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  1. my real name is Tristin, my nickname is MadMartigale, i mixed one of my favorite movies Willows Mad Martigan, and martigale strateghy sounds similar, the added bonus was i actually do get mad using martingale strategy so there it is now the world knows my pointless secret.
  2. ya my sanity, i regularly get sent on these triathlon losing 4 months was the longest and it starts to wear on you , and the longer it gets the harder it is to stay positive, then once your in the negative Nancy trap getting out is even harder. only thing i find to combat that is to walk away take a break.
  3. MadMartingale#3709
  4. stake charged me for a withdrawl, they dont cover fees
  5. i much prefer land based casinos, i cant win anything online, at land based they are regulated, they have to pay out a certain amount to make if fair, online is not regulated , the return online is horrible, and ive noticed the sites get timng harder and harder to win , every time the value of btc goes up its harder to win. my online days are numbered im tired of loosing, AND i get all sorts of kickbacks at landbased casinos everything from free over night rooms, cash vouchers and im talking $50 or more, and vouchers for all you can eat buffets. online you have to chat just to maybe get a few pennies in rain its just not worth spending the money, its been over a year since i won any sizable amount online, two years ago i used to hit some good ones..not anymore
  6. im very guilty of cursing on line, i was raised around it and it became part of my dialog, and as far as insults go i generally don't insult people unless they start it then there are very few that can out insult me , i don't take it personal i just fire it right back at them. some places it is more tolerated then other and lately i haver been trying to not curse as much because i don't like using it in my sentences.
  7. i hit the x9900 on dice and ever since then i been trying to hit it again.
  8. well as far as gambling goes its a numbers and patience game, in theory if you roll enough eventually the win will come, they seem to be getting further and further apart between wins in my opinion .
  9. i keep having my comments deleted and then i owe back what was given to me for making the comment its beyond frustrating,
  10. thats a hard one but my favorite movie is probably the lord of the rings series
  11. Its been awhile since i hit any nice wins but that one reason i like the vault option here, its helped me get better at setting marks and when i hit them depositing. And always trying to put what i took out at least times two back in , that way if i start hitting a loosing streak ill just take a break. -------"wanna bet" ~random bald guy~
  12. I think rakeback is wonderful concept, makes me feel a little better about depositing.
  13. Well i loved keno.....and then it happend, i figured out how to hit high multiplier on ho lo and now im addicted
  14. I think it works pretty good, i dont have any issues with it
  15. Guess ill just have no other choice then to go back to fappin 10 times a day.