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  2. Hey just had a few more ideas reading latest thread... about people not wanting to take money from friends, one idea could be to make the tables anonymous, most sites do this with cash now, to stop regs getting reads on players over big samples of hands. So when you sit at a table instead of being called your stake name it gives you a name like player1 , player2 etc. I think a lot of us like to share stats with friends, so maybe there could be a poker drop-down added to main stake profile alongside casino and sports, which lists some stats like profit at different stakes, and number of hands played. So people can still see player stats etc. But personally I think it would be nice to sit at a table with friends we know from stake, and fun to chat and enjoy trying to beat each other. So maybe stake could offer two versions, anonymous tables and named tables so people can choose. I think it would prob need good security team / person(s) to track down colluders etc... So would probably be a big investment for stake... But it would bring a whole new market to the Stake, and many poker players sports bet so there could be some great cross promotion as well.
  3. Hey that's awesome chridz, grats, I'm currently bronze, good luck on your journey to silver!
  4. Yes this would be awesome, love this idea! thanks GKD!
  5. Don't worry if you are doing great and should be able to do have something to do. But if not then Corona Genna make sure you are bored because self isolation 😮🤯
  6. Love this am waiting for new episode on Tuesday 😂
  7. Hey Sahil longtime! I think plink works best if you see ball going in middle quickly tilt you screen so can try move it into outside number for high score 😂
  8. William is banned for having an avatar with eyes that look like they follow you no matter what angle you view then at just like the Mona Lisa.
  9. Well if you, do, do this... Just make sure you take your girl hi... Not low... And don't leave her in limbo!
  10. That's pretty insane for sure! I think a lot of the reason that the other ceo's don't pay themselves as much is for tax reasons she's obviously got to take a huge tax amount out of that because she'll be paying about 45% tax in the UK on any salary above £150,000. That she does this must mean she's earning so much that she doesn't really care about tax avoidance, or she has already maxed out on what she can justifiably avoid!
  11. Yes I also don't have a reload, if I had a reload I think I'd spend it in sportsbook if that's available for reloads. Maybe on tennis or some volleyball match.
  12. Interesting debate going on here you started Nicol! Lol at you saying you don't have all neurons working at the moment 😂 I wonder what the business admins think about this, I mean I guess more slots could pull a wider audience in but then again like some said as well maybe it'll take away from stakes unique factor 😕
  13. yeah app would be cool, it gets asked many times before though and can't put on playstore they say or ios because gambling, so it would just be for people that using that already know about stake to improve mobile experience, but before they say it's so much work to maintain it with updates and already website is playable on mobile if not perfect so this is why they not make one for mobile i think
  14. Thanks for not giving away the Jack thing ✌️😎 haven't played the game before but watched episode 1 and 2 , I liked it! I get feeling there is going to be more magic in this than GoT. So far so good ! Shame about renfree (sp.) I won't say any more in case no one has seen first episode, but I kind of liked her!
  15. Hey Sped! hope you good bro. I think breaks is a good idea, and we should take them regular. But while the chips are flowing it's not always easy to take breaks, because you just get caught in the moment sometimes don't you. Yeah I agree adrenaline is less after taking a break, so it's good to take a break, but we need the discipline to do it 😄
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