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  1. I've really lost track of all the cryptos on the market. I went off for a couple of months and theres so much new stuff Even Stake has changed so much lol. I really don't know what new crypto I would want, but I know for a fact that XRP is freakin amazing and I'm glad Stake added it
  2. I don't ever play all games in a day. In fact, in my time at Stake (over 1 year), there hasn't been a single day where I've tried all the games. I usually focus on Dice and Limbo. When limbo wasn't there, I used to play mines a lot. I haven't played slots even once yet (since I was on a break and I came back just 2 days ago. I haven't had the urge to play Slots yet lol).
  3. I think it's best to keep the same seed. I mean you never know what any seed it going to get you, but just like martingale is a loss making strategy a lot of the times, if you keep changing seeds without proper analysis, you never know what you're missing out on.
  4. I like the rep system on this forum. You give any reaction, and it gives a +rep to the person. What I like even more is that you do not have a -rep system. This way, people cannot -rep others out of personal grudges. Though I do think that there should also be a separate system for reputation and other reactions received. This will make things more accurate, and people easier to analyse for others.
  5. Here's a small list of games that I usually play, and the currency I prefer using on each: Dice: Any and all currencies lol Limbo: Eth or Doge Hilo: Ltc Keno: Eth Mines: none. Plinko: Doge, but sometimes Btc Blackjack: Eth Roulette: Xrp Video Poker: None. Wheel: Eth, Doge Diamond Poker: Btc and Eth Baccarat: None. Crash: Never really played this game much, so idk. Slots: Same as crash.
  6. Oh my god, yes. This has been the same for me. I went off stake a couple of times, for different reasons though. Still, I managed to stay away for a decent amount of time each time. This time however, I came back and I started talking on the forum also. It feels like there's a string that Stake has attached to me. It pulls me back, and I come back almost like it's inevitable. Same. Lol. I am addicted to the thrill and it sucks. I reallllllly need to calm myself down
  7. I think a minimum bet amount is always disadvantageous to the player, and an exploitative method for the site. Stake has been kind, and not implemented anything of the sort, and that might be a big contributor to it's success in the industry of online crypto gambling. A minimum bet requires the users to ALWAYS deposit, or have something in their balance to play. This "something" could come from tips or deposits made by themselves. Starting off with a few trivial issues with minimum bets: The begging would increase multiple folds over (because people will want to play but they cannot depos
  8. Sure, I do see how the forum has become sort of less crowded, but I wouldn't say that it has slowed down. In fact, in terms of information and knowledge and development, I think the forum has SPED UP! Because of the lowered 'rewards' and the heightened 'minimum withdrawal amount', a lot of people who used to spam the forum for easy money have left. The information on the forum has become more saturated and less diluted. I guess the saying "Too many cooks spoil the broth" really holds true here, specially when the cooks in this context are just lazy and stupid lol. Besides, I thi
  9. This is soooo true! It is annoying right? I mean push notifications become really annoying at times. Thats why I only have them on for mails, because they are ULTRA IMPORTANT. Lol they should not give this notification every time we come on Still, I do understand where the Stake team comes from when they set up such a thing. It's not interfering with the gameplay, and they probably expect us to suck it up a little too lol. It's not such a big inconvenience that people stop paying on the site, and that's probably what they thought and let it show up every time we come online
  10. Oh man! I cannot tell you how much I understand you when you say that you feel confidence in only one or two games and you feel unsafe with the others. In essence, all the games do run on the same algorithm. They have the same mechanics underneath, but some seem more complex than the others. For example, look at these different wall clocks: vs. The first one is simple, and tells us the time. The second one does exactly that, with the same mechanism and same accuracy, but has much more visual appeal to it. In the same manner, we find some games easier to play and read whil
  11. This is a good question. Puts a lot of things into context. If Stake were to impose such an absurd rule, I'd probably use Stake as Primedice lol. That is, I'd probably choose to use Dice. It is the simplest game, and the basic algorithm shows itself in the left fashioned manner. All other games have a heavy application of make up on them, that is to say that they are the same algorithm working at different speeds and with different visual effects. Dice, I've spent most my time playing, and I feel most comfortable with to be honest. I'm a simple man, I see dice, I rip. lol
  12. I wouldn't trust anyone on Stake per se, but people I've connected to through Stake. For instance, I'd trust @BLXN with my deposit without any doubt. And even if he lost it, I wouldn't be mad lol. Some people just end up becoming very close to you over time. I'd also trust @neich Other than them, I wouldn't trust anybody with it. I mean I don't see the need to either lol. It's not like I'm a gambling addict (*cough*) who survives on the money he makes from gambling lol. Nah.
  13. I noticed this just yesterday, actually. I came back after a long time and thought I'd visit the forum. Got a few sats, but it said I needed a minimum of 10,000 satoshi to withdraw. And even though I was taken aback at the moment, maybe even a little irritated (because I was eager to play on stake after so long), I really do like this rule. The forum is going to be much cleaner now, because people often spam replies and make useless posts to gain satoshi and then withdraw quickly (and more often than not, end up losing it all). With the 10,000 satoshi requirement, people will have to
  14. This is actually quite an interesting thread. Almost every bet is crucial on dice, depending on the strategy you have adopted or omitted to adopt thereof. I mean, for me at least, when I don't adopt a solid strategy, bets are usually quite large (compared to when I adopt a solid strategy) and not very risky (sometimes though, phew, they do get very risky - when I am really not in the mood to spend too much time lol). For me, usually I go out in profit on dice because I know when to stop. Its also my favorite game here lol. Yes, and no. For instance, if I have a balance o
  15. I've heard stuff like this too. But it's not very common. Still, it's not rare either. It's all a game of patience and understanding oneself. I think we need to learn our own idiosyncrasy. We need to understand how our mind reacts to things and we must learn to curb temptation. Often, one big hit can result in multiple small losses and then ultimate loss. Talking quantitatively though, I think betting small amounts for bigger multipliers is the way to go. Sure, you might need a lot of "luck" on your side, but even if you lose bets, you won't be losing as much money at once, and that usual
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