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  1. bUZz

    📢 Stake downtime

    Thanks for the info!
  2. That's a fantastic idea. Will follow the outcome!
  3. bUZz

    basically my view on roulette

    I totally agree with you!
  4. Thanks for the giveaway Kule!
  5. bUZz

    Crypto Warfare - MMORPG Faucet Game

    Hi @firenine and thanks for sharing this!
  6. bUZz

    New member!!!

    Hi there @Jelo21 ! Welcome to stake community forum and enjoy your bets!!
  7. bUZz

    Hi! New here!

    Hello @jhnmabrik Welcome to stake buddy!!
  8. bUZz

    Hello Stake Community

    Hello @chichardand welcome to stake community!! Enjoy your stay and Happy new year by the way
  9. Happy birthday Bitcoin!!
  10. bUZz

    Hello Everyone

    Big hi and welcome to stake, enjoy your bets!!
  11. bUZz

    [ICO] Bankera : Why I invested ?

    Hope those coins skyrockets like mad... well, that's what i wish heehee! Thanks for sharing, i'm going to give it a try and invest!
  12. bUZz

    Hello Stakers!

    Hey there! Welcome to Stake and hope you enjoy your bets! Stay green!!!
  13. Thanks @Kargaifor your help, it's really appreciated!
  14. Where do you check your BRO coins balance and withdraw option?