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  1. TKO

    Oops ... Accidentally sent too much

    This has happened to me once haha! I was doing trivias and sending the 1k to the players who won. Then I said I was going to do one last trivia and @Zaynab Shah answered it correctly. I wanted to tip 1k but sent 10k by mistake. At the time my balance was only 25k to even 10k was a big amount haha! But being the sweetheart she is, she asked me if I actually meant to send 10k instead of 1k. And because she was nice enough to ask, I said "Yeah I meant to send 10k" hah! I think people like her deserve it you know, caring for others. Some people wouldn't even say thank you properly! haha. Well, that's the only time its happened to me! I've always been careful for tipping. But It has happened to me often where I send too much to Edward by mistake. I was going to go 5k for 2x on dice, instead went 50k and lost! hhaha That was a frustrating and funny experience at the same time.
  2. TKO

    Betting on players coming to Stake 2.0?

    I actually don't even know what Video Poker is. Please help me out here Is it something where people play against people? Or is it still People vs House? Limbo sounds interesting, like any other game that would be introduced Maybe it's a newer version of Chartbet, since it wasn't there in the sneak peak. But Then again, Edward said this: Interesting stuff. Maybe then Limbo isn't a multiplayer game. Neither is Video Poker. Confusion! I read the chat too earlier, but let it go because I thought they were trolling lol. But now that you put sports betting in, I do this it's possible. Maybe like races, but now players are allowed to bet on other players. But this wouldn't make too much sense seeing that a few players (Like Sam in the races) will most definitely always make most profit! haha! Who knows where this might be going. Because betting on players is a risky business for Stake. Players could decide on strategies that would make the odds of a specific player very low to win, but then make him win so everyone makes profit. It'll be very complex and will definitely put Stake in loss. I'm interested to see where this goes. Lets hope for some sick games PS. Limbo might be related to the chat shown in the sneak peak. Maybe limbo is when players play limbo, the non players can bet on the players. Who knows
  3. Bitcoin has fallen to almost 1/2 its value from around 2 months ago, and it must've been a really big hit to some of the people around here. However, I really don't see it affecting the activity of players. Unless of course, they plan to sell all their BTC to retain some of the profits/money they invested! Others, who dont sell, will probably still come and play like usual, if not extra aggressive, to make the lost money back! For me though, it shan't affect my frequency of playing! I am a low-roller so I doubt anything would affect my activity hah! Being a low-roller, I have nothing in terms of hope for Bitcoin. I own nothing, and withdraw on the first chance I get hah! But I do keep coming back to stake, and that it because of my love for gambling and the bonds that I have made here. Stake has become second home, a comfort zone for me. Its tough to leave it. I think its a good place to be at, only if you can control yourself. And if you can't, you better off leaving stake. Its addictive. I'm trying to learn self control now, just by being here and not betting lol
  4. Stake is a roller coaster you know. It takes you up, and it pulls you down, all without you knowing in the moment. It throws you around, and the tickets are expensive if you want a fast roller coaster haha! What I like most about Stake is that the Support Staff is brilliant. They reply exceptionally quick you know! I love it! I also like the mods. They are kind and understanding. But none of these reasons are the ones I play here. The reasons that attract me (force me to play) are that there are sooooo many games to choose from. And even though they work on the same algorithm, it's just more entertaining and interesting. Dice being my favorite game for profit is annoying at times, but plinko being the most entertaining game, is usually not annoying for the first 2000 rolls lol. I like the layout of the site, very easy to use compared to most other sites. Even easier now than before when the messages were separate from the chat. The tab system is very nice in my opinion. I also like the people that pay here. Kind ones, funny ones. On a lot of the other sites, people just don't talk. Makes it so boring! Here, chat is almost always popping! Stake overall is a great site. Triggers a lot, makes me very angry at times, very sad very often, but I like it. Can;t stop coming back to it.
  5. TKO

    Real Life Pictures

    Hahah yeah. 19. Still got a lotta life left in me
  6. TKO

    Real Life Pictures

    I'm on the right. (From 2016) Was 16 when this was clicked lol
  7. TKO

    Real Talk.

    Hey Guys! TKO here. This is an appreciation post. For all the people that mean a lot to me, for all the friends I've made on Stake and for all the learning I've gathered. Later in the post I will mention a few things I want to improve in myself over the next few months. Not a "New Year's Resolution", because we shouldn't wait for a new year to make a resolution! First of all, Stake has been a great place for me to find comfort and rest my head. A lot of the times even bang my head haha. I want to appreciate the Support staff here. They are phenomenal. Live Support is SO quick! It's super easy to clear all your doubts and the support is always kind! Honestly, in the 5 months that I've been here, I've never seen a slip up by a Support member. Brilliant work! Second, I would like to thank the mods. You guys do a great job! So under-appreciated! I love it how you guys are always there in chat, helping others, handing out M00tcoins and keeping it chill Great job! One of the best mods you can find ANYWHERE Now it's time to talk about the people I REALLY appreciate here. @BLXN @elyte0nes @neich @bexy1980 @Shinjo @Irena @Zoltan @elyxdelrey @lupandina @DarkBlood069 @williamshennie9 @badger @DviouS @luckycharmer408 @Hoffguy These are people just off the top of my head. I love you guys. You are pretty insane you know! Super great people. Some of you might know the shit I've gone through in my life, and why I am the way I am, super weird. But you guys stuck by me, supported me, were always kind to me, understood me. You guys have provided me with a much needed comfort zone. You guys make me happy. We might now talk a lot, but I just want you guys to know that ALL of you mean a lot to me. I'm the luckiest to have met you all I have not been kind enough to you all. Never appreciated you enough. I hope this post at least gives you an idea of the love I have for you You all the awesome. I probably sound like a loner, but shit, I am one. Making friends online is the best I've ever done! haha Blxn, Neich, Shinjo, Badger. For all the times you guys have tipped me, for all the times you have asked me how I am doing. I promise to tip you guys back more often! I usually don't have anything, so when I do, I get greedy. I PROMISE that now onward, I shall remember. ❤️ I want to become less tolerant of beggars too. So watch out all you passive and active beggars, ignore list is opening up Let this post be a way for all of you to remember the people that have helped you too. Let this post remind you of the area where you want to improve. We all must realize and work to be better. Take to the replies to tag and thank the people you appreciate. Good luck guys. ❤️ ~TKO
  8. Wow thats cool! 2 years ago I was 17, so a minor haha I didn't risk gambling back then. 2016 mid onward tho, I started gambling. I started playing on sites that took CS:GO skins. I usually never made profit there. Even ended up losing my year's saving that I had made when I lived with my parents, by selling things I didn't use. Lol what a waste. I joined, I my memory serves me correctly, on 19 September 2018. Since then I have withdrawn a lot of money from here Always in profit on this site! haha But I do aim to withdraw more. Recently I got scammed of a LOT (almost all of my winnings), so even thought I am in profit on stake, I'm kind of in loss in real life. I wish to recover that again and then leave gambling forever haha Greed is not great Oh yeah! Unlike most other sites, the support here responds VERY quickly! Kudos to @Irena @Jelena @Bojana @Katarina @Vladimir and ALLLLLLLL of support! You guys do a fabulous job The mods here are also fun and funny and nice and sweet. Love it! And I've of course, made a lot of friends here One who will surely last forever (he knows who he is) Yup Its a fight against oneself! Anyone and everyone can win Wishing all of you luck! Have fun!
  9. TKO

    Keeping tabs

    I never keep tabs. I dont think it's worth the effort, because most people here are beggars. Besides, tipping literally means that you give it to them out of your own will, and technically, you shouldn't expect anything in return, but the heart wants what it wants huh I mean I don't expect it from most of the people. And for some people, I just hope they don't tip me back because I feel guilty then! haha its weird for me that way. But if there's someone I tip, at their low, I expect them to tip back too Yes. This does indeed get annoying. The fact that they won't even say "hi" pisses me off. Fine, dont tip me, at least say hi! haha I guess this is an indication to cut them off form your life huh This post also does remind me, I really should try and become more generous. Off late, I haven't been the best of myself, and that is probably because I went off my SSRIs and so my moods have changed quite a LOT. I'll try and be more generous! And @snow @BLXN @elyte0nes After this post, I'll try to tip you guys more! Sorry for being a pain in the ass 😛
  10. TKO

    Hello From Shrey

    Hey! Welcome here buddy. Have fun, be kind You can play on Stake and meet a lot of good people there!
  11. TKO

    Have you made good friends at Stake ?

    Good Friends? Oh thats an understatement for one of them. He's a brother to me @BLXN probably mentioned it wayyyy to many times, but can never appreciate him enough! He has guided me though things in life. And that is without me asking for help. It's like he knows when I need help for my mental stability and he just gives advice, and says things that really make sense to me and calm me down (After stopping SSRIs its become especially tougher). I talk to him on steam and tele. We've never met in real life, because of the vast distance between our countries, but I sure want to meet him! I've made other friends too that I talk outside of stake chat. They are @bexy1980 @elyte0nes @DviouS @luckycharmer408. We don't talk often, but they're great people.
  12. Oh yes! Leaving Stake always comes to mind after busting, even if it's a small amount. I don't care as much about the money as I do about losing self control with every bet I make, whether it be a winning or a losing bet. Gambling and betting just puts this stress on your mind that you don't seem to notice too much till the final red pops up on the screen. I have taken a few 4-5 day long breaks from stake and it is indeed very relaxing. I recently got scammed off of a lot of money, and I had thought I would leave Stake, but after the scam my body just naturally comes back to seek comfort in discomfort here. I really want to leave gambling, so I've started drawing, and it has takes me away quite a bit, but not fully yet. I will leave gambling and Stake one day, and win the fight against myself. Good luck to you too! Hope you are able to sort things out too
  13. This has been happening a lot with me for the past 2 or 3 days. And it is indeed very annoying. But I never take to chat to talk about it. There's two reasons I don't take it to chat. Primary reason being that I hate it when people talk about their busts in chat all the time, and it just looks like passive begging now. Even though talking about your busts once in a while is okay, beggars have done it so much now that it just naturally seems like you're begging. Second reason is that I feel embarrassed. Not because I think others will judge me (what will they even judge me for?) but because I hate it when I don't have self control. I just shut stake and start drawing. Drawing calms me down! hahah I didn't tick any of the options in your poll because I don't do either. Neither do I complain in chat, neither do I let it go easily! I just beat my self about it hahah. I don't tell anyone, but if I tell my friends on PM, then I say "I ripped 0.1 but only deposited 0.001 so its fine" because then it would make me feel a little better too
  14. TKO

    Biggest win on wheel

    I usually don't play wheel, unless there's a challenge for it (like today) or if I'm feeling exceptionally lucky hahah! But I like the 8 segments, high risk wheel a lot. The 6x has paid out decently for me. I think my biggest win is also a very small win, but it was on this 6x. I had a decent balance, and was betting around 2500 sats, and doubling after every 2 times I lost. after 2 consecutive 5k sats losses, I got pissed and went 20k sats in and VOILA! It hi! I made 100k sats in that one roll. Of course, the profit was smaller because I had lost 2500+2500+5000+5000 on it. So 0.00085000 BTC. Not bad! But if you still look at my wheel stats, its red hahahah Its a fun gamemode, 10 segments, medium risk is good for long run!
  15. TKO

    What Do Your Statistics Say?

    Hey Guys! TKO here. Since I joined stake, I have only ever deposited 6 USD of my own. And I'm in a total profit, but what bugs me most is that 3 of the 5 currencies are in red for me. And I will some how, later, if not now, manage to get them in green. But even in BTC and ETH, even though it is green for me, there are some games where my profit is always red, and if I try to recover and make it green, it just becomes a bigger red number. Those games are Mines, Plinko and Hilo. I just cannot seem to get it in green! I see that most of you are experts at Hilo. And some even at keno! Can you guys please help me out? I really want to try and get all my stats in green! That satisfaction is needed lol. SO if you have any specific strategies that you can tell, I'd appreciate it a lot! Even if its not to make big profit, I just want to get it in green. Even if its 100 satoshi in green lol Thanks! ~TKO