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  1. Oh my goooooodness! Okay, so i have been away for a long-ass time, and when i come back EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT. But good different. I completely LOVE it. I think this style is easier to read and looks way more pretty. Congratz on your work, man!
  2. Hey Flansca! Good luck on the streams, i hope you win more than you lose haha <3 And my username is capaldeus
  3. I had actually never seen primedice before, I heard about it here and, honestly, when I checked it up it wasn't nearly as interesting as stake. Stake has a GREAT User Interface, community and better games. However, i might give PD a chance after a while.
  4. So, I was thinking about the rules Stake and some users use on the giveaways and challenges. Like, to participate on some events, you need to have a minimum post count, don't have any bad rep/warnings/issues, along with other things. I think it would be really helpful if the author had access to some settings while creating the Topic. Here's an example: Let's say I want to create a giveaway, and i'll only consider users who have a 35 minimum post count. Perhaps there could be a functionality to block people with less than the minimum post count to comment on the topic. That would lower the spam amount, prevent people trying to enter giveaways/challenges they are not yet elligible for, and would save the OP a lot of time. This functionality could be accessible at the moment of creation of the topic. I don't know if that's possible, but maybe it could be helpful. Hope you consider it, All the best!
  5. You have my attention! This is simply amazing, and WHAT A prize pool. I hope i make enough to participate on all the challenges! Thanks stake, for always making great things like these.
  6. Well, i think they will convert the btc to dollars as quickly as possible to prevent this from happenning. If they do that, they shouldn't lose money. Also if they have someone who understand the flow of currencies, they can be advised as to when to sell the btc and make profit for the government. (I guess)
  7. Wow, that's a great giveaway. I'll use your ref, thanks for sharing man! ❤️
  8. Holy Guacamole! That's INSANE. That's not a mistake, girl, that's a blessing. Now... do it again? lol I really hope you keep winning, all the best for you!
  9. I thought BTC always dropped at the end of the year and picked back up on the next three months. I don't know WHY, but i hope it gets back up quickly enough. I'd hate to see it drop lower than 3k.
  10. I hope i'm still on time! I always love your giveaways, blood! Thank you very much
  11. Stake name: Capaldeus Twitter username: @ulyssescaique This is a great idea!
  12. I loved solving puzzles and playing with marbles, and Aladdin has always been my favorite super nintendo game!
  13. Hey Paqui! I hope you have a great time here on stake and that you enjoy busting your bitcoins hahaha