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  1. @1RegisterNow Thank you seems its affecting a lot of us :0 yeah i cant play still either
  2. additional info if needed 1. the server is throwing response object when trying to make a hit in blackjack, and this is stopping you from finishing the game 2. click hit and you get a 500 back from the server and the request is identical to a good Hit request.
  3. Ok was playing black jack today... all of sudden starting looosing. i could tell something was wrong... and then screen froze in the middle of the hand. I have cleared history, i have logged out, i have shut down browser, come back and still stuck on the same hand and cant do anything, no stand, no drawy... nothing. I have even changed server seed and client seed. refresh and again stuck on the same hand.. the screen is frozen and i can not continue to play... screenshot definitely related user: cryptsstake
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