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  1. Do you like sound when you play or no?

    It kinds off sounds like poop hittin g water when the ball drops lol (sorry for the gross reference )
  2. Supports

    This is so true i cant single out any particular support member for being beteer than any since they all do just a fabulous job.
  3. Stake Fantasy Trader | October | Top traders

    Congrats to all winners i will def. win next time around
  4. Cant wait for it to be up and running
  5. good luck have fun
  6. Franchico03 Stream with giveaways

    good luck and have fun
  7. Trying to contact you david pm me when you get online
  8. Tell you the truth not trusting a sole without escrow services again just got scammed.
  9. I have a self thought on this... simple i dont care about their electicity cost they just need to speed things up sad to be that blunt but thats just me lol
  10. My theory and how to lose hundreds maybe more

    lol yeah your sarcasim on that post was epic never laughed that much all week and the care bears picture topped it off. hahaha keep up the good work and post more its was a well needed laugh
  11. Guy wins 160BTC at Baccarat!

    I hve never seen a stake advertisement.... re you talking about on facebook, twitter etc?
  12. Yeah i wished i had invested alot mkore in bitcoins a few years again would be making a killing now. Far better than the 10% or less that the banks are offering on savings.
  13. Introducing Pay per Post!

    Yeah it is a great feature but you know what will be even better.... You singing a few songs in your soutern accent to us stake users on discord. What do you say about that?
  14. Guy wins 160BTC at Baccarat!

    Come to think of it i have never seen a stake advertisment on any site or forum before lol. Gessh stake falling off man ,,these scams sites doing more advertisment than stake
  15. My theory and how to lose hundreds maybe more

    That sounds like a one way trip to hell and back reliving it each hour on the hour. Think i might pass on that advise but i give you a 10 out of 10 for a good sense of humor lol , "care bears count down"