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  1. kurian

    Another Korean Exchange got hacked

    I heard another version of the story.. Look at the amount of money, looks suspicious.
  2. kurian

    Players all over the world

    Yes they are. There are lot of others
  3. kurian

    Players all over the world

    India . I'm now officially making it clear that I'm not from Korea.
  4. lol I really enjoyed when you and grifter sing along on discord. I don't do karaoke but, i enjoy listening to music.
  5. kurian

    I am new

    Hi Gabriel. Welcome to the community. Hope you would like it here. Share your crypto knowledge with us on your valuable topics.
  6. kurian

    My First x130

    Congrats... I tried to hit 1000x many times but never happened to me. It's because i don't have the patience to wait for that to happen.
  7. kurian

    Red streaks

    Breathing balls 😝😝 I got most red streaks on Mines and Dice. However, Dice is my favorite.
  8. kurian


    Scalp trading is risky. You could lose all the small gains you acquired in a single big loss. Don't go for it unless you are an experienced trader. Long term is better. Keep Hodling!!! Good Luck!
  9. kurian

    India bans crypto's now sure !

    Yeah that's right. RTI revealed that, no research backing RBI's move to ban cryptocurrencies . Infact, RBI put restrictions for crypto to fiat transactions and didn't ban cryptocurrency. We can use localbitcoins.com . Hopefully, there would be good news for crypto enthusiasts in India in future.
  10. kurian

    Top losers according to The Economist

    I didn't say it's not a crime lol There is no clear law which defines it's illegal. That's the case. As long as govt dont care we can gamble. 🤣
  11. kurian

    Top losers according to The Economist

    The Public Gaming Act of 1867 makes no reference to online gambling. That's government stance on online gambling is still unclear. Except for Maharashtra ( Maharashtra state issued a statewide law which is against online gambling) and Sikkim. While in Sikkim the state has put a step to issue licenses for casino operators within the state. That's why Majority of foreign casinos welcomes Indians. However, government could regulate casinos according to the information technology act but this too doesn't refers to online gambling. It's the reason why i said online gambling is still in grey area.
  12. kurian

    Top losers according to The Economist

    Gambling is illegal in India that's why. But, online Casinos are in grey area cuz, there is no specific law which opposes online gambling.
  13. That's good option. But, please be careful when investing on ICO's. Every ICO's doesn't give good returns. I'm attaching some good upcoming ICO's here. Hope you might be interested.
  14. Bittrex and Binance. Failed my verification on poloniex that's why i can't use it. I'm not that rich lol.. Only investing what i can afford to lose..
  15. I agree.. But always expect the unexpected.. I am already accumulating ICX,WAN, ARK and ZIL