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  1. I would like to see redesign to Plinko and Chartbet.
  2. Stake: Sp1cy Twitter: @Sp1cyCSGO Thanks for the great giveaway
  3. looks way better than before, good work.
  4. Nice wins, you are very lucky I always bust in like the 3rd turn in HI-LO
  5. That's sucks, it's so important to get customer's information before trading in case you get scammed sorry for your lose.
  6. I think the chart is upside down 🤔
  7. Thanks for sharing, very interesting video In my opinion you shouldn't always go for Martingale and try other methods that might work better or just bet for fun this might work as well.
  8. The handle is @Sp1cyCSGO Good luck everyone!
  9. my guess is 2830, Good luck everyone!
  10. What's the point of giving away 1$, I don't understand it
  11. I would go with Chartbet one of the most fun games on the site blackjack is fun too, I would like to see more games in the future.
  12. It was great too bad I couldn't make anything out of it, keep with the great work!