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  1. elyte0nes.....I found out from a friend crazylilnica
  2. Yes I agree...I also like texas hold 'em. Hopefully they bring it soon.
  3. yes If indeed haha....maybe someday I will play them regularly lol
  4. Do not download this crap it has a virus attached!!!
  5. If I actually participated in the challenges,this most likely is what I would do as well. XD
  6. Yes kixxy all the time, its very grr. What can be more frustrating is when you finally do win and you see that your not back in profit, that makes you feel 10x more grr smh. =/ Either way kixxy gl to you!🍀🍀🍀🍀
  7. elyte0nes

    Finally a hit!

    NIce play kixx !!
  8. i like old stake better as far as menu options and such. As far as plinko goes I feel like It changes all the time,Some days it seems better and then some days it doesn't .
  9. No I don't think so, with chart bet you have more control. I think they should have updated old style chart to be faster and but same style.
  10. @TKO me and one other friend were just talking about how your Solid and have remained the same since day 1. So with that said I'm proud to say that your my friend.💜
  11. If I ever keep track I'll probably cry lmao. So no I don't keep track. @TKO your not a pain in the ass silly...love ya 😁 💜
  12. So my mains would be @BLXN @TKO @Etude @DarkBlood069 @irawk0 @Ivanyoung80 . Those are a few peeps that I've met through this site and I greatly appreciate these people and the time we have spent chatting ( or complaining lol ). Luv yas ! P.S. If I listed all that would be to many to list =D
  13. I have to say one of my all time favs would be Great Expectations.