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  1. I use an iPhone XS Max and I love the experience, along with a nice flow on the site you also never see lag or anything that would make me change for example browser. iPhone XS Max + Safari works great!
  2. My most memorable moment were the christmas challenges that came with a nice price! Happy Birthday Stake!🍰
  3. 1. I joined Stake on 9/22/2017 so I have been here for a while, when I started the faucet was pretty high so I played using that and I believe I got my first withdrawal that way! Then I deposited a smaller amount and busted but still felt good as I was in profit from the withdrawal. I then was gone for a long time and came back when an BM opportunity showed itself and after that Im here and Im not planing on leaving any time soon! I have made my profits and my losses here on Stake but at the moment I don’t see it as a way to win money but a way to have fun and use my money for something I enjo
  4. This is an insane win, play safe with the balance if you’re going to play and good luck in the future! Congratz on the win!
  5. Noone feels good about busting but you can feel better about it if you did not let your emotions catch you, if you played snart the whole way thru you should be glad as it’s the only thing you could do. Losing is a part of gambling and it will always happen but there will also be times where you win! Good luck in the future!
  6. I think this strat is kind of risky as you make your bet higher on both win and lose! But Im happy it works for you! Good luck in the future!
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