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  1. That is easy... Mines and Hilo for sure!! =))
  2. Why would you? You earned it... not like it came free =|
  3. DviouS

    Hello forum

    welcome pumpkin 😜 good luck to you!
  4. what in the stevesmokedtomuchmeth's impossible creation is this fothermucker.... jaaaayzus! This will be up there for a year or more atleast
  5. Good ole Murphy's law... Or you got that moment where you are kicking ass an taking names an you think you can afford to go ahead pay the loans off now.. an then right after you pay them off... you nose dive right into wtf I need that back X_X
  6. Doesn't really matter to me... I will usually tip publicly so they see they got tipped, but quite a few people will complain that i tip them publicly because they owe loans and they think now they have to pay up because they recieved a tip... makes no difference to me tho
  7. committed like a mothafukkia!! definitely don't go scratchin an itchin when I don't play lol.... or fiend for the shit... many damn days I don't even feel like playing but made 1+ btc more than once, from a faucet or rain, so it can be done again.. not a matter of if... but when 😃
  8. all money...... is used to do illegal shit like this.... so just because some crypto is being used... shouldnt really be a shocker if bottle caps and cigarette butts were the only thing they could trade as currency to run their game.. they would.. it would not matter... what the currency WAS... it would still be going down
  9. yes yes... if we could get some PVP (player vs player) poker.... micro bet hold`em games would be badass!
  10. Well that is an easy ass question... Turn it into 20 btc.... duhhhh! lol. Then I would start counting my money... 1 satoshi at a time..,.. just to make sure it was all there =D
  11. lol... i believe this is the gamblers folley and it would be called "GREED" =)) punch him in the nuts, an take wheel! Im quite sure you could even win a million bucks on some 1000x an you would just be wishing you had twice or three times the bet instead or something of the stort..... we always want what we dont have, an once we have it, we want something else... variety is the key to stimulation
  12. Just remove the feature that allows you to have a choice on weather or not someone can message you if they are a friend, and force the notion, that people may only pm someone that is on their friends list.. then if someone falls for some rubbish, they really dont have much of an excuse becuase they had them as a "Friend" Maybe add the level feature according to your wagering.. then make it so you have to be a certain level in order to send private messages or collect a faucet... so that people that have wagered can collect decent faucets and people that create new accounts can no longer ruin faucets and private messages for all that deserve them