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  1. damn guess they beat me too it๐Ÿ˜… but yeah i agree with you it would be a realy nice addition. and then i could set some old skills too use and actually get some profits from this site ๐Ÿ‘
  2. Hello friends! recently i hav been starting to think about a crypto based poker site with a fauset musch like the crypto casinos out there. What do you guys think could it be a winner?
  3. Vangres

    Favorite Poker Site?

    without a doubt pokerstars. they offer the biggest player base and have more tournaments to offer than any other site i have tryed. they also offer a school for beginners where you can get tournament tickets and cash for completing courses.
  4. Vangres


    Yeah i see the problem, but My plan was too try it out at really low stakes not risking that musch. and double the amount lost after any lost split or double. And with a bankroll of something like 30 losses.
  5. Vangres


    Okej, clearly im quite new to BJ but i thought that if you can be profitable om regular correct play shouldn't martingale help you to get a more stable winnings curve?
  6. Vangres


    Hey! I have been thinking about trying too play correct BJ with a martingale strategy. What do you guys think, could it work?
  7. Thanks @badgergreat guide! how big bankroll in relation to your bet du you recommend for this?