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  1. As you said, most of the time i had the same experience like you. Spam betting most probably end up in busting the entire account balance. Meanwhile, I had some magical recoveries from the edge of busting by spam betting( I don't know if this is the correct word. I used to say rage/ crazy betting :p).
  2. I never had a chance to bet in cockfighting. But, there are many places in south India where cockfights are conducted illegally. As of now, Supreme court of India has banned cockfighting. Due to this, people who have invested their money and time are suffering. This is cruelty to the animals but, i should say that, the effort they are putting to make these roosters ready for fight is remarkable.
  3. You should try playing and being active in chat. Waiting for the bot to give you a rain is waste of time unless you pay. Even if you play a lot, you might not get rain. It's because the bot picks people randomly. You have to be lucky too. Next time play and be active in chat. I am sure that, you will get lucky sooner or later. Rainbot is meant to give a bonus to people who actually play.
  4. In my opinion, the best way to compensate for your loss is to never try to recover your loss. Most of the time it would only make you lose hard. I had experienced the worst situation when I was playing to get back the money I had to lose over bets and never succeeded. If you have control over your betting, do it on a moderate level. Take betting as a way of entertainment. Thereby, you can enjoy unexpected winnings.
  5. Every seeds are unique. I don't think there would be a seed which never pays a 1000x. Some people may get high payouts in a few rolls but others might not. This is the reason why everyone curse when they have a really long red streak.
  6. I concur. This is the best way to be in chat. Moderators and support are available all the time. If someone irritates you with foul language, feel free to contact them or directly ask the person to stop it. I am pretty sure it won't happen again.
  7. I used to earn money from hunting games but, now I don't get much time to continue the challenge. I always check the entries posted by players at the end of the giveaway. It is great to see that many have profited more than what they can get from the prize pool.
  8. The purpose of faucet is to try games. On Stake.com, there are various ways to get free coins. For instance, from chat rains, tips, forum rewards, challenges, discord, telegram and streams. It is ridiculous to see that people still complaining or discussing about the reduction of faucet money. I don't see any good reason for the faucet to stay. I am gambling online since 2016 and I have never seen such a generous casino which constantly gives support to its community like Stake do.
  9. I would have. But, recently our government announced that, it is illegal to use Bitcoin as a payment option. I had some friends who were accepting BTC and altcoins as a mode of payment for their business. They stopped doing it after the governments ban.
  10. There is no point asking who do you trust on Stake. Trusting someone in the online world is stupidity. They are trusted unless or until they turned out to be scammers. Trust me, I have had enough experience. 😉 PS: If you really want to friends with someone on Stake, never get money involved in your relationship.
  11. You already got warned before permanent mute. From my personal opinion, i think you had your chances. You should have thought about it when you got warned. Being an old member doesn't gives you any privileges to break chat rules. Sorry no offence.