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  1. oh men rly sad story. i got scammed too a several times since this im rly untrustful against randomppl
  2. there are some ppl who gets tipped from me on every big win
  3. i agree with this, i think its the best way to secure ur moiney
  4. i just saw it a 2nd time that some1 scammed with a wrong bet ID. and another day 1 guy won twice with the same bet id
  5. neich

    Daily challenges, etc.

    i love the daily challanges! i already won 2 fucking ETH and another one with 0.1 eth winnings! i try to catch every single daily but sometimes its just impossible
  6. it feels like new accs are winning way more then "old accounts" but back 2 topic, i already noticed a few talking alts on chat too. just report them if u catch em
  7. waddujumeeean? yes. thats right. and it will never get an end i guess
  8. i totally agree. if i would sell my stuff just to gamble it on stake i would just quit because the addiction got to big
  9. Thanks! thats just was i was looking for. Thanks for sharing your opinion
  10. neich

    Stake Intro?

    Hellloooooo? D: nobody want to gimme a answer?=
  11. for me it doesnt change anything at all. but the option to change it is still great. placebo effect ftw.
  12. i guess keno won the race on dice i hitted a several times stuff like x1000 but keno still gave more profit
  13. i hope ETH will get back to 300$. im just still in love with ethereum
  14. same for me. i met some really great ppl on here, which i hold in contact without any gambling things
  15. the first time i was on HR was by hitting x50 on the old keno. so in my opinion keno is the way for jackpot