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  1. I would have. But, recently our government announced that, it is illegal to use Bitcoin as a payment option. I had some friends who were accepting BTC and altcoins as a mode of payment for their business. They stopped doing it after the governments ban.
  2. My favorite too. I have read all Dan Brown's books. It's very interesting and I really like how he connect things throughout his story.
  3. Personally, I don't like Wheels. But today I saw a high roller bet 1 Eth one after other. At least, it attracted some players
  4. lol you don't want to hear it in my voice.. Me sounds like Batman.. I boozed so much yesterday.. I don't remember anything.. Glad i didn't do anything worse..
  5. omg superb....... now listen to my song, kurian alias ed sheeran Primedice is'nt the best place to find a girl so the Stake is where i go... Me and my friends at the table doing roulette winning fast and then we tried mines. We were busting in the mines and saw the bets were made by xtinepink, and thought i could be lucky if i follow the pinky way.. I'm singing like, Girl you know i want to win but i cant win like xtine do on bet come on now think again I may be crazy but, i cant win like that Girls see how pink bet on mines
  6. As an early member i had the chance to use higher faucet. won some giveaways..
  7. From Primedice.. Glad that I'm an early member here..
  8. Currently reading Hangwoman by K.R Meera.. Really good book.
  9. this photo in the summer season.. it's more green all the other seasons.. If you love more adventure on travel. I would definitely suggest North India.. trust me, you won't regret it..
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