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  1. If such a thing were real... it would totally vary from user to user... lol. If you are playing games of chance like plinko and you get a nice 1000x hit with a decent sized bet... it would just be "luck" that you were using that coin and not a different one just as much as hitting the 1000x itself
  2. Key to doing well in the race, is to just play your strats you have that are working solid for you... and just ignore the race for the time being... and just play focused and alert on your gameplan. Then when you stop for a little 2 min break after a significant win or 15 mins of playing... you can check it.. but if you just keep watching your position you will just put pressure on yourself and you will start overbetting and just do yourself a total disservice
  3. Seems simple enough to add, and I don't see any reason why not to. Every other game has it, and with plinko being one of the favorites, it should definitely have the option to stop when you choose to set it to
  4. lol.. will stake even be here all of your life? Who can know? I'm guessing something better comes along as something always does
  5. I would bring back the faucets... and instead of taking the faucets away from everyone because of some people abusing the faucets with multiple accounts... the size of the faucets you are able to receive should be scaled according to the size of amounts wagered. Then the person trying to abuse the faucet doesn't get shit, unless he has wagered quite a bit on more than one account.. in which case who gives a shit, because he earned it.
  6. Games like plinko are pure luck really.. but with something like dice, You can create strategies that take the house edge away thus giving you an advantage... and that is not luck, but a mathematical edge.. ofc hitting numbers faster within your strategy is where luck chimes in.
  7. Oya... all to familiar with this.. an it is not just limbo. Gotta be on guard for that "You have won enough" mode. Generally it kicks in when you raise your bet up too high
  8. It used to.. now it hardly even fits in for a weekly check-up I'm definitely voting for trump 2020 hoping he will make stake great again 😝
  9. Definitely not the only one that has done this... I can't even count how many times it has happened lol. They have a setting that you can turn that off so you dont accidentally hit it tho.. you should turn that off I have a machine I play at my local casino that has a max bet button right in the middle of the raise an lower wager buttons.... that has robbed me so many times as well.. so when I go, I take a stick of hot glue an glue that fucker down while im playing so it doesn't ever happen again. Point being.. if you don't do something to change it, it will just keep happening
  10. That is easy... Mines and Hilo for sure!! =))
  11. Why would you? You earned it... not like it came free =|
  12. DviouS

    Hello forum

    welcome pumpkin 😜 good luck to you!
  13. what in the stevesmokedtomuchmeth's impossible creation is this fothermucker.... jaaaayzus! This will be up there for a year or more atleast
  14. Good ole Murphy's law... Or you got that moment where you are kicking ass an taking names an you think you can afford to go ahead pay the loans off now.. an then right after you pay them off... you nose dive right into wtf I need that back X_X
  15. Doesn't really matter to me... I will usually tip publicly so they see they got tipped, but quite a few people will complain that i tip them publicly because they owe loans and they think now they have to pay up because they recieved a tip... makes no difference to me tho