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  1. Keno bad day is very cool, I can imagine you get some peace of mind if Keno fails you, and you can still say well I said FU to keno. @Burgerwcheese said he found some 'hot' keno patterns the other day... I thought wow is that even possible, but now from your post above I can see maybe it is, just need to use some creative. Care to share any of your hot keno patterns chesseburger?!
  2. Hey welcome to Stake! yes check out races every day, and the telegram challenges for telegram challenges join telegram channel then you can find out when they happen! also check out challenges! https://forum.stake.com/board/138-challenges/ but mostly you need more posts for them, so just post some good posts and soon you post count will get higher. hahaha bro don't be terrified, it's just language!
  3. So yeah I was thinking if you could change one thing about Stake what would it be? It could be literally anything, you had some super power, and could change any one thing about Stake, but only one thing? What would you change, and why?! Maybe some game you'd change, or you'd make a new game? or it could be really something totally new. There's a tonne that Stake does really well, but I guess we all have our favorite parts of Stake and then things we might change about them? My favorite part of Stake, is Stake chat. So I guess I'd change something about that, but then again with @Irena 's new 3-minute rule amnesty scheme can't even think of anything I'd change right now! But anyway... what would you guys change if you could change one thing about stake?!
  4. lol polor I need medicine help me street pharmacist!!! ... me I am into web design, and server admin. When not completely drunk and partying in stake, which is happening more and more recently I'm pleased to say
  5. There's so much going on with machine learning at the moment, I guess trading bots could be quite good! But then again, don't you think there will always be certain things that a human is better at? I know instinct and gut feeling is usually a bad thing when it comes to betting, and many believe it to be like believing in fairies if you believe in some instinct when betting... but then again there was that book a while ago https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blink:_The_Power_of_Thinking_Without_Thinking It was released in 2005 but Gladwell says that the intuition part of our brains could be really powerful, and those split second decisions we make that group tonnes of internal thought together, without us even knowing it, for us to make the right decision can be very intelligent! So I guess an AI bot will never be able to do this really? I mean sure it can act and re-act in well programmed ways, and even learn based on new data and results, but can it ever have that kind of super intelligence that our unconscious has without us even realizing it most of da time?! What do you think ? Are humans better than AI at crypto trading? I think it's a bit like poker bots... and with poker bots the one big advantage they always have over humans, is emotional control. So unless you are a super pro trader with a really disciplined mindset, I think crypto bots will be a good choice. Thanks for share Amelia!
  6. Hi can you provide some sample code that will, return tips received data. In some form that I can then work with, in either Python, Javascript or PHP. I'm trying to get a collection (non specific use of word) of... Who tipped me Date of tip Coin Tipped Amount of Tip also including how to authenticate so I can receive this information for my account. Thanks for any help!
  7. haha @Etude when can we come work for you! You sound like cool boss had to read your comment a few times I thought i misread it, but you did say , you encourage playing at work, nice! @neich when working I work from home so when Stake party calls work goes out the window, for days on ends. 🎵 haha burgerwcheese stop playing at them heights your going to kill yourself bro!!
  8. nice noloser and atriz good luck in the games hope u make some 💰
  9. I like going for the high multipliers, usually go for 1400x , I like to use similar strat I use with dice so i just reduce my base bet if it doesn't hit in a while, main thing I try to make sure is I always have about 1000x my base bet in my balance, so for instance if starting balance is 500k , 500k/1000 = 500, so I use 500 base sat, then if I get to a balance of 400k, I'll reduce base bet to 400 sat, , sometimes I do this in between, e.g. if i get 450k balance I move to 450 base bet. But main idea I use is to just make sure that I try to lower base bet and hunt high multiplier, sometimes you can be low on multiplier as you dropped down a few, and then suddenly a few of the 1400's come in quickly and it boosts you back up and you can increase.
  10. I like both. I love poker and making poker challenges because your fate is in your own hands with poker, you're either better than your opponents or your not, you either have the mental discipline or you don't, and it can be nice to challenge yourself. Gambling I like too, for the speed of winning. Sports betting because it's fun to back a player and then be with them every point if the match, e.g. tennis. And casino because pure luck can be fun too. Is luck on our side today or not? Also in just a few seconds you can spin up basically any amount of money on roulette you like, that can be fun and exciting sometimes 💰🤑
  11. I don't really get the point of this scam. Provably fair on Stake at least gives us some peace of mind. But talking about this IP scam and betting sites in general, I think it sounds like a dumb scam for the sites to make. Because in every country there will still be Whales, just less I guess depending on how rich country is. I think it'd make more sense for dodgy sites to check against betting patterns and reward higher wins to more degen style players, that YOLO alot, so they get publicity if big win for site, but know they'll get their money back too probly.
  12. Yeah wheel is pretty cool I think, depends on your mood. If you fancy fast paced high multiplier, not good, but medium speed medium multipliers, will is pretty cool id say. Like all games on stake you can play depending on your mood, some mood suit peaceful games some suit fast 😏
  13. Hey welcome to Stake! Mods can move topics. If you would like it moved just PM and active Mod by clicking on their profile in the user list at bottom of forum. Mods are the purple colours! Have good day.
  14. Yeah happens a lot lol. I don't usually report I feel bad, it's like reporting a little ant in the street or something haha. But usually they just get muted by others anyway lol. Here is two that were kind of blatent! But this one of the funniest i think haha , start by calling bro! then offers nudes.... then just reverts to plain old 'spam' hahaha. Sometimes when you catch up with your chat logs it's just so funny you feel like you owe them money for making you laugh so much