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  1. i think i hurts my self esteem and other areas when im doing nothing but loosing like now, its literally been over a month and nothing i seem to do will get me ahead. and it kinda affects my mood. i play what i can afford to lose but its still a blow to my self esteam.
  2. to spend every last crypto i get trying to get a hit
  3. i think there should be a texas hold em room where it is player vs player.
  4. im not sure thats possible, but thats also the worst game for me , i loose way too much, ive played it for days trying to get a big drop and never get it.
  5. id have to agree, the beginning of bitcoin and i would have everything set up for the spike, mining Riggs, websites all ready to go.
  6. i fear starting a massive winning streak i will refuse to leave the table and thinking i can trust a fart ill let it rip only for it to be a shart...
  7. why save when you can gamble it all away in the hopes of a big win that you will see others get but you probably will never see in your life time.
  8. 11k satoshi, but in my defense my satoshi keeps getting taken back for one stupid thing or another
  9. i like to play 10 lines for the bigger payout, but i always feel like im missing hits because im not playing max lines
  10. i love it when this happenes, wish it happened more often, i love it when i have it on add more on loss and it hits at the end on a high bet aswell.
  11. i most defiantly do, it seems the sites have gotten harder, i used to make alot more wins two years ago, now its a fight just to get a small win.
  12. i think there are more factors then just greed, there are lots of people that do not have the access to cash flow that others get to enjoy and very much take for granted, to some a little win means they get to eat that day, i wouldn't be so quick to label them all just beggars, and yes some are, but if i had lots of money i would make a site that paid out well to all players, because it also sucks when you are wagering and active in chat and you get to sit there and watch people, usually the same ones get kicked down fat over and over . maybe i care too much but i like to see everyone profit.
  13. i dont think its possible , ive never hit it i rarely get 4 tiles