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  1. EddieFx

    Should certain usernames be autobanned?

    I think Kate has the perfect idea of this, I would not want a autoban, instead a way for them to change username or something like that!
  2. I think this should be added too, I often feel like someone is just waiting somethingg to earn forum posts or get people to do something but for real it’s just a stupid stratergy or something like that
  3. EddieFx

    about your strategy

    I use either like a 100x multiplier or a 1.5x-2x
  4. I would say it’s Hilo and mines for me I bust sometimes but then it makes me earn double what I busted sometimes
  5. EddieFx

    Avoiding !

    I usually accept them all, if they want a real friend I keep them but if they ask for a loan or such I just delete them Also I share my wins most of the time
  6. EddieFx

    Opt out of rain while hidden suggestion

    I 100% agree with you, it’s a very nice suggestion! I think the flame disable should be a thing aswell but to opt out from rain is even better!
  7. EddieFx

    For My Information

    What’s the chance it will hit 0.2 one time if I may ask? From there you possibly could do the math and find out!
  8. EddieFx

    Your pref?

    My favourite game is Hilo but I also like blackjack, dice and keno!
  9. EddieFx

    Do you feel Guilt When you Bust?

    Not gulit, but stupid as I often chase my losses, I should go for more big wins instead of playing this way lol
  10. If it ever will hit that much, it will be in a long time from now!
  11. EddieFx

    I suggest you see this movie

    I will watch this movie, where can I find it? Netflix?
  12. EddieFx

    Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork: Good or Bad ?

    I think it will go up in a near time, just wait!
  13. EddieFx

    How about StakeLottery every weeken?

    Once a month sounds way better than once a week, it’s to often! A nice idea, thanks for it!
  14. EddieFx

    The "20"

    This happens for me to, as Shennie said, it’s probably your seed! Change it and try again
  15. I also gamble for entertainern lol, I also like the community and that makes the game even more fun!