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  1. dreramon

    Just one satoshi

    Never tried with 1 sat but i hav e used 100 sat to win 108k on hi lo. Was a bit nervous so didnt go for another hit
  2. dreramon

    Litecoin Owner Has Sold all of His LTC!

    I really cant see a positive spin to this news. If owner of a fast food restaurant refuses to buy food or even food at his own establishment would seem very strange and would give the impression that the food isnt good enough for him to eat but its ok to make money off the unsupected customer. Its sets a bad precident all together.
  3. dreramon

    Bitcoin Podcast

    Yeah doing streams about playing the game is all good and fun but if they could incooperate some knowledge based facts in their stream would be even better. I am sure they will gain more followers then.
  4. I totally get your point just wish there was a way to decrease the fees associated with bitcoins etc. or even to find a way to navigate around these fees.
  5. dreramon

    Litecoin Owner Has Sold all of His LTC!

    I really cant see it can be perceived as anything else but bad news for that business. If the owner / creator isnt totally invested in their own product why should we be. I see this as bad news for litecoin.
  6. We are now in the podcast era where by information about any topic is dealt with or discussed in dept. From a game of thrones podcast to a rap/hip hop podcast. I have been wondering why there isnt a pure bitcoin/cryptocurrency podcast. Dont get me wrong i have seen several podcast that dicuss bitcoins and bitcoin related topics such as the Joe Rogan Podcast who interviewed or had as a guest the great Andreas Antonopoulos (the link for that episode is posted below). But i am yet to see a podcast totally dedicated towards the cryptoworld. Maybe stake or the stake users can come together and make a twitch based podcast that discusses everything bitcoin/cryptocurrency. What do you guys think?
  7. I tend to disagree because while you pay a one time fee for a single transaction on the stock exchange we tend to pay multiple fees when dealing with cryptocurrencies and their fees tend to skyrocket on a moments bases. Because the fees arent stable it tends sometime to deter me from doing any transcations.
  8. dreramon

    Mining Calculator

    I have recently seen an increase in person asking about using their PC or cell phone to mine for coins. One of the main questions asked about doing this is if mining is profitable. I have done some digging around trying to find the right answer to this and i have come up with not only hardware requirments ( i would recommened specialized hardware called ASICs to do mining) but i also came across several mining calculators including this one CryptoCompare https://www.cryptocompare.com/mining/calculator. This calculator not only calculates how much profit you will make but also gives a breakdown of the amount of electricity you have consumed and the cost of that consumtion. You guys are free to try it out and see if mining makes sense to you.
  9. dreramon

    What do you think about vegetarianism?

    There is no way a vegetarian is living a healthier life than a meat eater. Vegetables and nuts alone is not totally sufficient for any human. You all need protein gained from consumption of meat.
  10. It will rise above the 20k mark and continue to go over it as 2018 comes in so it will never be too late to invest in it no matter what everyone says.
  11. dreramon

    Today i learned...

    Today i learnt that the first ever professional athlete has agreed to get paid in bitcoins.
  12. Nicely put together piece of information you posted here Upsilson i found it to be very informative and helpful. The 3rd and 6th points that you made are a big concern to me from the first time i started dealing with bitcoins. The fees are way too high and the anonymity factor is also a pain. Wish there was a way around the sharing of personal information but there isnt much options available out there.
  13. Bitcoin Suisse, Rungsted Seier Capital,Nikolaj Rosenthal i am sure that atleast 95% or even more of us have never heard of or even seen those name metioned at the start of this topic before. Well all three names have created history with bitcoin and its venture into sports. Bitcoin Suisse which is a finicial company that deals with cryptocurriences and Rungsted Seier Capital which is a top teir Danish Hockey team have recently signed a sponsorship partnership which will see the latter company not only renaming it arena to Bitcoin Arena but also changing the way it pays its players. Which will now be done with bitcoins. For all those skyptics that say bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will soon fade have again been proven wrong as this step further solidifies bitcoins as a future means for trading. Nikolaj Rosental who is a player with the hockey team Rungsted Seier Capital has taken the advantage of this momentus partnership deal by becoming the first ever professional athlete to sign a deal that will make him get paid in bitcoins. Now if this isnt a good sign for bitcoins moving forward i dont know what else is. .Share your thoughts on this deal. What do you think about its impact on sports companies and individuals working with them?
  14. Spending xmas weekend on the west coast of Jamaica (negril) at a villa with the family and a few friends. Cant wait for the white sand beaches and the nice blue waters. Especially cant wait to enjoy the fun beach activities such as riding horses in the water and jet sking etc.
  15. dreramon

    Hi everyone

    Hi welcome have fun and win big