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  1. Hoffguy

    Is it worth the risk?

    I think the risk is relative to your situation. Which is why i mentioned about what you can afford to lose. Someone might want to win $1 a day another $1,000. So what you risk I would say should always be relative to your personal financial situation. I don't always stick to this, but that's the key anyway I would say. When you say: "to risk betting higher is greed" vs controlled bets... I would say your bets should always be controlled. You should never risk a "higher" amount than what you are comfortable losing (again not that I always stick this myself but that's got to be the right approach I'd say). So if you are talking about yolo bets I'd say these are always bad. If you're talking about betting say 10% of your bankroll vs 1% I'd say that is something you decide based on how long you want to be in the games for and when you can next reload etc.
  2. Hoffguy

    My non gambling achievement

    This was a really nice thread to read, there's something about the way you write that shows how proud you are of your achievments (and i think you should be). If you can find a way to play that means you're playing within your means, that's the key I think. Your methodical approach is inspiring,(and also great to hear you're enjoying timeless on Netflix)
  3. Hoffguy

    Is it worth the risk?

    I think what nhoyasim said is key: "well in gambling if you don't do risk you will not win, gambling is risky this is why we need to have a self discipline, only gamble money that you can afford to lose" Only gamble what can afford to lose, then you won't be lead into riskier strategies. But you need to find sweet spot between what risk you can tolerate and what return you want to make. So I would only bet whatever your comfortable with kixx,and use bankroll managent to make sure you can always stay in the games.
  4. Hoffguy

    One recommendation on sign up for new players

    great idea! i saw welcomebot and noticed he was saying rules to new users recently, that's a great idea. I think the test idea is good too, but maybe harder to implement. I wonder one thing, do the rules appear in different languages like if you go to Filipino room do you get sent to rules in Filipino language because not everyone can read one langauge
  5. great topic! I agree with 77kdub i never really say that I would not like to ever play on stake, even if have to go to north pole and find starbucks I try to play on Stake!
  6. Hoffguy

    Price Determination

    Great question Polor! I wonder this myself sometimes too. Kix makes good point even above 1k is great for most people i think especially if you can collect a few coins! Going to be interesting to see if Humber's prediction comes true!
  7. Hoffguy

    How did Stake affect your life?

    stake made me drink more because it's always a party here, also helped me to meet new friends from different parts of the world Nice what strategies did you use
  8. Hoffguy

    How stake affect your emotional aspects

    I go all in on roulette a lot and lose so am used to losing, but it's nice when you get a double up for half your bankroll, can be exciting, stake chat always make me happier though 😄
  9. Hoffguy

    Stake Lottery Suggestions

    Good idea! Yes I agree with this, would be nice to see many winners! More winners = more happy players!
  10. So what if you was a Stake developer, and come back after a day of partying? You've been out all night and some of the morning.. and now you decided to come into the office... What would you do or change? (don't forget your kind of drunk) I would make faucets go to 0.01btc and watch everyone's expression in chat! and I would put a message on losing bets that popped up and said, "hahaha you lose!" what would you do?!
  11. Yes I think stake chat is most fun part of stake. I chat for many days then have to take a break because its like a party sometimes we need rest 😏
  12. Hoffguy

    Welcome DOGE to the Stake community

    This is great news a new coin! The more coins on stake the more fun it is to play.
  13. Hoffguy


    i think that's a great idea a countdown clock!
  14. Heya i was checking out some of FAQ and TOS and noticed age is 18 in faq and 19 in t.o.s so thought I’d mention