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  1. After the last update, I am getting very confused with what I am really winning, it is a feeling of disconnection between the bet amount and the prize received, because if you bet 50 cents and won 50 cents, you did not win a dollar as shown on the betting panel, his prize was 50 cents, nothing was added there. In order not to give that false impression, I would very much like it to go back to how it was before.
  2. qual o increase que uso com essa configuração?
  3. vamos seguir tentando por aqui...
  4. In the place where you live, do you have any protective action that in your opinion is not being followed by the authorities? what? what would you do to improve if you were a ruler?
  5. my last loss on an investment site was $ 250, It was promising 1% a day and it hurt everyone who invested. I didn't get my money back.
  6. Have you read what he has done? what do you think of this?
  7. Enjoy the prize in the best way! congratulations winners
  8. Attention, if you are a fanatic believer do not read this post. 1. Does an inexplicable cure happen? Answer: Did the person who was healed believing it was God, really did not undergo any medical procedure, or did he take any aspirin? There is no God cure for malignant cancer without having undergone chemotherapy or radio therapy. 2. Do you feel or see a sign from God? We have a very great power in the mind, namely everything is energy. When you ask God for a sign, for a light, at the end of the tunnel, your brain is even able to predict the future and guess other people's thoughts.
  9. How does Dinabot feel when exchanging 1 bitcoin for dogecoins? How many calculations does it perform?
  10. My favorite game is the Dice but sometimes I get tired of playing. Bet's are very slow
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