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  1. first interesting challenge of the year that look really useful great idea like it so it can be a lot at the end of the month i think
  2. but i knew one things that the new game will launch with coupon haha hope to c that soon
  3. damn should at leat 100 satoshi for 1 raffle ticket reward sadddddd so broke
  4. yeah it soon if it will same all holding will be rich a lot but it may be same cause from the price that btc going down are down for big investor make the price down for small investor fear or new investor and sell that piggy so big hand will buy for this and waintting for halving soon maybe i think and if see from the eillot wave it can think like chance for buying now
  5. if i win i will pay for the loan first damn and if it left just investing with stake by play smarter than now cause so poor play more crazy but the truth i think it difficult for me to win although eddie live stream i never win any 0,00000001 of his giveaway damn no luck but now have only 36 another have more than hundred i think
  6. i not make too long just only 6 in last week challenge but to make long sad but my style is not care on long stake care only profit on win if haha but so long so good also try to make it cause it fun but damn lost a lot not like to choose the no. on board
  7. i think 10 mins is very waste cause the amount of coin is not enough for do lot but for one day it a lot but you have no chance so the best choice is 1 hours i think compare with 1 hours and 10 mins assume that you get 6000 per one hours you will get 1500 every ten mins mean that 1 hours have 60 mins you can get it only 7500 cause it need to take time while claim and then last claim is 6th is not in time it over before so every ten mins you are like a machine that have to do nothing damn it so fast and claim and it can make you waste the time and not focus to do another things that important in your daily life so one hours is the best but if stake have 45 mins i think it will best
  8. so i think play game it not only strategy but you need some luck it the best way to make luck is smile and happy while you are playing the feeling of player are effect the result of the game if you are happy the result is come with happy and attitude are the one thing that can control it clam down and stay positive think the result will be positive too
  9. it not normaally but try to refresh or disconnect internet and try to using mobile hotspot it will be better that easier come try to restart ir any way that making new internet connection is the best way for me to change the game that not payout or try to waitting for a while to play other game then back again if it not come will not come
  10. i just love to play dice when i have litte coin left and bet with huge payout in this month i have a little left after withdraw then it come with dice again so love stake when i have a little coin in balance
  11. for me i love is game a lot and just win it but i think if using auto is difficult for me but i always manual bet with slow play