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  1. My most memorable moment were the christmas challenges that came with a nice price! Happy Birthday Stake!🍰
  2. 1. I joined Stake on 9/22/2017 so I have been here for a while, when I started the faucet was pretty high so I played using that and I believe I got my first withdrawal that way! Then I deposited a smaller amount and busted but still felt good as I was in profit from the withdrawal. I then was gone for a long time and came back when an BM opportunity showed itself and after that Im here and Im not planing on leaving any time soon! I have made my profits and my losses here on Stake but at the moment I don’t see it as a way to win money but a way to have fun and use my money for something I enjoy even tho I sometimes make money! 2. Angående crash så tycker jag det är ett helt okej spel men spelar mycket hellre någon av de andra spelen, crash kan ge dig snabba vinster men om du vill gå för att ha roligt (vilket jag gör) så är crash ett spel som ger en mycket ångest eftersom du hela tiden måste besluta nära du ska lämna! Därför tycker jag spel som t.ex limbo är mycket bättre då du redan innan bestämmer dig då och kan inte ändra dig under spelets gång! Medans du kan i crash antingen ta ut pengarna alldeles för tidigt eller bli girig och vänta för länge och istället förlora allt. Dock gillar jag att det finns en autocashout som du kan sätta innan spelet börjar för att Inte bli girig!
  3. This is an insane win, play safe with the balance if you’re going to play and good luck in the future! Congratz on the win!
  4. Noone feels good about busting but you can feel better about it if you did not let your emotions catch you, if you played snart the whole way thru you should be glad as it’s the only thing you could do. Losing is a part of gambling and it will always happen but there will also be times where you win! Good luck in the future!
  5. I think this strat is kind of risky as you make your bet higher on both win and lose! But Im happy it works for you! Good luck in the future!
  6. This feels like a risky stratergy to me as you increase by 300%, tho that would be needed as you have a 77% win chance and to make your money back that’s needed. Consecutive losses will make the bet amount huge in seconds but Im glad it worked for you and some other people! I will keep myself to my own stratergy for right now! I might try it some time tho
  7. It would be a rare case but of course it could happen as dice is all based on luck, it’s randomized so it can’t be manipulated but losing that many times would be a small chance and you could have ended up winning 60 games in a row. That’s the thing about gambling, you nerver know
  8. EddieFx


    Obviously I feel sad when losing but not because I lost the balance, it’s often I see my balance go a bit lower than start and I try to recover just to bust. That makes me feel stupid and greedy but I accept the losses pretty fast and move on! Before my bigger losses could haunt me for days and I would feel really bad but as I played more I got used to gambling being something I do for fun, not to make money and that makes my losses way better as I feel it’s the price I need to pay to enjoy myself, tho it’s always extra fun to make some profit!
  9. All roulette payouts are based on what your bet is and hos many places you put your money on. Take what you won - wager = profit and then they make that into percent form. Basically win / wager = percent! I know this was not the best explination but I tried
  10. So my stratergy for blackjack is usually to double on 10 and 11’s, hit on anything loger than 17 and stand on 17 and up! I rarely split but if I do it’s on aces kost or the time or the cards worth 10. Good luck with building your own stratergy, if you want you fan always google ”blackjack calculator” and see what to do for the best odds!
  11. I don’t really agree with you but I don’t disagree either. Trivias are a way for people to give to the community and therefore it sould be based on how the host want to make it, for exemple I love maths so I would do a math trivia but I think these google trivias is just who’s the fastest at googling and that’s wrong but I still enjoy them as it’s free money anyways! I think trivias that aren’t possible to Google is the best!
  12. I would say Limbo is the easiest game to play as you need no experience or intelligence, it’s all based on luck and pure luck! You just choose a multiplier and hope for the best
  13. When Im at Stake I feel a mix of enjoy, excitement and fear! The enjoy and excitement is pretty obvious from playing and winning or not knowing if you will win or lose but the fear is also in the background, the fear of busting all of my balance but that usually goes away pretty fast when I start playing!
  14. I haven’t used the faucet in a long time, but back when I did I really enjoyed just trying the games out tho the amounts were way bigger back then, honestly at the price bitcoin’s at right now I don’t really see a use for the faucet as you could try the games out with a 0 bet!