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  1. this was my horse Falcore , he had to be put down after my accident, we fell down the side of a mountaini was a guide for 16 yearsthis is shortsnort and bowDakota Luna , she passed right before my accident from natural causesheres my weinerand last but not least the ewok, i mean miss Nala she keeps me in line now.
  2. im bald old and enjoy long naps on the couch, collecting only the finest belly lint and arguing with my imaginary two foot tall jungle pygmy friend named Boobz.
  3. i had a lucky rabbits foot once but then it occurred to me that the foot wasn't so lucky for the rabbit so i lost it.
  4. no time for games must build wallets gambling only need money asap.
  5. gotta have a large bankroll and even then i think its a waist of time the payoff dosent seem worth it. i could be wrong though i didnt take into account the rakeback soo ya
  6. i cuss a lot and yell nonsense about it being a rigged site, seems to me i loose ALOT, and im probably going to give up gambling , everything is catered to the already people that have money, like the Christmas raffle gotta wager $1000 to get a ticket, the races you need a large bank to get anywhere would be nice to see sites spreading the wealth, guess that would defeats the perpous of making money
  7. plinko has become the worst game for me , i use the auto bet with the instant and it takes me on some of the longest loosing streaks ive ever seen, the balls do not follow the laws of gravity, you will have balls shoot all the way to the outside only to shoot back in to the center for a loss. balls will literally stop in mid motion and change direction for a loss its ridiculous.