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  1. Elyte0nes 😎😎πŸ€ͺ GREEN
  2. I think you guys are doing a great job. There are a few errors that pop up but not very often, as far as the picture clarity everything looks great to me on all devices.
  3. I think it makes perfect sense and due to the times that were in right now, every player should be completely understanding of this.
  4. Hey Eddie, Hope you are well.... TP name is elyte0nes
  5. In my opinion i think this is getting a bit personal and unnecessary. Plus If you have "common sense", you really wouldn't need to ask this question. In my opinion of course. If my response offends anyone I apologized in advance this was not intended. Gwen
  6. umm yea just 53 milion and some change, no big deal lmao