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  1. Kate is banned for banning cntryboy because he banned a person
  2. Can't think of much extra I'd bring if I was Eddie, Stake and Support team are awesome. Something special, maybe what is already planned the live stream for Saturday
  3. Thanks for this! Awesome service. Just tried it and it was super fast!
  4. ha yeah i think eddie is a big better but also he has a good balance because he makes businesses so yeah maybe a whale on other sites where he plays recreationally and has fun maybe because it would suck on stake if you're the boss to bet a big bet and win some bitcoin and then realise u have to pay it uself
  5. yeah sometimes results can seem strange but sometimes it works other way also like some people say often that if you increase bet u lose but i increased bet earlier after betting like 100 times with a bet amount and the same bet after i increase it did win so just patterns we notice probly
  6. yeah but kate said just have it downloadable but not in playstore, unibet do this, you can download the app from their website for instance for poker, maybe would be nice for mobile users but i guess it would be a lot of development and especially if need two for ios and android and already so much effort go into making stake improve each day maybe mobile apps not in playstore would be too much work .
  7. i think it's just fun for them and they have nice time doing some giveaways and helping community out.
  8. Hey Dose! I think monthly challenge is a great idea! I think to make it a bit more even playing field to all players could maybe be a requirement for the monthly challenge that you have to log in every day for the month, this would stop just one high roller placing big bet and winning it! I love this idea though and think some big monthly challenge would be really cool!
  9. This was a cool thread interesting to hear everyone's thoughts on the forum posting thanks Qvaser. I didn't know there was a cap on how much you can earn I think this is a good thing maybe even! It should encourage even better chatting? I only posted once in most topics, because I didn't wanna get accused of spamming by mods etc in them. But now I know the earning is capped as number of responses, in future I will just post even more than once in a thread if I think there is some interesting points to continue commenting on. Maybe we just need to draw more attention to this idea that it's ok to post more than once, and you won't even earn rewards as highly for future posts? I think this will make people feel safer to continue commenting in threads they already commented in, so in future I will do that now, thanks Qvvaser!
  10. Hoffguy


    I bust every day I deposit in Stake. But that's because I always YOLO bet and no fault of Stake. I never had same bankroll in stake for more than 1 day I don't think. Same even when I play poker i usually hardly ever keep same bankroll in pokersites more than 2-3 days because I always just go up in stakes etc. That's why I just deposit what I don't care of losing and write it off and if by some miracle I have discipline to make a withdrawal then that's nice bonus. I think it's easier to do that with casino games too. With games of skill like poker, I many time convince myself I have some edge (even though you still need discipline) and lose even more money at poker than I do at casino better. With casino betting I just expect to lose, that's why it's a casino. Sometimes I have a big win and can cash it out but mostly just lose!