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  1. 1- only one dark mode 2- chartbet 3- limbo, slots, sport, crash 4 -rank at stake before vip 5 -vlada, jovan, Dusan, Mara 6 -2 7 wish all good luck at next year, good profit, and good mood💰💰💰🐀
  2. Hello everyone, Stake Casino has given us the opportunity to make sports bets, of course this is a significant event. I like to bet on sports and watch what is happening live. As you know, sports include both team games and single player games. Therefore, today I decided to ask you which sports in your opinion are more predictable in the results, and which sports you use for betting, as well as odds, high or playing low. I am personally a supporter of the game of tennis, the fast dynamics and changes in the odds are quite reckless and interesting. What do you like writing, it will be interesti
  3. I am for it. This is a very good idea, chat is primarily communication and it should look realistic, at least using an avatar
  4. I think better way, not play long, and if you start from losses better stop and continue after sometimes, becouse thise lose control for himself, low payout is bad way for long distance, my like strategy dice 990x with some prerolls:)
  5. I change seed every 1000-3000 rolls, my opinion thise sometimes help, example i hunter 990x high side, all hits come only low side, after change seed i have hit on my side, thise luck or another thing idk, but i safe my coins, xd
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