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  1. I don’t really go to church and such but still I am a Christian, I don’t activly participate in anything but sometimes I do and I really like it!
  2. Hi everyone, last year I was on this forum alot talking to people and trying to help out but due to some stuff in my life I have not been able to be on hardly anything but now Im glad to say Im back! I hope this year of the Stake forum is going to be as awesome as last! Im so excited about the Stake v2 release, are you guys aswell? :D
  3. Im from sweden and a guy here is selling his bitcoin for cash so I usually buy from him, I found him on localbitcoins! Check if you can find someone in your country there
  4. You’re so generous doing these giveaways and I thank you for them! Wish you all luck the next days
  5. It’s not only blackjack, all games when you get a 1x multiplier (no win no loss) it gives you the win sound but I think it’s because you don’t lose
  6. I wish you good luck! I will watch some of the Stream if I have the time!
  7. KENO: 2,032,360,143 placed by EddieFx on 23/12/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 15x Profit 0.00001400
  8. You are so nice doing these giveaways! I love it, you always bring giveaways to us even tho it’s out of your own pocket. Thank you alot DarkBlood!
  9. I don’t really just tip people but when I win big, which happens sometimes I usually do trivias instea because I feel like everyone gets a shot to win. Otherwise I would probably just tip people that tipped me and so on
  10. Back when I was 18 and started gambling I always lost money because I wanted the profit so bad (not lose money atleast) but as I went on with my life I started thinking about it as a hobby instead and played only for fun. Now I make profit alot when I play but of course I bust sometimes aswell
  11. @Shinjo should win $10 because I really enjoy the streams! @TKO should win $20 because he wants to help people out all the time! @DarkBlood069 should win $30 because he does giveaways on his own!
  12. My guess is that it will crash on 1.26x lol