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  1. Crystal Palace 1-2 Leicester Chelsea 1-2 Aston Villa Everton 2-0 Manchester City Brighton 1-2 Arsenal Burnley 0-1 Sheffield United Southampton 2-2 West Ham West Brom 0-2 Leeds Manchester United 2-1 Wolves Tottenham 2-1 Fulham Newcastle 1-2 Liverpool Tiebreaker: 23rd minute Username: EddieFx
  2. Leicester 1:3 Manchester United Aston Villa 2:1 Crystal Palace Fulham 0:2 Southampton Arsenal 1:2 Chelsea Manchester City 3:0 Newcastle Sheffield United 0:3 Everton Leeds 1:1 Burnley West Ham 1:1 Brighton Liverpool 2:0 West Brom Wolves 1:2 Tottenham Stake username: EddieFx Tiebreaker: 23 min
  3. I use an iPhone XS Max and I love the experience, along with a nice flow on the site you also never see lag or anything that would make me change for example browser. iPhone XS Max + Safari works great!
  4. EddieFx


    This feels like a risky stratergy to me as you increase by 300%, tho that would be needed as you have a 77% win chance and to make your money back that’s needed. Consecutive losses will make the bet amount huge in seconds but Im glad it worked for you and some other people! I will keep myself to my own stratergy for right now! I might try it some time tho
  5. So my stratergy for blackjack is usually to double on 10 and 11’s, hit on anything loger than 17 and stand on 17 and up! I rarely split but if I do it’s on aces kost or the time or the cards worth 10. Good luck with building your own stratergy, if you want you fan always google ”blackjack calculator” and see what to do for the best odds!
  6. When Im at Stake I feel a mix of enjoy, excitement and fear! The enjoy and excitement is pretty obvious from playing and winning or not knowing if you will win or lose but the fear is also in the background, the fear of busting all of my balance but that usually goes away pretty fast when I start playing!
  7. I don’t really go to church and such but still I am a Christian, I don’t activly participate in anything but sometimes I do and I really like it!
  8. I will watch this movie, where can I find it? Netflix?
  9. 100% yah, it reducerade the lag and make the game more pleasant for us!
  10. I like it sometimes but most of the time it's just a waste of time Takes longer to do the same thing as dice
  11. Take care of the money you won and try to hit more, I’m not lucky with plinko but I’m glad to see someone is!
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