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  1. Still a bug though
  2. Hey guys! TKO Here So I think vault is a great addition to the site. It really helps people play sensible and stops addiction to an extent too I think. Besides, now the people cannot complain saying "You don't let us have a **Bank** on Stake so I lose it all" not that it was a valid complaint anyways. However I do face a few problem with the vault. Here's one example: Now I'm not sure of its me doing something wrong or if its a bug, I really don't know. The last time i withdrew from the vault, I took 0.00003 BTC and may be that's why it says "Less than or equal to 0.00003"? I have no clue. Do I have to deposit in the vault what I last took from it first? How does it work? @Dan Is this a bug or is it a rule of some sort? Please do let me know Thanks! ~TKO PS. You guys are amazing. I care for all of you. If you're EVER feeling low and wanna talk, I am here and my DM's are open I would love to help! Take good care of yourself and others around you. Strive to be the best you can be and stay happy, safe and healthy! Love you all! ❤️ UPDATE: So I deposited 0.00003 to see if it would work after that and Voila! It does. Still, I would love to know its its a rule or a bug? If this is a rule, I dont see the point of it. Especially for high rollers. If they withdraw 50 BTC from their vault and lose it, They wont ever be able to deposit in their vault again if they dont have 50 BTC. Don't you think @Dan So, I'm pretty sure its a bug
  3. Not entirely crypto, but this dude is the most entertaining. He's made a few stake videos earlier actually. He's goes by JuicyFruityyy or Chad. Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/user/JuicyFruityyy
  4. TKO

    "Are you sure you want to X?" Discussion

    This is actually needed tbh. I mean I've never messed up cuz I usually dont have balance at all But others have and it sucks that they have. Its just better to have this as it will remove any chance of mistakes. This on the other hand, I think should not be implemented. I mean gambling is all about how you let emotions get the better of you and that you do everything in the split second and this is one way how the house wins a lot of money. If you give this warning to people before they bet high, it will put their confidence off and they might not bet high and the house will be at a predominant disadvantage. Besides, people must lose money to understand its value right? As mentioned above, definitely. The coin switch one is needed, and it would hardly affect stake's earnings but the high wagering warning surely will and I think thats unfair to the whole gambling spirit and the house. Besides, I think the split seconds decisions that we make really define us help us figure out problems within us and helps us understand ourselves better. Afterall, you have ample of time to think after you've lost a big amount of money
  5. On stake I am in profit if you consider only the money I have deposited. I have withdrawn about 20x of what I deposited. However on other sites I have busted over 500$ I joined Stake on 19th September 2018 and have been addicted since then lmao
  6. This is right. I have become aware that I am greedy, now I have to become aware of how I feel when I am greedy. Very intellectual and smart actually. Thanks a ton man And I wish you the greatest life ever too ❤️ This is actually very smart. I am definitely doing to try and follow this. Thanks a lot man Genuinely helps a ton ❤️ This is true. I really need to understand that low bets are the way to go. Big bets with small balance is just a failure of my logic and I hate it Thanks! Thank you so much dude. You're right. I will have to set a reminder for myself in some method to remember to lower my bets. Greed is a real B**** This is a nice Idea. But Gambling has taken away a lot of productive time from my day already Playing a game to imporve my gambling would I think just waste more time But I will use this advice in a different manner I workout in the mornings, I'll start working out when I need to calm down too. Thanks a ton ❤️
  7. Hey guys! TKO here **If you wish to jump straight to the question and not read a long explanation, please read the text in bold :)** I joined Stake on 19th of September 2018, and since then, in less than 2 months, I have withdrawn over 100$ by just depositing 6$. This just shows that I had a good run and had big hits. However I do have to admit, in the last week or so I haven't had any luck and so I naturally get very anxious and impatient while gambling. I have seen so many people become high rollers with luck and with smart plays. They hit 660x on dice like its nothing and they make big profits. However, what I don't often realise is that they usually have a much bigger balance to play with. I start betting as high as they do even though I have 100 times lesser balance than they do, and obviously, I bust all my balance. I think a lot of people are victims to this mentality of their own. I get tipped (THANK YOU TO EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO HAS EVER TIPPED ME. I AM MORE GRATEFUL THAN I CAN EVER SAY ❤️) and I make profit with the tip and then bust. I try to giveaway as much as I can but in the end, greed is what always succumb to. To all those who haven't suffered greed during gambling or have eventually found ways to counter it, please do tell me methods to stop myself from ripping every time. I'm sure a lot of people need fresh and good advice! Thank you! ~TKO PS. I love all of you from the absolute bottom of my heart! I care for every one of you and I hope all of you stay safe, happy and healthy! My DM's are always open, so if you feel low and wanna talk to anybody, please feel more then free to DM me I will always answer and try to help! Take care all you lovely people ❤️
  8. TKO

    Share A Prize Pool Giveaway #1

    This is very generous of you mate. Thank you for understanding whenever I talk to you on DM and always. You are a good person and I hope you stay happy, safe and healthy. Love you dude. And also thanks for these giveaways! Really means a lot to all of us!
  9. TKO

    High-roller flame on stake.

    If you are in hidden mode, than 100% the fire should also disappear when in chat. However it should be on as default, or you could have a separate fire option as a whole anyways. Some people love the fame that comes with the flame I'm pretty sure!
  10. TKO

    First coin ?

    I think for fast mining I would choose ETH but for slow BTC Because Btc price is definitely more stable compared to eth at the moment. The other day I saw eth fall wo 180$ and in slow mining that might give me a bigger loss specially if it crashes ( i doubt it will tho)
  11. If I hit big, it depends how big I hit. I mean I usually go up to 0.1 eth (20$ today) and withdraw, but if I hit bigger, like 30$ or anything I'll defniitely withdraw all. It has happened with me on other sites that I withdraw 80% and gamble with 20% and lose that 20% too, so I think its better I withdraw 100% lol
  12. My first day on Stake was rather confusing tbh. I had watched a JuicyFruityyy video and came here and man was it weird. I couldnt type in chat because I hadnt gambled what seemed like a massive amount back then and I didnt know how the site really worked. Then I randomly got a btc rain and it was pretty big as I remember it and I gambled it away lol but I could finally chat. When I said "I'm new", I got a tip form @Hoffguy and I still and friends with this amazing dude till day! I had been kind since the beginning and people were calling me passive but Jakubb sent became my first onsite friend. He taught me how the site works and tbh, he is one of the most amazing dudes on the site. I met a lotta cool people here and I saw so many people talking to each other and felt left out, but soon I became friends with so many that my chat is full of ✌ almost all the time hahaha Love this site. Its great!
  13. TKO

    Most profit you had in your gambling career

    I've made most of my profit on dice. Most I've ever made is definitely from a rain using Doge. I once got hit by a storm by eddie and got 280 doge I made that doge into 8k all while tipping more than 2k doge away. And I withdrew. Basically my whole time on Stake has been profit cuz I have only ever deposited 6$ and withdrawn over 100$ till now ❤️
  14. I am pretty sure a crypto will become larger than bitcoin. I mean there might be new developments and block-chain isn't the final destination. I'm sure there are gonna be newer cryptos later and a newer system. And within the next 5 years I feel we will have big currencies. Very big currencies.
  15. TKO

    Stake is a scam?!

    I'm pretty sure its not a scam. It has a correctly working provably fair system and most of the people who claim such a thing are sore losers. I personally have withdrawn over 100$ from stake and till date only deposited 6$ of my own. I mean if you cannot gamble right, its not the site's fault. And if you really claim its a scam, don't just say it in chat and go away and come back and gamble, please have evidence to back it up. A few close losses like a 49.8 roll on a 49.5% chance proves nothing at all. You just got unlucky the same way you got lucky more times. Can't handle these losers tbh.