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  1. hey nice see you! gl in all the games!
  2. I placed my biggest bet on stake last week and got a high roller, never placed so big bet, and it won. So I dont think Stake us rigged. But if we YOLO every time eventually we lose, so we gotta just learn to withdraw sometimes.
  3. All the cool kids have rep some of us noobs just got to look in awe. The forum heart is the level above green rep I think but are cool.
  4. No. Oh carloizla... this thread is very thought provoking, I just thought it deserved to be balanced.
  5. Wayne on Youtube Originals. Funny af! That dudes got attitude! and has a cool gf too!
  6. Hoffguy

    spin & go poker

    Hey yes would like to see it! Would like to see any pvp poker game on Stake that would be cool. Variance in spin and go is pretty sick I think, you can lose 100 + buyins, playing perfectly or more.. but I like it too the format!
  7. Different experience is live atmosphere is nice, you can see everyone trying to win on the same table. Also you can order drinks at the table, and table service bring over, that's nice. Also people congratulate you if you win big (still some beggers !) but still nice, I guess it's more social! But Stake chat helps with this, that we can share our bets, and people can congratulate us if we want to share out nice wins. Can't autobet live, so that's something nice I think that online has that live doesn't. Also ofc big thing, is live you can't bet such small amounts, and still have fun. So that's a massive plus for online I think! When I play with crypto I never ultimately win, I never made a withdraw in like over 1 year. Because I don't really see crypto as real money as much as I do casino chips, where you can just walk to cash desk and cash them into money. So that's kind of dumb of me. But just the way mind works online, I think it's easier to just keep YOLO until you lose, or not care as much as if you have cash / casino chips in your hand. Playing with other players at same table is more exciting I think, also you can strike up conversations etc at the table which is nice. Great questions! made me think about the difference between live and online, thanks!
  8. You just click fairness at bottom of game... then you can change in these boxes.... first box you can type something, and then click change... this is your client seed... The other seed is the server seed, that's random, but you can tell the server to make a new one by clicking on change. Advantage of changing your client seed, is if the site wanted to cheat and they knew your client seed at same time they made server seed... they could in theory cheet, but if you make your own client seed - then they can't if site is provably fair. But in reality... I think most people on just change seeds for fun, or for some susperstitious reason like you think one word will bring you more luck. There's some more info about if changing seed helps here... I usually use cheers, or oddsneverloses (then bet on even) to try to trick the roullete but yeah.. mostly just for fun I think. If a site is fair it's fair... if it's cheating, can't see how changing a seed to your own one, will help So I just change for fun, and trust that Stake is fair.
  9. Just read that the American spy agency...NSA analysed everyone's google mail and yahoo accounts...and all the google traffic from the cables in the sea... To find out who Satoshi is. This guy says they found out who he is but won't tell anyone. NSA apparently used laws the Americans created, to spy on everyone's writing, and then compared this with Satoshi's writing fingerprint. His writing fingerprint they got by analysisng just about everything he/she/they had written. Then they compared this with everything written on the internet in emails and web traffic, to find Nakamoto! Would you want to be famous if you was Satoshi ? Or would you hide like he does? Maybe if you didn't hide you would be robbed? He was worth 7bn $ in 2017 the article says. https://medium.com/cryptomuse/how-the-nsa-caught-satoshi-nakamoto-868affcef595
  10. also there is a bug ... so basically... if you have friends in your pending friend list you can accept them. but if you accidentally unfriend someone in chat, and then try to friend them again... you get the message that says you can't have more than 100 friends. but if you go into your pending friend request, and then accept someone it lets you accept them from the pending list. but you can't add them from main chat.
  11. I think the risk is relative to your situation. Which is why i mentioned about what you can afford to lose. Someone might want to win $1 a day another $1,000. So what you risk I would say should always be relative to your personal financial situation. I don't always stick to this, but that's the key anyway I would say. When you say: "to risk betting higher is greed" vs controlled bets... I would say your bets should always be controlled. You should never risk a "higher" amount than what you are comfortable losing (again not that I always stick this myself but that's got to be the right approach I'd say). So if you are talking about yolo bets I'd say these are always bad. If you're talking about betting say 10% of your bankroll vs 1% I'd say that is something you decide based on how long you want to be in the games for and when you can next reload etc.
  12. This was a really nice thread to read, there's something about the way you write that shows how proud you are of your achievments (and i think you should be). If you can find a way to play that means you're playing within your means, that's the key I think. Your methodical approach is inspiring,(and also great to hear you're enjoying timeless on Netflix)
  13. I think what nhoyasim said is key: "well in gambling if you don't do risk you will not win, gambling is risky this is why we need to have a self discipline, only gamble money that you can afford to lose" Only gamble what can afford to lose, then you won't be lead into riskier strategies. But you need to find sweet spot between what risk you can tolerate and what return you want to make. So I would only bet whatever your comfortable with kixx,and use bankroll managent to make sure you can always stay in the games.
  14. great idea! i saw welcomebot and noticed he was saying rules to new users recently, that's a great idea. I think the test idea is good too, but maybe harder to implement. I wonder one thing, do the rules appear in different languages like if you go to Filipino room do you get sent to rules in Filipino language because not everyone can read one langauge