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  1. For me it is going much better if I try to make a big payout with little basebets. somehow I'm not lucky enough to hit anything with higher bets.
  2. Hard to believe but I recently landed my second royal flush. after really losing a lot while wagering for platinum the incredible thing happened ... :D I hit it a few months ago but it wasn't even with 5cents basebet. but this time it was incredible.
  3. for me it worked always for the best to pick 9 tiles and play on high risk. but i prefer to hunt 5 tiles on high risk for the x450 multiplier
  4. When I play roulette, which is really very rare, I usually play on one color with martingale. but I've often chased the 0 and it comes more often than you think.
  5. videopoker is still one of my most favorite games on stake. since it was released i had a bunch of pretty insane hits. mostly some ragebet allins which ended up in a 4 of a kind or even a royal flush which i would have never expected. here are just a few of my last good hits :3
  6. well, i guess the best betting amout always depends on the base balance. some ppl like to play risky with allin bets or 1/2 - 1/4 of the balance, and some ppl like to play more bets with smaller basebets. when im playing bj (what doesnt happen much) then i prefer the big basebet way
  7. one of my biggest wins was while playing VP. i guess thats the reason why im still playing it ofcourse mostly it just eats my balance but there are always some good hits aswell. i just like the game and i miss the autobetting mode
  8. i guess my most hits in a row on a single number is 2 or max 3 times. but also i already landet 3 times Green0 in a row. but ofcouse it was not while i was playing with wager on the green.
  9. lmao thats insane im hunting payouts over 100k since months but so fat i never was able to hit one my biggest payout on limbo was x35k but that was months ago. since then i wasnt able to hit anything big on limbo
  10. honestly in my opinion baccarat never was a good game for wagering. i still prefer games like dice, limbo or mines with very low payouts for wagering. the key is to recover early enough and go back to low payout wagering
  11. since a few weeks im starting to like diamond poker i was playing it while race to try how it works for wagering. after around 1000 bets i only lost like 2% of my start balance.
  12. my biggest keno win was on stake1.0 with the old multiplier my bet was 0.02 eth rageallin and i got 7/10 tiles for a x50 payout. that was one of my bniggest wins on stake so far
  13. its so fucking rare, i dont think there is any strat to hunt it i got it only a single time while autobetting when i was hunting 4 of a kind Q for a weekly challange. i didnt even notice that i hitted id. i went from a 3.4k eth basebet to .04 from it
  14. well, depends on which sports u are talking about like football, soccer, basketball and stuff like ball sports are not my thing. but i love to skate, downhill, dirtbike and snowboard. :D<3
  15. i guess it makes more sense to play slowlyy and carefull, but if u dont care about that money ofc just play risky why not. if u have it over to spend u can bet stupid maybe u get rish as fuck
  16. We can choose which risk that we want to play, for people who want a bigger payout they can choose high risk right now and people like me who only play casual can pick medium.
  17. well thats insane. my biggest multiplier what ive hitted was a x35k. my biggest missed multiplier was something like a 300k or so. so far i didnt hunt anything bigger as 35k i should give it a try i guess
  18. Withdrawn 0.004228850.241095640.024571341299.810439320.005052060.22042562 Total Commission 0.004228880.241114940.024571341299.810439320.005052060.22072705 these are my actuall referall earnings from in total 39 refs - 17 are verified
  19. neich


    i played it only on beta
  20. of courses ome days turn bad but it isn't so much a bad luck day is it is a bad decision making day lol
  21. neich


    this strategy does not work sadly. Sorry to spill the beans. I hope this clears everyone's questions and points because I tried and failed regretfully. Even being non greedy still busts you. i just busted 400k sat on it.
  22. Etude you are my Hilo King. i cant even count how many times a day u get that 4 times Ace hit its crazy, but im every time happy to see you hitting it keep up your ace streak bro
  23. neich

    Plinko 1000x

    I have hit 1000x many time ( im forgot exactly). My biggest bet when hit 1000x with 80k sat and last i hit it yesterday but with only 2500 sat. I hope my luck on plinko still continue although lately very hard to hit big in this one game.
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