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  1. elyte0nes

    Favourite movie of all time ?

    I have to say one of my all time favs would be Great Expectations.
  2. elyte0nes

    Is there a way to make dice faster?

    Thank you will try that
  3. elyte0nes

    Is there a way to make dice faster?

    I feel like the speed really effects the outcome of the roll. Do you guys agree?
  4. The rush of the win in any casino is what I find most addictive ,which is why I'd have to say chart bet when it comes to Stake games. Watching it multiply creates anxiousness and a rush at the same time especially if your bet is high.
  5. elyte0nes

    Pain, Thy Name Is Visual Bug?

    Chartbet that moment when you go to click to collect 20x something, then all the sudden the game is not found and its red.😑