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  1. Hoffguy

    Funny mistake

    lol wesway yes best to pay extra special attention when looking at cards, I did this in live casino sometime also before, when playing poker and thought I had a straight as I thought I had a five instead of six! and I went all in, so I know how the feeling is when you make this mistake. Best for us to try to be extra special careful and check out cards before we place bet >=)
  2. Cool idea, the thing is this only will work if you withdraw after your all in and never play again Then who is going to do it? Because house edge is same if you're all in or if you bet small, if you bet same amount. So if you go all in and bet 300k satoshis, or if you bet 30k ten times, house still get the house edge So I guess you should just decide how much you want to bet and then the amount you lose to house will be the same, then just pick the betting strategy that gives you most enjoyment, maybe a big all in then withdraw if lose is good for some and for other lots of small bets for more entertainment? -.^
  3. William is banned for having an avatar with eyes that look like they follow you no matter what angle you view then at just like the Mona Lisa.
  4. 1. 2! Night mode, day mode. 2. Chartbet. 3. Video poker, crash. Limbo (Also slots if you wanted all products!) 4. Gary avatars, reward for levelling! 5. Dusan, Uros, vlada, maja 6. Second! 7. Best wishes Stake community in 2020. May your bets be winning your hangovers few, your mutes quickly to expire and all your dreams come true. May your balance grow slowly and easily and may you have many withdrawals! Most of all may everything you do and everything you experience bring you lots of joy and laughter!
  5. Hey nicol that's awesome, nice that you hit so many high multipliers, and you're very good for withdrawing ! Nice discipline โœŒ๏ธ
  6. Hey sped mate, yeah taking a break is good sometimes and being relaxed for sure ! Even apart from winning I think it's nice to be relaxed because it brings a better playing experience!
  7. Well I don't think anyone can force Eddie to do anything! He seems like a very together guy, and will do what he thinks is right for the community and the business ๐Ÿ˜ƒ It is nice to see some activity in the forum though, but for now I think it's nice just to enjoy the promotion and interact with each other, while the holiday season is with us
  8. happy new year chipito hope you have a successful new year and have lots of good fortune! also hope it's your best year ๐Ÿ˜ƒ nice message you sent everyone, thanks for it!
  9. any amount that is comfortable for you to deposit is best i think as long as when you deposit you don't care if you lose it that is the best then you can have fun while playing and not worry too much about result
  10. Next year just want more of the same , cool friends in chat, cool supers, cool mods, cool times. On wishlist only thing that I can think of, is live streaming sports in sportsbook!
  11. Thanks ๐Ÿ’ฃ happy new Year! Have a good one mate!
  12. Well if you, do, do this... Just make sure you take your girl hi... Not low... And don't leave her in limbo!
  13. That's pretty insane for sure! I think a lot of the reason that the other ceo's don't pay themselves as much is for tax reasons she's obviously got to take a huge tax amount out of that because she'll be paying about 45% tax in the UK on any salary above ยฃ150,000. That she does this must mean she's earning so much that she doesn't really care about tax avoidance, or she has already maxed out on what she can justifiably avoid!
  14. I think race is good for people that are already betting, this is nice added value for someone that is already betting. Like wry said race can add some value if you are already betting, but still depending on how much you're betting - house will still have edge of course! I think it's worth it to race if you're betting anyway but not just to try to cash the race for profit if you wasn't planning to race in first place!
  15. Yeah, this was very good promotion. Stake deciding to give everyone a prize that had entered the promotion that just had even one ticket it was very classy act I think. This reflects really well on Stake, there are not many sites that change the terms of promotion in favour of the the user's after the promotion has been announced! So that was very cool , I think Stake will naturally benefit as a result as well because players will just hold Stake in such high regard because of this ๐Ÿ™‚๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽ