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  1. kurian


    Make use of this article; You can buy bitcoin using paypal or convert Bitcoin to paypal. It is a peer to peer system. So you can check for best deals and pick from it. I have been using it since last year, no problems so far.
  2. kurian

    Movin On Up - How do you go about it?

    My personal favorite is Dice. I used to play low payouts on Dice and changed custom strategies from time to time. Now I am more into high payout strategies. Mines, Blackjack and Plinko are my other favorite games. Plinko never been lucky for me but, I really love playing it.
  3. kurian

    Nearly at 100 forum posts. Now what?

    Congrats My suggestion is to stay away from lending section. It doesn't matter whether you are a lender or borrower. Trust me, I have seen many reputable members turned to scammers after they couldn't repay their loans. I had lost over 0.06 Bitcoin as a lender. There is no guarantee in this business.
  4. kurian

    What makes you pick a game?

    I pick games depends on my luck. If one game gives me a losing streak then, I would move on to another game. I don't really look for the details of how the system works. If a game gives me good results that would be the reason for me to stay on it.
  5. All the very best for the stream Oleg!!
  6. We have to do KYC for localbitcoins right? Correct me if I am wrong. I have verified my mobile number and uploaded my passport copy in order to use localbitcoins.
  7. HILO: 768,542,076 placed by kurian on 10/09/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 9.49199x Profit 0.00000849
  8. kurian

    SovietDoggo spent my $500.

    From the chat history, it is obvious that he scammed you. I can't blame you on this, as you said you exchanged 100$ before. @SovietDoggo gained trust first like every other scammers do. However, it is not advisable to do trades with anyone online. @Bojana @Milan Please do something on this. I understand that it is an offsite deal and you can't do anything on this. But, we don't want these kind of people keep scamming others on Stake.. At least give him a warning on that. He even mentioned that, "Stake can't do anything" and it means that he don't care.
  9. kurian

    Have you tried playing lottery?

    In my country Lottery and Gambling are states subject. Each state can formulate laws to regulate them. So, it is legal to buy lottery only in some states. Likewise, gambling is illegal in my country but, it is allowed in some states.
  10. kurian

    A french local forum ?

    I don't think so. You can refer to the forum rules if you want. If the author bumping the topic frequently in same day that would be against community rules. There are many French speaking countries. So, i thought it would be easy for people to find it. This may have gone unnoticed while people bumping some stupid topics again and again. (No offence to anyone)
  11. Oh sorry I misunderstood. It shows 3% after one year of use
  12. kurian

    A french local forum ?

    This is really sad to see that this topic gone unanswered. May be French people didn't noticed it. So, I'm bumping this up. Cheers to french bear.
  13. kurian

    Have you tried playing lottery?

    In my country there is government regulated lottery. Gave it a try few times but, it's too hard to hit the jackpot. Won some small amounts though. : ) I used to try lottery on freebitco.in until they disabled it for faucet users.
  14. Is there any chance for arbitrage trading..?? Is it mandatory to do KYC on Iranian exchanges. If anyone could confirm that, it is very much appreciated.
  15. I can't see my pms after the update. It is empty now. However, I don't think i have used a lot space.. I often chat on discord and telegram but, not much on stake.