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  1. qual o increase que uso com essa configuração?
  2. vamos seguir tentando por aqui...
  3. In the place where you live, do you have any protective action that in your opinion is not being followed by the authorities? what? what would you do to improve if you were a ruler?
  4. my last loss on an investment site was $ 250, It was promising 1% a day and it hurt everyone who invested. I didn't get my money back.
  5. Have you read what he has done? what do you think of this?
  6. Enjoy the prize in the best way! congratulations winners
  7. Attention, if you are a fanatic believer do not read this post. 1. Does an inexplicable cure happen? Answer: Did the person who was healed believing it was God, really did not undergo any medical procedure, or did he take any aspirin? There is no God cure for malignant cancer without having undergone chemotherapy or radio therapy. 2. Do you feel or see a sign from God? We have a very great power in the mind, namely everything is energy. When you ask God for a sign, for a light, at the end of the tunnel, your brain is even able to predict the future and guess other people's thoughts. This has already been proven by science, just remembering e = mc², everything is either energy or mass. Everything you ask for in your mind is manifested around you. You don't have to imagine a God blowing wind in the air or throwing shooting stars into the atmosphere, bullets. Whoever created the Universe, who in my view, was not the God of the Bible, would not waste time with human kings like us. 3. Do you really believe that there is a God above us? According to the laws of physics, there is neither south nor north, above or below us, this is an illusion created by gravity. The Bible should make this very clear. Don't believe every book you read. 4. Is Satan a real being for you who keeps chasing you and trying to make you sin? Satan is a mythological being just like the dragons of China. In fact, without Satan it would be impossible to coexist the biblical God. He needs an enemy, which he himself created, to make sense of everything he requires of humanity. How does Jesus call the Pharisees a breed of vipers? Had his own father raised the vipers? This is an affront to vipers, not to the Pharisees in this particular case. For vipers hunt, eat, defend themselves, just as we humans do with everything around us. 5. Did God give you a home? The car of your dreams? Seriously? why not give a plate of food to the hungry in Africa? You worked and with your effort you got your car. Cars don't rain or fall on your house like meteorites. 6. Is marriage really a God thing? Most couples split up over time, or lose their love and affection, I don't even need to answer that marriage was something that was entirely invented by men. We need to be free, have affection for people, and take care of each other in old age. 7. The house of God (churches) are really guarded by angels with a golden sword and he protects you in all your ways, so that 10,000 will fall on your right, 100,000 on your left, and you will not be hit? The most lying psalm in the Bible. As you can still today, in the places where Jesus is present, because he said: where there are two or more gathered in my name there, I will be and I will dine with them. Lie. If only the specter of an omnipotent omniscient and omnipresent being were within the churches where carnage has already occurred, the bandits armed with guns and rifles would have flown into outer space. 8. Are people really believers in other Gods, pagans? Are they condemned to eternal fire? The biggest lie of all time. On planet earth there is a religion for each culture and context. Of course, Filipinos are no more blessed or less blessed by the creator of this universe than you are. Of course, there is a Chinese heaven and hell, another Arab, all designed to control the masses of individuals. 9. Is Jesus the Father of Mary, or the son of Mary? It is the biggest lie in the Bible. Why, therefore, does God need to manipulate cells, he simply could not have created another being from clay, as he did with Adam to be just the opposite of Adam? or send an angel to bring earth from another planet and form a Jesus and breathe life into him through the nostrils? Why does an apparition of an angel always have to be something hidden? Why is a dog more efficient at saving a person from murder than his own guardian angel? More and more questions remain. But the bible already has an answer ready for everything. God's permission for children to receive blows to death? what a stupid guardian angel God gave to each of them. 10. Is Jesus Good? He is a hypocritical liar, an asshole and a scoundrel. He said: me and the father are ONE. Then he said: There is no good but God. Then he discovered that he is not God or even discovered the formula for water. I'm with you! any question is just talking.
  8. How does Dinabot feel when exchanging 1 bitcoin for dogecoins? How many calculations does it perform?
  9. My favorite game is the Dice but sometimes I get tired of playing. Bet's are very slow
  10. Every time I am in the HI-LO game, approximately 65 to 70 percent of the time, that a king (K) or ace (A) card comes out, when I pick the card above it comes out the same (ACE or KING), making me lose . When I reverse the direction, that is, I choose a card above K or below A, only 2% of the time comes the prize. Do you think the game is being unfair? Have you ever noticed this? Should you swing the odds so that at least most of the time you try to save your balance, a card below the King or above Ace becomes safe? Give it your opinion.
  11. There are times when I transfer over $ 20 and a friend request already appears. Be careful!
  12. The biggest payoff he got was 990X. I believe that if there is a way to win, it is slow and always.