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  1. Time on stake is good question, almost all spend a lot on stake for me it 13-15 hrs a day. and good thing is you will always a chance to recover on here if you lose your depo also so without worries you will play here longer with so much options
  2. The first thing i do when login just got to chat say hello to all check the vault and get some balance form there to play.than forum the best place to be pas time with some good content and than start playing dice to start but always send with keno.
  3. Don't forget that while anyone can technically get rich only from gambling, the chances of that happening are very, very slim. If you enjoy gambling, play (with limits) because you find it fun and enjoyable, not because you're seeking a fortune. So has anyone gotten rich only from gambling?
  4. Fantasy: The more you bet, the almost certain it is that you'll have a major win. Certainty: The result of each betting occasion is down to risk. Spending longer betting doesn't have any effect on the result of the following bet. This is known as the 'autonomy of occasions' - every occasion result (for example lottery draw or reel turn) is free from those previously or after. Given the house edge and come back to player instruments depicted over, a more drawn out measure of time spent betting will normally mean paying more for that relaxation time. Fantasy: In the event that you continue playing for a considerable length of time, you'll in the end win all your cash back. Actuality: Really, the more you bet, the more probable it is you'll lose more cash. The chances are constantly stacked in the support of those offering the wager – the bookies, club and lottery organizations realize that a few people will win, yet more individuals need to lose with the goal that the organizations can remain in business. Fantasy: Knowing a game well builds your odds of winning. Actuality: Once more, it's everything down to risk. Games, for example, poker and sports wagering can profit by additional learning; however despite everything you can't figure the result. You may believe you're really great poker player around, however another person might be better or have more grounded cards. Your football crew may have won the last two matches, however that doesn't mean they'll win a third. Make sure to consistently take no chances. Fantasy: When betting, monitoring past outcomes can enable you to make sense of the coming outcomes. Actuality: There is no example with regards to betting. In the event that there were an example, everybody would learn it and nobody could ever lose. On the off chance that nobody lost there'd be no cash left in the opening machines, and the bookies and gambling clubs would end up bankrupt and wouldn't probably pay the victors. Accepting this will just motivation you to lose heaps of money and prevent betting from being entertaining.
  5. The present subject is about the virtual criminals known as scammer /con artists. All through the majority of my club time I have been an injured individual and focus of scammer/con artists. They are evil presences in the club, they are a kind of hoodlum or swindler who do everything to hoodwink and take individuals. They couldn't care less how or what you did to acquire your cash, you will likely pull back as much as you can from your cash or hack your record, and on the off chance that he can, in the wake of attacking your record, will attempt to taint your contacts with some sort of malignant code . So what do you do when you know that an individual is scammer/con artist?
  6. yeah you are right till there is fun and entertainment only the is going good. When ever you think of profit you are more conscious and some time aggressive means. you are sentimental that leads to bust every time.
  7. yeah it looks like so some big and exciting will coming on the birthday. hope we all be lucky to get some on that day and on that event. but vip are very good chance because they get coupons off big size to they are ahead of all others
  8. my goal is to get some profit and having fun gambling. but as you say wagering is a good thing i am on it from 2 days i am not serious about that angel . but some one told me to do that it will more fun and yeah it is.
  9. i have kept all my coins in cold wallet it not risky most safe place away from internet. on online wallet i kept a small amount which i can move from here to there and some with exchange for trading. till date every thing is fine so for me it safe to store all in cold wallet
  10. For many people, gambling is harmless fun, but there are many reasons for that like Need to gamble to feel excitement Repeated unsuccessful attempts on other venture leads you to gambling Thinking often about making big money with gambling Gambling when feeling distressed Returning to gamble again after losing money on any where Experiencing relationship or work problems lead you to gambling Depending on others for money lead you to gambling last of all i gamble for fun. What makes you gamble?
  11. About new players we i got some good and some bad experiences like some are very good genuine players. And some are here for just tips loan and scam some of them are are doing it quite regularly, so most of all every one not looking new players as good as do it in past.
  12. The house advantage obviously doesn't mean that you can't win, because people do and sometimes they win substantial amounts. Despite of that good wins some are millionaire with gambling but, Why Gamblers Rarely Win?
  13. no not only you but all of us bust several times in between that we have to make profit if you think i am not gonna lose you lose just focus on profit it will work . yeah it work for me so hope for you also.