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  1. HighDamage

    Opt out of rain while hidden suggestion

    so true. do you also mean to remove the sender's name Tip when making a public tip if the sender is in a hidden state? I strongly agree that it is a very good way
  2. HighDamage

    Strat for wheel

    Hmm. what about wheel High Risk segment 16 strategy and doing Preroll 8-16 times, and after that start betting 3-4 times (if you still haven't won, Double your bet and do 3-4 more times. Do this again and again until you win) how about that ?
  3. HighDamage

    How do you make profit with the faucet?

    Hmm. I think that requires more than 1K of the faucet. it could be as much as 3K - 5K times the faucet :v but for people who are eager to try
  4. HighDamage

    How do you make profit with the faucet?

    Try to target high POs like 10Kx or more. even though it's very difficult but nothing is impossible for that
  5. HighDamage

    Road to 1 Etherum

    Stay excited to get high profits, don't give up and always be sure. I also tried to get a high PO at Stake. Good luck everyone
  6. HighDamage


    hmm. I think it's almost the same as Prerolls, but it's very difficult to determine how many Prerolls are done in order to achieve profit. It could be winning 3 times or more in a row
  7. HighDamage

    finaly i win 1000x in plinko

    400 roll? wow, I have tried 2.5K roll but there are still no balls coming in at 1000x PO. and that frustrates me
  8. HighDamage

    Different shape, different outcome?

    wkwkwk: v, it's very interesting and very funny. When the ball is under raised again it rises upwards :v (who knows the Spheres are spinning on their own)
  9. HighDamage

    Whats your best win ON plinko?

    Yes, but it can be a different story. And finally plunging to 0.2, when it can be different when All in :v
  10. HighDamage

    Whats your best win ON plinko?

    I got a 130x PO at Plinko but with a 1K Litoshi bet, and that's what upset me
  11. HighDamage


    You can play BJ by using Martingale, but my advice is the amount of 3x or more from the previous bet. For example 1,3,9,27,81 and so on to cover the House Edge and get profit when winning
  12. HighDamage

    finaly i win 1000x in plinko

    wow. good win, I also hope to get a 1000x PO too, you use Martingale / no?
  13. HighDamage

    What Game Gives you more profit here

    the game that gives me a lot of advantages is Chartbet and Mines. At that time I had obtained a 1Kx PO at CB with 1K satoshi. Whereas in Mines I get PO around 200x
  14. HighDamage

    Biggest Chartbet payouts?

    My Biggest Win in CB is 0.01 Btc with 1K satoshi eyeing PO 1000x
  15. HighDamage

    Howmuch you aim multiplayer on charbet?

    that is also a good way. But often you feel upset when you find PO 10x - 100Kx on Chartbet :v