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  1. Hey Eddie, Hope you are well.... TP name is elyte0nes
  2. Thank you for this information. 💙💙💙
  3. In my opinion i think this is getting a bit personal and unnecessary. Plus If you have "common sense", you really wouldn't need to ask this question. In my opinion of course. If my response offends anyone I apologized in advance this was not intended. Gwen
  4. umm yea just 53 milion and some change, no big deal lmao
  5. Not as often as I would like that is for sure smh.
  6. I always go for high multipliers. Unless your bet is huge then a low one is more smart to go for. In the end it really depends on your bankroll and how much of a risk your willing to take.
  7. I think its a totally scammy, I do not recommend. There honestly only is a handful of legit sites and they are still questionable.
  8. This game in my opinion is always played better at live casino. Try it one day then u will know what I mean. (Just in case if you haven't before)
  9. I think its a risk and I also think its being a show off, not to mention that's lame and makes you look desperate. The fact that you go out of your way to check the box so that people could see your tips (because that's how stake has updated it to be) says to the rest of the people in chat hey look at me I'm sending this tip LOL. (attention seeker) No offense to anyone this is just my opinion. :)
  10. I would think is has something to do with crypto prices, as you know they are much higher now.
  11. elyte0nes.....I found out from a friend crazylilnica
  12. Yes I agree...I also like texas hold 'em. Hopefully they bring it soon.
  13. yes If indeed haha....maybe someday I will play them regularly lol
  14. If I actually participated in the challenges,this most likely is what I would do as well. XD