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  1. I like trivia that has random questions, that people can not quickly google, or have an advantage personally... Keeps the playing field even and gives everyone a chance to get in on the action ^_^
  2. So this is actually , working out? =O So much going on... I was thinking about doing the same thing last giveaway... and It wasn't helping so I just let it go... and I hit and won .5 eth so I guess it would be purely speculation...
  3. I am thinking that all the people involved in the crypto-universe should commit to promote the use of crypto currencies, and I have no doubt that the best way to achieve this is through our personal use of crypto currencies in our daily lives, because it is useless to accumulate countless cryptos in our wallets with the hope of a great pump that will make us rich, if an asset that nobody uses or has no practical use will hardly reach a great price in the long term, rather this current tendency to hold would tend to ruin any project however good it may be. Therefore, if we want to do something to promote in the medium and long term the success of crypto currencies, we must do our best not only to accumulate them, but to use them and suggest their acceptance in the places where we buy or carry out our economic exchanges. What's your opinion about it?
  4. Transaction fees are only high when the network is congested. You can theoretically transfer a million dollars worth of Bitcoins to anywhere in the world while paying only a couple of dollars. To add to that, solutions are being worked on to prevent congestion. The end goal is for the network to be able to handle worldwide demand. Deflation isn't necessarily a bad thing. Bitcoin can exist alongside fiat as a decentralized option. Volatility should theoretically decrease as the market size increases. The bigger it is, the more money it takes to move it after all. A small contingent of the public already uses it, like members of this forum. There's even a bank which uses it for international transfers over SWIFT, among merchants that accept it as a payment option. In the end, just because you can't see its utility doesn't mean everyone shares your view. It must also be noted that Bitcoin is still being improved upon so its shortcomings are very likely to be fixed in the future.
  5. I've already pre-ordered the S10+ and can confirm that they really have the said feature enabled. A few months back when everything was just mere speculation, I didn't believe that they would be able to really integrate the wallet into the said phone. I don't know if the Knox counter would be able to sync with the said wallet, because if so, this will get hackers a hard time messing around getting over with the said security feature Samsung is notorious about. However I wouldn't bank largely at this to cause some hype for bitcoin and crypto, as the hype is still somewhat centered on the device itself. Also, most premium smartphone users won't even care with what's in their phone at all, as long as it's the latest and works. Another question comes to my mind, is the features available all over the world. Talk about Samsung, my country is always get the lower Specs in case of the Processor. It is built in Snapdragon 855 in other countries but it will be only with Exynos in my country. Need to wait for a complete review from Indonesian user (especially gadget reviewer).
  6. Lot's of post about Bitcoin price, few are worried few are motivating. But I want say Bitcoin still is Bitcoin but we are greedy. We just want become rich suddenly like magic. We don't want to wait. Every currency fluctuate on the world and we are not think about it but if it's happen with Bitcoin we start make sound. Really are we not greedy ? Once Bitcoin was around $20K we didn't sold it and we expect it will raise more then we will sale. Many people's bought on $20K what about them? Now it's near $3K and we are expecting it will come more down then we will buy. So actually we are really greedy. Still Bitcoin is Bitcoin, just price are plying. If price go again on $20K then we will think why we not buy when it was 3K. However just I want to say don't expect become millionaire on a day. Still you can buy Bitcoin, no one was expected it will go $20K on last year. But once it reached then fake expert was give prediction it will go $25/30K. Now dumping price again they are giving prediction it will go $1/1.5K. Don't trust them. Keep patience, if you are holder just think you have diposite it bank for a year. If you want to buy then do not think it will go down and then we will buy. Just buy and hold it. Who know when it will up. But your Bitcoin will be same Bitcoin so don't worry about USD price. Any time it could be recover. Don't be hopeless and sale your Bitcoin.
  7. DviouS

    1 mil x hit

    Damn Polor... that is beastmode =D Congrats on that.. can't even imagine trying to hit something that damn big. That kind of luck doesn't hang out anywhere near me
  8. Since bitcoin has gotten known by some as "The anonymous currency for hackers, and criminals." I'd like to create a poll on how many actually have had illegal use of bitcoin. I don't know what you think of actually creating a poll like this, As who knows if people will vote with truth.. lol. Like "5% of bitcoin users do drugs!" or "3% of bitcoin users are criminals. Bitcoin should be made illegal!". For those with sophisticated thinking, we know that this poll means nothing, attention gets drawn by the name of the topic Perhaps only the thugs will even read the thread. Well, Let's see what its made of. Couldnt help but I wonder, am I really the only one interested in this? I guess this is not especially strange tho, considering alot of countries want to ban the use of the coin so it makes you wonder.. I can't find any other thread with the results im looking for so I figured maybe I would just make one an see what stake thinks Anyway, I would really like to have as many people as possible participate in this poll. =D
  9. Hats off for this one. Takes a big person to admit their faults, and to do it for the entire community to see it... solid by me 👌
  10. Hmmm... I did not know that about changing the card in the middle of the game o_0 Im gonna have to go take a peek at that snazzy shiz
  11. With out a question... Dice lol. You play 5000x on dice.. an run .00000001 doge .... you will hit that every single day.... you will not, hit 5000x everyday on plinko lol. You could probably leave it running 24/7 and at best hit it 4 days out of 7...
  12. Gotta get in where you fit in! Large prize is always cool... but I like the higher chance of being able to win atleast something personally. There is alot of people wiating around for the giveaway everyday, and if their luck is on point, it doesn't take long for the giveaway to be over. I would say trivia with that many people is not even worth the trouble
  13. Has anyone thought of the fact that with everyone getting into crypto's now, that everything about it will be taking a monsterous change of events and this is inevitable. Bitcoin opened the door for the crypto world, and now everyone is stepping thru the threshold. Now that everyone is stepping in, everyone is quickly realizing that their is altcoins, and what they bring to the table. The fact is, bitcoin, is really, a shitcoin. Almost every coin out there, has a better blockchain setup, faster delivery, smaller transaction fee, easier to obtain... etc etc... Making these quite superior to say the least. The time is coming where these coins will be making a major break soon, and taking their valued positions, and in that time.... We are going to WISH , instead of chasing bitcoin while we were playing... that we were loading up and saving a shitload of alt coins for this event. This is where millionares are made. The people that had 200 bitcoins because they were like having 200 ripple. Say ripple goes up to $10,000 in the next year or 2.. you will wish you saved 1-2000 of them since they were so cheap, or easy to stack up and save. I believe this is my next quest... is to start stacking certain alt coins that I believe to make this rise... because the looks of things right now, are saying this is gonna be making its wake very soon... and damn you don't wanna miss it! Was wondering if anyone else had any plans on the matter.. I was just dropping some of my thoughts, to see if any other like mided folk were already stackin.
  14. I am thinking the $50 split between 10 people would be the best one , just so that everyone gets a chance to get in on something.... 10 winners gives people a real chance at getting it, where alot of times people get really lucky fast as hell, and the giveaway is over before you even get started 😏
  15. DviouS

    Finally a hit!

    There ya go rags to riches baby... now time toi take that to 1.0+ GL =D