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  1. Timebucks Update | January 14,2020 <<<TimeBucks ID Verification>>> Today i received a message from the admin to verify my ID to be eligible to receive payments from TimeBucks. I did that (1 selfie with a piece of paper, on this paper u write TimeBucks and 1 copy of your ID card or passport or driver license).If u don't want to submit a copy after your ID, you can submit ur facebook account. My account is verified now. You will receive an email when the process is complete. Remember: Logging in daily without even doing any tasks will give you 100 free entries, so be sure to login each day! Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you.
  2. Hitbits | Fight different monsters, level up, purchase items make yourself stronger, hire mercenaries to increase your power and claim multiple rewards. You can earn tokens from multiple sources, from easiest to most complicated is Faucet > Shortlinks > Raids > Offerwalls Earning Options: ==>Multiple ways to earn; Earn from faucet, offerwalls, challenges, achievements , raids , bonuses and much more! Generate extra income and increase your Character damage with mercenaries, hire them for different time periods and generate extra tokens every hour and increase your damage vs Raids; <<<Types of currencies>>> There are 3 types of currencies on this site: ==>Credits (1000 Credits = USD$0.01 and can be withdrawn for BTC and DOGE). It can be used to purchased items on the market; Credits can be obtain like this:: 1.You can take part in raids; You will get an amount proportionate to the damage you do; 2.You can buy mercenaries; Each mercenary gives you 3 Credits per hour, but also uses up 2 Food per hour. Mercenaries can be purchased for 30, 60, 90 or 120 days); 3.You can change Tokens into Credits at the curr ency exchange. ==>Tokens (1 token can be exchanged for 5 Credits in the market, and can be used to purchased items on the market); Tokens can be obtained by claiming the Faucet, Shortlinks, Offerwalls. ==>Gold (used to purchased certain items like health portions on the market). Gold is dropped randomly when you attack the raid monster, and can also be obtained on the currency exchange. <<<Leveling and free points>>> On each level up you will get free 8 points so you can distribute them between your stats. You can get extra points by using books of knowledge which you can purchase from the market or obtain as Raid drop. <<<Energy and HP regeneration>>> Every 2 minutes your character regenerates automatically 2 Energy points and 5 HP points, you can restore energy or HP by using potions. <<<Joining Raids>>> You can join and attack any raid which is in your level range Your raid level range is [YOUR LEVEL] - 70 to [YOUR LEVEL] + 70. You are able to join out of range raids, but not able to attack them. Referral Program: ==>Get 25% from every ref Claim; ==>Get from 5% to 10 fFrom every Offerwall survey; ==>Get 5% chance to get item drop. Payment Options: ==>Multiple Payment Options Direct payments to your BTC or DOGE wallet and more coming soon! Min withdraw amount 2000 Credits (1000 Credits = USD$0.01). Please register here: Clean Link: https://hitbits.io Thank you.
  3. TimeBucks Update | December 20, 2019 <<<Pay Day is Friday Next Week>>> Next week due to various public holidays and Christmas, payments will be sent on Friday instead of Thursday. The following week after, the payments will also be sent on Friday instead of Thursday. Then in the new year it will go back to Thursday as per normal. Please update your payment method if you haven't already done so. Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you.
  4. TimeBucks Update | December 18, 2019 <<<Captcha tab>>> They have made some changes in the Captcha tab. Before, you got paid $0.02 for the first 20 captchas only in that day. They have now removed this and you will receive $0.003 for every 20 captchas you do, with NO limits! So that means you can just keep doing them, and every 20 you successfully complete you will receive a credit. They still have the ladder where the top 50 will earn a $1 bonus, but for example for doing 3000 captchas instead of earning just $0.02 you would earn $0.45. Take your time to do them correctly, as if you do them inaccurately too many times you may get banned from the Captcha provider, so it's important to do them properly. Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you.
  5. <<<GG2U>>> December 14, 2019 Paypal payment proof from GG2U | I received my payment in almost 2 hours. My sincerest appreciation and gratitude to everyone for your support and participation. Thank you.
  6. Timebucks Update | December 13,2019 <<<UNLIMITED TikTok accounts>>> ==>You can now add UNLIMITED TikTok accounts. Previously, you could only have one account linked to your TimeBucks account. TikTok actually allows you to have 3 accounts per device. If you have multiple mobile devices or tablets, you can add accounts per device, and you can have six, nine, or even more accounts. This means you can earn, double, triple, quadruple or more with the TikTok task! Once you have done a post for your first account, you can just switch accounts, then perform a post on the others. They recommend adding pages in all different categories to spread them out, rather than having 3 accounts with the same category. Remember: Logging in daily without even doing any tasks will give you 100 free entries, so be sure to login each day! Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you.
  7. Timebucks Update | December 09,2019 ==>They have enabled the News Tab temporarily, but it may not be here forever, so make the most of it while it lasts! ==>If you had your payment method set to PayPal before, and haven't changed it since, it has been automatically set to Hold My Payment until you choose a new payment method. ==>There was an issue with the Review tab over the weekend where it wasn't showing all of the submissions correctly. This has now been fixed. Remember: Logging in daily without even doing any tasks will give you 100 free entries, so be sure to login each day! Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you.
  8. GG2U Update | December 08, 2019 <<<Account Information>>> If you enter any information, remember to click the "Save Changes" button. If you want to change your password, type your new password on the 3rd line. Note: If you fill in both a PayPal email and a Bitcoin Coinbase email, they will send your payout via PayPal by default because of the "no fee" for PayPal payouts. <<<E-Gift Cards & Prepaid Rewards>>> ==>Visa® Prepaid Card USD; $10, $15, $20, $25, $50 Visa® Prepaid Card USD - for $10.00 USD, $15.00 USD, $20.00 USD, $25.00 USD, $50.00 USD Your reward will arrive by email. You will have 4 months to redeem for a Visa Prepaid Card. Once accessed, you'll have 7 months to use your account wherever Visa Debit is accepted online or over the phone. ==>Steam Wallet Code. $10, $25, $50 Steam Digital Wallet Code - for $10.00 USD, $25.00 USD, $50.00 USD. Steam offers customers instant access to thousands of games, from Action to Indie and everything in-between. Steam users receive exclusive deals and automatic game updates, can gift games to friends, trade items, and even create new content for games via the Steam Workshop. Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you.
  9. TimeBucks Update | November 29, 2019 <<<Black Friday Sale on TimeBucks>>> For the next 3 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) they will be giving a 20% bonus on any funds added to your TimeBucks account, no matter what the amount is. So if you add $10 then $12 will be added to your account. Or if you add $100 then $120 will be added to your account. If you were ever thinking of running an advertisement on TimeBucks, now is the time to buy! Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you.
  10. TimeBucks Update | November 27. 2019 ==>$1 in advertising funds for free for those who reach payout for the first time so that you can test the advertising features to see how it works. Those who have been paid multiple times before will still receive this bonus in their next payment. ==>You will now earn 5% commission on any funds added to the advertising balance of any of your level 1 referrals. That means if someone adds $20 to their balance, $1 will be credited to your account too. Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you.
  11. TimeBucks Update, November 11 <<<Tik Tok>>> TikTok is a new and upcoming social network similar to Instagram, however it is a video only platform and is only available on mobile. They have over 800 million active users and it is fast becoming the next big thing. The TikTok tab is very similar to the Instagram tab, however it's MUCH easier, and more fun too! TikTok has far less limitations than Instagram, and posts receive over 10 times more organic reach. This means you'll be able to generate fans very quickly, and make more money quickly. Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you.
  12. Timebucks Update | November 03,2019 They have added 4 new payment methods: ==>AirTM AirTM is better for Asia and South American regions. It is also good for India if you want to withdraw via PayTM. There is still a way for you to get paid with PayPal via AirTM. Once you receive your funds into AirTM, just choose the Withdraw button and select PayPal. ==>Skrill ==>Neteller ==>Bank Transfer (TransferWise) TransferWise is not available in all countries. If you can't see it in the payment method tab, then it is not available for you. You can find the descriptions about each method in the Settings > Payment Method tab. Important: Unfortunately PayPal will not be returning to TimeBucks. Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you.
  13. maybe it's a waste of time for u but not for me. Thank you for your comment.
  14. Timebucks Update | October 25,2019 For the next week they changed the new bonus structure in the Captcha tab. Before, the top 10 people won a $5 bonus, but now it's gonna be the top 50 win a $1 bonus. It requires less work, and more people get a chance of winning a bonus. Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you.
  15. Timebucks Update | October 16,2019 They have made some changes in the Captcha tab to make it more interesting. Now, the top 10 users who do the most Captcha's each day will win a $5 bonus! You can see the top 50 users, along with how many Captcha's they have completed, and their current position along with your current position. At the end of the day, the top 10 will get a $5 bonus. You will still receive 2 sweepstakes entries for every Captcha you complete. Instead of receiving $0.01 for the first Captcha you complete in that day, you will receive $0.02 for the 20th Captcha you do in that day. You can come back the next day and perform this again to get another $0.02. This whole competition allows users who may not have access to surveys and other offers the opportunity to win bonuses. Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you.