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  1. Finally got it DIAMONDPOKER: 3,303,035,820 placed by TKO on 26/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.5x Profit 0.00000050
  2. Interesting topic. Really tells you a lot about a person's personality. The situation that you mentioned hasn't really ever happened with me. I don't deposit at all. I only just play if I make something off of rain or a tip. Besides, I'm usually just on to chat haha! The faucet on Stake is downright disgusting so I don't collect it at all But I don't complain. It's free money, and free money is free money. But if ever such a situation happens with me, where I'm addicted to gambling and have an obsessive compulsive gambling habit, I'd probably stay on and hope for a random, miraculous rain, and if nothing seems to happen, I'll log off and call it a day. Passive begging is a STRICT no from me. Can't handle it, so I'd never do it. Dignity is a thing after all Sometimes I also go to Bitve*t. Its a good site! Caring people too (More caring than stake some times xD)
  3. Oh this is sick! Its actually a brilliant idea you know! You have essentially created your own currency! Thats great! Besides, it's not like you have to withdraw them right away and then probably rip. You can store! It's great!
  4. I'm not homosexual, neither am I homophobic hahah! @BLXN big brother you've guided me through so much! Its unbelievable. You've instilled curiosity in me, at a magnitude that belittles what I had before I met you on Stake Love you brother ❤️
  5. 100 Bitcoin. That's a huge amount no matter what the price of BTC is. At the time of writing this, BTC is worth $3500. So that would be $350,000 I would probably cashout 70 BTC. Thats around $250,000. I'd have 30 BTC left. Out of this, I would convert 7.5 BTC to ETH and 7.5 BTC to LTC. That would be 220 ETH and 635 LTC approximately. That's also $27,000 of each. And I'll have $54,000 in BTC left. So I would obviously gamble, but I would keep myself in control. Probably wait for the values of all the coins to go up. I would probably cashout in the end when I think the values are up a good amount. I'd probably quit gambling after that
  6. Hahah this is a nice little thing to do Maybe in the future could be a challenge or giveaway Anyways, here mine: Best in-class User Interface Healthy chat, active Support, hardworking moderators Regular and frequent giveaways and challenges. Busy and interactive Forum. Place to let go off your real life stress and gain virtual life stress.
  7. There are a lot of pros and cons. Though I do think that the cons of not having a chat far out strength the pros. Here are the PROS that I could think of: There wouldn't be toxicity. The environment would be very calm while gambling. There wouldn't be even little distraction posed by the site while gambling. The traffic on the site would be much lesser, resulting in a faster response time. Here are the CONS that I could think of: There would virtually be no community. The friends and bonds that one has made because of the stake chat, would not exist (though this seems like an insignificant "CON", it is pretty important for a few people including myself) The site would be a hard one to trust, since human-to-human interaction would essentially be zero, and human-to-bot interaction would be 100%. Most players that Stake holds today, wouldn't be here because most start out by receiving helpful tips, which would not be possible without a chat. The site would be very boring for those not betting big. More like a prison to the addicts, because just long drawn hours of human less gambling. Would severely affect one's mental condition. What do you think? Have I made a valid argument?
  8. These are actually exactly what most players, including myself, look for Nobody likes sites that don't allow high payouts I mean if the highest payout possible on the site is a 5000x or even a 10000x, there isn't much fun in playing is there? hahah! I like it how Stake allows a super high payout (Not sure what the max is, but 5mx is the highest I think? Please let me know if I'm wrong.) Jackpot I think is still to be introduced to Stake. Just think about it. Over 1,000 players at a time, and even if only 250 or 500 are playing constantly, then there is a lot of money going to the site. I think that for every bet, a small amount should go toward the jackpot and the jackpot should burst once every few days. At random times of course, so nobody knows when exactly it happens. And the person who has the last bet before the jackpot burst, should get the highest prize, and a few others should randomly be chosen to win too! It would keep up the excitement The Support team is top notch anyways They always reply within a few minutes, unlike MOST other sites. The discord too is a place where you can reach them Its amazing! @Katarina @Irena @Jelena @Bojana and SOOOO many others are so helpful and sweet Love the support here! The overall design of the site is also pretty good. There can surely be a few changes, but the wait will be worth it I'm sure. The new Plinko payouts are amazing. The new Keno design is also awesome Over all, the site is very user-friendly. One of the first and main attractions to be honest! Discord giveaways and regular challenges on the forum are also GREAT deal-makers. I love it how you can complete a few challenges easily and then you are set with a sure-to-come balance in the next week! Hourly discord giveaways are sick too Though I haven't ever won one
  9. 3 of a kind: DIAMONDPOKER: 2,575,850,023 placed by TKO on 29/01/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100 One pair: DIAMONDPOKER: 2,575,950,115 placed by TKO on 29/01/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100 4 of a kind: DIAMONDPOKER: 2,577,547,374 placed by TKO on 29/01/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100
  10. Hey Guys! TKO here. I've been on Stake for a decent amount of time now and I've made a lot of friends. But I've never known when their birthday are. I'd like to know so I'm able to tip them! On this thread, post your birthday dates! Everyone will get to know and then the issue of people saying "Today is my birthday" once ever month will also go away It's up to you if you want us to know how old you are Let me start it. My birthday is on the 8th of February. (I'll be turning 20 this year :D) ~TKO
  11. This has happened to me once haha! I was doing trivias and sending the 1k to the players who won. Then I said I was going to do one last trivia and @Zaynab Shah answered it correctly. I wanted to tip 1k but sent 10k by mistake. At the time my balance was only 25k to even 10k was a big amount haha! But being the sweetheart she is, she asked me if I actually meant to send 10k instead of 1k. And because she was nice enough to ask, I said "Yeah I meant to send 10k" hah! I think people like her deserve it you know, caring for others. Some people wouldn't even say thank you properly! haha. Well, that's the only time its happened to me! I've always been careful for tipping. But It has happened to me often where I send too much to Edward by mistake. I was going to go 5k for 2x on dice, instead went 50k and lost! hhaha That was a frustrating and funny experience at the same time.
  12. I actually don't even know what Video Poker is. Please help me out here Is it something where people play against people? Or is it still People vs House? Limbo sounds interesting, like any other game that would be introduced Maybe it's a newer version of Chartbet, since it wasn't there in the sneak peak. But Then again, Edward said this: Interesting stuff. Maybe then Limbo isn't a multiplayer game. Neither is Video Poker. Confusion! I read the chat too earlier, but let it go because I thought they were trolling lol. But now that you put sports betting in, I do this it's possible. Maybe like races, but now players are allowed to bet on other players. But this wouldn't make too much sense seeing that a few players (Like Sam in the races) will most definitely always make most profit! haha! Who knows where this might be going. Because betting on players is a risky business for Stake. Players could decide on strategies that would make the odds of a specific player very low to win, but then make him win so everyone makes profit. It'll be very complex and will definitely put Stake in loss. I'm interested to see where this goes. Lets hope for some sick games PS. Limbo might be related to the chat shown in the sneak peak. Maybe limbo is when players play limbo, the non players can bet on the players. Who knows
  13. Bitcoin has fallen to almost 1/2 its value from around 2 months ago, and it must've been a really big hit to some of the people around here. However, I really don't see it affecting the activity of players. Unless of course, they plan to sell all their BTC to retain some of the profits/money they invested! Others, who dont sell, will probably still come and play like usual, if not extra aggressive, to make the lost money back! For me though, it shan't affect my frequency of playing! I am a low-roller so I doubt anything would affect my activity hah! Being a low-roller, I have nothing in terms of hope for Bitcoin. I own nothing, and withdraw on the first chance I get hah! But I do keep coming back to stake, and that it because of my love for gambling and the bonds that I have made here. Stake has become second home, a comfort zone for me. Its tough to leave it. I think its a good place to be at, only if you can control yourself. And if you can't, you better off leaving stake. Its addictive. I'm trying to learn self control now, just by being here and not betting lol
  14. Stake is a roller coaster you know. It takes you up, and it pulls you down, all without you knowing in the moment. It throws you around, and the tickets are expensive if you want a fast roller coaster haha! What I like most about Stake is that the Support Staff is brilliant. They reply exceptionally quick you know! I love it! I also like the mods. They are kind and understanding. But none of these reasons are the ones I play here. The reasons that attract me (force me to play) are that there are sooooo many games to choose from. And even though they work on the same algorithm, it's just more entertaining and interesting. Dice being my favorite game for profit is annoying at times, but plinko being the most entertaining game, is usually not annoying for the first 2000 rolls lol. I like the layout of the site, very easy to use compared to most other sites. Even easier now than before when the messages were separate from the chat. The tab system is very nice in my opinion. I also like the people that pay here. Kind ones, funny ones. On a lot of the other sites, people just don't talk. Makes it so boring! Here, chat is almost always popping! Stake overall is a great site. Triggers a lot, makes me very angry at times, very sad very often, but I like it. Can;t stop coming back to it.