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  1. luizoruivo

    I'm Fairly New To The Stake Community

    Welcome! I like it better than bitcoin talk. I'm sure you'll like it too Babagucci.
  2. Aqui não tá chovendo tem telhado na casa infiliz! Então, o site paga aproximadamente 10 000 satoshis por dia pra jogar 30 min de CS ou DOTA 2, basta colocar o OneHash.com, ter pelo menos 30hrs de jogo, ter o perfil público e os jogos públicos também. Link de referência (me daria uma força e não mudaria nada). https://www.onehash.com/?ap=65ebadba179a4ef3a83c50 Link limpo (da na mesma, só que sem me ajudar) https://www.onehash.com/ A postagem original é do mano @ceastem (the original topic)
  3. luizoruivo

    How and where do you earn bitcoin

    It's been a while since I've known bitcoin, I'm extremely interested to know where ppl satoshis come from. I personally have only what I get from faucets from other sites, games, promotions and a lot of luck. I tried mining ltc but it was a mistake, I wasted my time on it. I currently use freebitco.in, cointiply bitcoin faucet, febbit, OneHash, Faucethub.
  4. luizoruivo

    10k satoshi per day per account

    They solved my problem today, thanks again for the site.
  5. luizoruivo

    10k satoshi per day per account

    is in Portuguese, but everything is public. I have 2000 hours of gameplay. Clearly a bug.
  6. luizoruivo

    10k satoshi per day per account

    I'm having a problem, the site does not detect my account, I'm already 3 days waiting for the return support. They are responding to me so I believe that sooner or later it will resolve. The bad side is that I still can not win anything.
  7. luizoruivo

    [Suggestion] Upvotes and Downvotes

    I think it would be interesting to have a reddit-like system to keep interesting posts visible and irrelevant posts quickly out of circulation. Several posts have zero replies and some views, people who found it irrelevant the one discussed could give a downvote and the post would leave the homepage faster, giving space to interesting discussions. I wonder if more people find this idea interesting.
  8. luizoruivo

    Withdrawal limit for doge insanely high (4000)

    Complaint similar to the doge's minimum tip. I believe this is in this way to avoid the faucet farming. 4000 DogeCoin = 0.34114557 LiteCoin There is reason in what you speak, it is practically 3.5x what is necessary for withdrawing in ltc. 0.1 LiteCoin = 1155.63380282 DogeCoin, maybe 1000 doge withdrawal will be nice, with a respective division of the faucet by 4 as well. I could suggest using the conversion forms of forum members, or maybe pull out 1000 on 4 friends with just one account and then splitting again.
  9. luizoruivo

    How many accounts you play in a day?

    I do the same, i have just one account. If I start to lose I change the game. If I keep losing I'll change the seed.
  10. luizoruivo

    Sad but true.

    Even though I am young I have a folder where I have written down a lot of relevant information about my things. If a person who knows bitcoin read certain roles will be able to remove my satoshis, then my "inheritance" will follow some way. If we consider that the worst can happen, I have no one close to me with sufficient knowledge to withdraw my currency. It would be funny to imagine my great-grandson stirring the old boxes and finding a lost treasure of bitcoin.
  11. luizoruivo

    Qual será a próxima criptomoeda?

    Eu acredito que o Dash tem mais valor pra ser agregado no Stake, mas a princípio já temos muitas moedas por aqui, acredito que não veremos uma nova entrando em pouco tempo.
  12. luizoruivo


    First I saw ppl complained about getting harder to cash out without even contributing, I saw several bragging about having a withdraw only by betting the faucet on the x1000 chartbet (in-game chat) If you want money the best way to get it is working, you earn more in less time.
  13. luizoruivo

    Plinko broke my PC

    When you place the Plinko on automatic and is not open to the screen, or change tab, for some reason the balls come but do not come down. So when you open the plinko to view all begin to descend at the same time. Probably about 100 balls coming down at the same time would break my pc too.
  14. luizoruivo

    Tá chovendo aí?

    Não tá chovendo aqui infiliz tem telhado na casa! Então, sobre as possibilidades da famosa chuva pingar em você aí vão algumas afirmações: Digitar no bate papo não é tão importante quanto a maioria pensa, inclusive ficar pedindo chuva é contra as regras e passivo de punição; Apostar permite que você tenha chances de ganhar; Enquanto falar no bate papo te dá apenas "x" de chances, apostar alto pode te dar 10x ou até mesmo 50x de chances; Mesmo que tenha apostado pouco não significa que não tem chances de ganhar, só significa que a probabilidade é menor; O bot da chuva escolhe aleatoriamente quem vai ganhar a gorjeta.