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  1. Welcome to stake miss, enjoy your time and good gambles
  2. Hello, so far going okay, hope going the same to you aswell
  3. brunorock23


    Welcome to stake and hope you enjoy your stay ^^
  4. Well, a good suggestion would be a middle point, to roll the dice and get exactly 50.00 That or go on roullete and get zero twice in a row
  5. brunorock23

    best 21

    Incredible and well played, got guts I see
  6. I am main adc and I am currently a silver scrub cause no time to play add me on EUW: Kurai Hikari
  7. Now I you earned an acceptable sum, but how so many people?
  8. That got me worried aswell, but since I read this now I understand! Thanks
  9. Welcome back and I will surely be watching on you
  10. And happy birthday yes, I forgot to say!!! have a great day!!
  11. that is a BOOOOOM Well played sir
  12. Incredible man!!! Keep it up and nice wins!
  13. I couldn't really get what you are saying either, thing is, you can try it out, also, if you have some kind of strategy in mind, please care to share with the good folk