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  1. Watch the good doctor if you want to get inspired by Dr. Shaun Murphy who have autism and savant syndrome which made him very smart
  2. Don't think positive, always think the opposite way because they're like trying to read your mind when you bet a lot of money or you bet high, that means you're letting them know that you're positive that you're gonna win in which they will make you lose, if you bet low, you're making them think that you're not having good faith in yourself, and in that case they will let you win, that's why it's always better to play safe.
  3. participation rates of young adults in gambling has range from 80 to 94 percent. It is reasonable to assume that for many, gambling adds to quality of life. Gambling provides an opportunity to socialize, compete with others, engage in intellectually challenging tasks (e.g. blackjack or playing diamond poker), relax from everyday chores, experience some excitement, and dream of hitting a jackpot; gambling is embedded in culture and social life Advertising may thus contribute to the consumer value of gambling by informing about what stake offers. It helps the consumer to find enjoyable forms of gambling at a price that he or she finds reasonable.
  4. I won from the giveaway, for like 0.000015000 btc, and gamble it in mines I almost got the minimum value in order for you me to withdraw, I reached at 0.001043453, all in, then I lose it makes me so upset
  5. 1. Don't rely on luck The truth is that a professional gambler should never rely solely on luck, because as soon as they put their fortunes in the hands of the Gods than they have already lost. 2. Play the odds The goal of a professional gambler is not to eliminate luck, but to reduce it to a minor statistic and then play the odds. For instance, if you correctly manipulate a game of blackjack then you might be able to flip the odds in your favor. 3. Maintain Calm Before you convince yourself that you need to double-up, take a breath, close your eyes and don’t do anything for a few minutes. In that time the anger will subside, the adrenaline will ebb away and you’ll begin to think rationally again.
  6. Gladies123


    Operator: May I know your username Sir? Bettor: My username is “Daffy Pluto Mickey Minnie Donald Road-Runner Speedy-Gonzales London”. Operator: Wow, why do you have a username like that? Bettor: Why? You guys told me it had to be 6 characters long and include a capital!
  7. "SUITS" is all about a story of Mike Ross who has a photographic memory who didn't go to college and hired by a senior partner in a firm as a fraud, he loves his grandmother so much and what I love the most of the movie is how they kicked some asses.
  8. Think of gambling as entertainment, not a way to make money. Only gamble with money you can afford to lose. Set a spending limit in advance. Set a time limit in advance. Don't drink or use drugs when gambling. Take a break. Don't gamble when you're depressed or upset.