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  3. All countries, I'm in Japan and I'm still making money with it
  4. Sweatcoin is an awesome new app that pays you to walk, exercise and run. Basically, it pays you for taking steps! If you’re into monetizing your steps, check them out to get paid for something you would’ve done anyway. How to earn in this apps? You earn here, what they called sweatcoins by counting your every step you have done while your walking. They detect your step using GPS. 1000$ = 20,000 Sweatscoin 1 Sweatscoin = 1,000 steps (I get 1k step only in 30mins) Sweatcoin offers redemptions for Paypal, which is basically cash. They currently have 2 redemptions available. For 3,500 Sweatcoins you can redeem the $50 Paypal. Join Now !!! Clean link: https://sweatco.in/ Ref link ( Bonus 50 Sweatcoin ) https://gift.sweatcoinapp.uk/i/chung427619
  5. SYMPHONY is a next-generation blockchain-based protocol to empower a data-driven economy.SYMPHONY has a vision to create an ecosystem that unlocks personal data for fairer value redistribution and smarter data intelligence. 1. Visit the Form https://goo.gl/UNep85 Complete the survey you will receive 600 SYM tokens