday My question is: How long took it to code/create the exchange bot?
  8. if the bet id telegram challenge bets can be posted automatically in the chat room, I think this provides an opportunity for users who participate in the telegram challenge to be active every time there is a challenge.
  9. i totally agree. i really dont have a lot of referrals but i was sharing my reflinnk mostly on new releasing sites on the forum. csgo betting sites got me a bunch of refs. im at 20 invited refs
  10. neich


    Hello welcome to stake!
  11. well. look forward and try to recover it instead of being sad of losing 6$. there are tons of promotions and ways to earn free cryptos im sure that u can recover it really easy. )
  12. my biggest keno win was on stake1.0 with the old multiplier my bet was 0.02 eth rageallin and i got 7/10 tiles for a x50 payout. that was one of my bniggest wins on stake so far
  13. I dont know whether there is a different calculations in win chance between keno and dice, but 10 reds in 1.1x (90%win chance) is very rare. Maybe thats your unlucky day
  14. i prefer to play with less tiles. 10 tiles is always making me bust i like to play with like 5 - 6 tiles and on high risk. 5/5 x450 can hit pretty fast
  15. ffs... that coupon talk all day long is so damn annoying. why not just waiting until it gets released? what is it worth to have the info when it will come? its useless. and asking/spamming the whole day on chat about coupons will not get it faster