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  1. i think there are more factors then just greed, there are lots of people that do not have the access to cash flow that others get to enjoy and very much take for granted, to some a little win means they get to eat that day, i wouldn't be so quick to label them all just beggars, and yes some are, but if i had lots of money i would make a site that paid out well to all players, because it also sucks when you are wagering and active in chat and you get to sit there and watch people, usually the same ones get kicked down fat over and over . maybe i care too much but i like to see everyone profit.
  2. i dont think its possible , ive never hit it i rarely get 4 tiles
  3. I like to be a generous person, i tip when ever i win ,lately my hits are getting farther and farther apart though so im not able to tip as much as i used to, it also irritates me that when i rain in chat it skips people and i don't like that. people complain about beggars and to a point i can see what they mean and it irritates me when im on a good winning streak and then comes all the friend requests and for some reason it automatically kills my winning streak every single time never fails. i don't hate them cuz i know what its like to be broke and have nothing, trying everything you can to make a buck, many stuck in the gambling addiction category , its not my place to judge them if it was up to me id have a very very over generous site and help everyone , i like to see people win and do good soi i will continue to tip as much as i can when ever i can. the love of money is the root of all evil, but hey atleast i dont have to pay people to laugh at my jokes
  4. Nice thank you, im going to try some of these, i find one strategy isnt good enough so im building a library of strategies.
  5. Good luck, i cant seem to ever get the faucet to make anything, its almost like its just a cruel joke, like dangling a carrot in front of a horse. Illusion of generosity. Or maybe i just am that bad at gambling.
  6. Good luck i always like seeing people reach thier goals. What game and what kind of betting strategy do you use?
  7. Thank you for the tips, i for one need to get better at bankroll management. And breaks are very important i find i loose alot when i rage bet.
  8. my real name is Tristin, my nickname is MadMartigale, i mixed one of my favorite movies Willows Mad Martigan, and martigale strateghy sounds similar, the added bonus was i actually do get mad using martingale strategy so there it is now the world knows my pointless secret.
  9. ya my sanity, i regularly get sent on these triathlon losing 4 months was the longest and it starts to wear on you , and the longer it gets the harder it is to stay positive, then once your in the negative Nancy trap getting out is even harder. only thing i find to combat that is to walk away take a break.
  10. MadMartingale#3709
  11. stake charged me for a withdrawl, they dont cover fees
  12. i much prefer land based casinos, i cant win anything online, at land based they are regulated, they have to pay out a certain amount to make if fair, online is not regulated , the return online is horrible, and ive noticed the sites get timng harder and harder to win , every time the value of btc goes up its harder to win. my online days are numbered im tired of loosing, AND i get all sorts of kickbacks at landbased casinos everything from free over night rooms, cash vouchers and im talking $50 or more, and vouchers for all you can eat buffets. online you have to chat just to maybe get a few pennies in rain its just not worth spending the money, its been over a year since i won any sizable amount online, two years ago i used to hit some good ones..not anymore
  13. im very guilty of cursing on line, i was raised around it and it became part of my dialog, and as far as insults go i generally don't insult people unless they start it then there are very few that can out insult me , i don't take it personal i just fire it right back at them. some places it is more tolerated then other and lately i haver been trying to not curse as much because i don't like using it in my sentences.