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  1. i guess you tagged the wrong person.
  2. Crypto Market Price Dropped

    It may go up soon.. crypto world is highly volatile now..
  3. Martcoin

    next time i'll try that next time.. There are people who don't wan't to help other people. Anyway thanks for the idea.. lol
  4. Two Bitcoin Faucets

    How much is each claim??? is it like freebitcoin.in??
  5. Litecoin on fire!

    Yeah exactly! I don't know about Litecoin. But, for NEM coin that was the reason..
  6. Martcoin

    Have you read my post script???
  7. Martcoin

    i used your referral link.. before doing any investment, i need to learn more about it.. for the time being i signed up. P.S: When i saw referral and non referral links then, i found out that you are a genius.. (you know what i mean)
  8. Litecoin on fire!

    It's popular in china.. it's a messenger app for chatting and calling..
  9. New Site I tested

    i didn't get any free roll.. do we need to make a deposit?
  10. Litecoin on fire!

    The messenger Wechat yesterday released a new application called NEM Wechat wallet which is the reason caused the price rise..
  11. Litecoin on fire!

    and NEM also with a 150% increase.. altcoins to moon..
  12. You meant traditional music or song?? Music doesn't sounds traditional..
  13. We have some restaurants in India where we can buy food for satoshis.
  14. What will you do now?

    I prefer holding. Whether it is going to skyrocket again or collapse.. everything i consider as my fate..