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  1. congrats @stillfatt welcome
  2. DviouS

    Only one mistake.

    I hear that... that's what it always is. While we are sharing, I guess I will label myself the biggest dumbass on this one lol. I took a 6969 satoshi tip, and played it to 1.26 btc on mines.... an while I was playing , I had turned my sound off because the sound of the mines was irritating after a while, and I was listening to music. When I reached 1.26 btc was when i stopped an decided to take a break. Went to take a piss an grab a drink, let my dogs outside.... when I came back, I had 900k satoshi... When I stood up to go take my break, and take my headset off , I guess I hit the sp
  3. Ouch... ya I never use autobet unless I am hunting some multiplier for some reason.... Autobet is not a win feature for you, but for the casino. They want you to use it so they can take your shit lol.. Doesn't matter what strat you run, on how small of a bet, when you let auto run, you can kiss your shit goodbye =( It is one of my standard rules.. Always manual betting. To many variables of mistakes that can happen when messing with auto as well... don't even wanna think about how many times it stuck it to me before I learned to never use that shit, and I mean never!
  4. Yea... If I like to play with btc due to the value... just because... like the other day I made 88k litoshi to .68 ltc..... and it just pisses me off because I would rather have turned 88k sats to .68 btc... but, as far as trasactions goes, moving money, and such... btc sucks =| to big of fees, to slow of processing....... XRP - hardly any fees, instant transactions... seems to be the obvious choice with out any reason to think about it lol
  5. If you are on desktop, you just download the extension "Authenticator" or any of the kind that scans... and it will do the same thing... you just click it, make a square window over the bar, an paste your code into the 2fa that it gives... EeeeZPeeeZ
  6. Putting your time into something, be it something tangible, or just a game on here... you begin to perfect the art of what it is.... The more you play HiLo , the more you see the in's and out's to it all and how your subconscious picks up on the algorithm a bit it seems.... practice makes perfect 😃
  7. Is there really such thing? I know there was a before stake.... but , after stake is just.... more stake... ?? =o lol. No one is divorcing stake... we have break-ups... an we tell her "Fuck you I'm really done wit yo ass this time.." but, when you are in love, you can't say goodbye! ❤️
  8. Hmmm... I love mines and hilo equally I think. If I could only keep one............................ I would sit here for hours coming to a conclusion... and instead of doing that we will just call it a stalemate 😃
  9. Personally would love to see some REAL poker... PvP (Player vs Player) with daily tournaments and shit... been waiting a while for this to come =/
  10. I have warrants right now becuz of some of that "Excuse me sir, can you come with us" Bullshit.... Their cameras they have are some next level shit... like appanrelty they can see a pile of mosquito shit from 500 yards away.... cuz I drove into the casino, with my bowl, in my lap.... and as i parked my car... someone was alraedy tapping on my window, asking me to give him my bowl. I tried to play it off and he's like don't even try... You think we came all the way out here, on a hunch? You don't think we identified what it was before we came to your car? I am like, you can see in my
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