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  1. DviouS

    Somebody knows when is returning Charbet?

    I certainly, Do not miss charbet =D like.. Alot!
  2. DviouS

    Real Life Pictures

    hahahha... you seen that did ya
  3. DviouS

    5A or 6A? lol xD

    There you go @Laura2000 Now you have seen
  4. DviouS

    Share your first gambling experience

    My first gambling experience, was when I was like 10 years old, I was on a cruise ship in the bahamas.... and there was this lady at the bar playing what looked to be some kind of video game so I went over an watched her... and she started to teach me how to play it. (It was blackjack lol) I went back to the room for quarters like 30 times... lol Finally someone that worked at the bar caught me on the machines and kicked me off them =(
  5. DviouS

    Oops ... Accidentally sent too much

    lol yes you did mlc... I tipped you numerous times thinking you were michelle's alt 😆 Oh well.. her loss, your gain!
  6. “Mastering Bitcoin” author Andreas Antonopoulos was recently a guest on Trace Mayer’s Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast, where the two longtime Bitcoin advocates discussed the current state of Bitcoin and how much the technology has grown over the past eight years. Near the end of their discussion, Antonopoulos made the point that Bitcoin is stronger than ever and all of the drama in the community needs to be ignored. I think the most important thing is to try to objectively look at what’s really important in the Bitcoin space, which is the technology,” said Antonopoulos. “Try to not be discouraged by a lot of the extraneous drama that’s going on. In my mind, a lot of the drama is distracting from the real progress that’s being made.” Bitcoin is stronger than ever. Bitcoin has never been as diverse or distributed as it is today. The “Mastering Bitcoin” author, said he was impressed with the large amount of technological innovation that has taken place.. I'd be inclined to agree with him Bitcoin also recently achieved an all-time high for confirmed transactions in a single day on January 5, and despite the recent drop, the bitcoin price has nearly doubled since early 2016. Some of the Drama Is Manufactured to Be Divisive With such a large amount of drama going on in the Bitcoin community, a lot of people are convinced that at least some of it is coming from nefarious actors. All too often people can get caught up in the drama, and I do believe that a certain percentage of that drama is manufactured to be divisive Antonopoulos went on to note that every grassroots movement and disruptive organization in history has had infiltrators and provocateurs who are paid to cause turmoil. “It would be naive to assume that Bitcoin is the first one where that isn’t happening,” he added. While there is a lot of infighting among the core Bitcoin community, it’s unclear if most users are even aware of it. Many end users may be more concerned with whether or not the technology works. “There are billions of people that are still unbanked, and they don’t care about the petty squabbles of who insulted who and called the other person the wrong name,” said Antonopoulos. Antonopoulos’s advice to the Bitcoin community was simply to keep innovating on the technology if they want to see it succeed over the long-term. I tried to keep the parts quoted as best as I could, but these guru's appear to be very comfortable where bitcoin is right now... I hear alot of talk and worry about the position of bitcoin, and I thought I would shed some light on what experts seem to think
  7. DviouS

    Good strategy for mines

    The best strat I have found for mines... is mines.... Not yours! I can't be sharing lol 😁
  8. DviouS

    All or nothing?

    hmmm.. Tough choice.... I think I'd like to use one of my lifelines on this one , and phone a friend! :T
  9. I could care less what the value of bitcoin goes to... as long as I didn't purchase a buncha coin at high dollar an watch it drop (Which, I will never do) lol
  10. DviouS

    Hilo startegy

    Key here is to keep your bets small and shoot for the big payouts... when you start thinking you can bet big as hell and win the big ass hell payouts..... your brain is broke.... read the instructions over again and try again later.
  11. Hmmm... @KiXxnTRiXx tipped me 6969 satoshi's once and I turned it into 1.26 btc I made 10 eth one night on a .01 eth tip... to name a couple of good times
  12. DviouS

    Sites other than Stake

    @Xtinepink I will have to take you to my poker spot sometime
  13. DviouS

    Why most people loss in gambling?

    Ohhh... just a piece of my soul... no big deal :Y
  14. DviouS


    ughhh...... not to mention that these sites tend to have a little bit of fuckery when it comes to raising your bet. The will say no, but... it is so. So , this is not a good idea x_X
  15. DviouS


    Welcome to stake 😃 Good luck .... may the schwartz be with you!