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  1. LIMBO: 24,457,312,174 placed by hoffguy on 18/06/2020 Wagered 0.05000000 Multiplier 15x Profit 0.70000000 xd
  2. Hey just had a few more ideas reading latest thread... about people not wanting to take money from friends, one idea could be to make the tables anonymous, most sites do this with cash now, to stop regs getting reads on players over big samples of hands. So when you sit at a table instead of being called your stake name it gives you a name like player1 , player2 etc. I think a lot of us like to share stats with friends, so maybe there could be a poker drop-down added to main stake profile alongside casino and sports, which lists some stats like profit at different stakes, and number
  3. Hey that's awesome chridz, grats, I'm currently bronze, good luck on your journey to silver!
  4. Hey I paid top 5, but just mentioned top 3 in thread for some reason... but checked and top 5 places were paid on march 22nd, just confirming for completeness.
  5. Yes this would be awesome, love this idea! thanks GKD!
  6. sorry i count wrong Zaynab 13 Hanvee 7 Blurjis 10 cheers i send now
  7. i paying now ty friend for remind me hanvee and zayne win
  8. Good to ask this in forum support @Dan will know answer for you
  9. Don't worry if you are doing great and should be able to do have something to do. But if not then Corona Genna make sure you are bored because self isolation 😮🤯
  10. Wow evet, nice they got better, good thing now I guess at least he know he's immune now. Must be worrying at time though.
  11. Hey, So some friends in Stake I know are self isolating , and I wondered who in Stake is self isolating? Also if anyone caught the virus yet? I'm more or less self isolating just going out if totally have to. How about you guys? Anyone have the virus? Or know someone close that does? If so how is that going??? If not, are you taking any social distancing / self isolation measures as precaution anyway??
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