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  1. ZeusJin

    Discord Giveaways

  2. England Lewis Hamilton  Draw Liverpool
  3. ZeusJin

    Hilo 47000-x

    OMG like, wow! i made 3645x on hilo but this is insane mate!
  4. @Snike actually it was my first post. i'm not familiar of all the section around here. hehe i am so sorry
  5. well, we have different opinions because we also have different mind set hehe
  6. what if someone is so generous and having a good day on stake and randomly pick someone on chat to share his/her blessings and suddenly you got tipped by 1 Btc (OMG Huge) what would be your reaction and what will you do to the Money? if this happen to me (cough) wait let me compute first (Hahaha) according to my computation, $ 6,259.29 = 339,090.78 Php in our currency, i'll keep the 250,000Php for my mom's Radiation Therapy and the excluding money is for my family's future consumption. well this is what i will do. how about you?
  7. heya Staker's and Friends! ❤️

  8. In my opinion I think it will stay the same.. no one will invest on that months because they know after December, it will be back again in it's usual value. It's like buying expensive things and suddenly it goes 50% off after ber months. XD well that's my opinion.
  9. 1. How did you find Stake? i was a twitter giveaway hunter and lot of my friend their retweeting about your site. so i decided to join to and that's how it starts. 2. What changes do you believe would most improve Stake? as far as i know, i dont have anything to recommend because this site is 5 star already. (TBH) 3. What is the primary reason you come to Stake? to find some luck on the game and cash out on my wallet and buy dota 2 skins on bitskins using the bitcoins on my wallet and sell the dota 2 skins for real money. 4. What’s your favourite crypto to make bets with? i love hi lo! best game! 5. Do you buy crypto just to play on Stake? sometimes 6. What’s your most memorable moment on Stake? i got tipped by some user and make it to 50$ and cash out. coz i hit 56x on hi lo! 7. What makes Stake stand out the most from competitors? The Support team is Lit ❤️ 5 star! and so many giveaways that user wont get bored coz they got a lot of source to have balance on stake. 8. What’s the most inconvenient thing for you about Stake? the captcha is very annoying. 9. Would you recommend Stake to a friend? Have you already? yes i did . i share it to my friends and they like it ! 10. Are you interested in sports betting? hmmm maybe, im not good at it anyway. 11. Which social media platforms do you use the most? facebook, instagram, twitter and VK 12. Would you use a cold storage wallet on Stake for additional security? yes 13. What’s your favourite and least favourite game on Stake? Why? Hilo is my Fav. and what i dont like most is plinko ( i never hit any good X there so yeah) 14. How many bets on average do you make a day? 100 bets at least 15. What’s your approximate average bet size? not much just cents 16. What do you like most about other online casinos that Stake currently doesn’t offer? Forums! 17. Hypothetically speaking, Stake goes offline. Where do you go next? i guess i dont have a casino site anymore to go to 18. Are there any community events you’d like to see in the future? yes! ❤️ i would love to! 19. Do you gamble anywhere besides Stake? Where? i gamble sometimes on dota2expert.com (dota 2 skins) 20. What’s your biggest question for the Stake staff? i love all the Staff on stakes especially Steve and Milan ❤️
  10. i'll go to my mom and tell here that she dont need to worry about how she will pay her Chemoteraphy (she got a Breast Cancer stage 3) because ill pay it for here and ill give the half to my parents because we all know they deserve it and the half is for me to build my own business and help my family as well.. and also i have a kid dream that i want to help those people who dont have shelter and just sleep on sidewalks , i want to share the blessings that i've got and besides i cant kept all the money all by myself so better to share my blessings to those people who need it too. and yeah i'll build my Dream Casino heheh i really wanted to build casino someday. and ill help my siblings finish their study. and thats it. family charity business
  11. StakeName: ZeusJin TwitterName: Zeus_QQ