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  1. Woah deep into the philosophy nice! Nice way to link life with gambling, for people that play with their head yeah I think good point! Problem for alot of gambler tho is they play with dumb part of brain and not smart rational part so then they might chase losses get into losses and think why world so mean! But if can stay smart then can be like your idea and learn from lessons at the games and bring into life! Even people say poker is like a mini world, you experience lots of life lessons at the table:)
  2. Betting to have fun with cool people, live and online, to do crazy things and hope to win big (but never win big ha)! Betters have best personalities, always fun to be found.
  3. Hey nice post. Yeah after long red streak sometimes to think the next wins will be quicker. We know they don't, but I can't help that trap of thinking sometimes!
  4. wow this is a really nice amazing tpic slf my fav game is limbo cos sometimes can win big win cheers slf!
  5. Kate is banned for banning cntryboy because he banned a person
  6. Can't think of much extra I'd bring if I was Eddie, Stake and Support team are awesome. Something special, maybe what is already planned the live stream for Saturday
  7. Thanks for this! Awesome service. Just tried it and it was super fast!
  8. ha yeah i think eddie is a big better but also he has a good balance because he makes businesses so yeah maybe a whale on other sites where he plays recreationally and has fun maybe because it would suck on stake if you're the boss to bet a big bet and win some bitcoin and then realise u have to pay it uself
  9. yeah sometimes results can seem strange but sometimes it works other way also like some people say often that if you increase bet u lose but i increased bet earlier after betting like 100 times with a bet amount and the same bet after i increase it did win so just patterns we notice probly