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  1. Furlicious

    High-roller flame on stake.

    Lol! yeah, i totally agree w u. Its extremely annoying when pms starts attacking in the background while u r in the midst of ur games. I hate distractions while im playing. Hopefully they will come up with something.
  2. Furlicious

    Finally won 5148300.00x

    This is an amazingly insane hit indeed! It takes alot of patience to hunt multipliers like this. I take my hats off u, Faris! I'm anticipating ur next insane winning result real soon! More luck to ya, Faris!😉
  3. Furlicious

    How i burned after my rageallin

    Wow! Congrats there! haha, i can totally understand how frustrating keno game rounds can be. Glad that Keno decided to be nice to u at the end of the day. Good luck and Win More!
  4. Furlicious

    Rainbot on stake.

    yeah we both share the same sentiment.lol. its always nice to receive random rain bonus while playing eventhou we are not in the chatroom. I like this Rakeback bot idea😉
  5. Furlicious

    Killing me Softly With Keno

    I guessed it takes more than luck tho. im a risk taker so its either i win huge or lose them all & try again next time. lol
  6. Furlicious

    My Accidental Win with Automated Mines

    haha ! thank u v much and yup im looking forward for the next giveaways! I do agree with u in keeping hopes alive. Great Windfall will happen when u least expected!😀
  7. Furlicious

    My Accidental Win with Automated Mines

    Thank u & really sweet of u! Wishing u more luck in ur games and in life too!
  8. Furlicious

    Killing me Softly With Keno

    Awww.. thank u so much Wry.. why does it always sounds so comforting whenever you comment ? Seriously i felt so much better now. On a scale from 1 to 100, you are an 101! Thank you for being such an awesome friend, wry!
  9. Furlicious

    Our wins

    Here's some of my recent hits to share with.😉 If I Can hit them, So Can You! 👆 Good Luck Stakers!
  10. Furlicious

    What game would you like to see made?

    Im already one of your greatest Keno fans. If you were to create a game similar to what " Fastbets.io" site used to have, i think i might have to consider taking up parttime jobs to upkeep my entertainment allowance.😂 I used to play regularly at Fastbets.io before they shut down. Yup, you heard me tho. Shut down due to poor management. I believe we have a couple of players in here who know about this site as well. lol! Anyway the name of the game is called Rocketpot. Its similar to Chartbet in a way but in a different game concept. very addictive i swear. let me show u some of the screenshots. Basically its like a guessing game. we choose the level to win with a certain basebet and our bet will be multiplied as the green candle stick rises.
  11. Furlicious

    My Accidental Win with Automated Mines

    lol! yeah! i know right!
  12. Furlicious

    My Accidental Win with Automated Mines

    lol! thank u v much. yup i have managed to withdraw some out of this. Im sure it will happen to u one day as well. Good luck! haha! i know right. this is the 1st time that i really felt sooo lucky bcos that 50th round was my last game for the day. i dont intend to hunt after busting all the rounds. Was totally speechless when i was about to leave mines for my keno. lol thank u v much babe! yeah u should try too but i do not advise leaving them unattended tho. i will usually monitor my games as u know how "amazing" autobetting mode can be. lol😂 Good luck Pinky babe!
  13. Furlicious

    My unluckiest mine ever.

    It happens really. So you aint alone my friend. Do not let negativity drag you down. Stay positive and Be Happy!😉
  14. Furlicious

    My Accidental Win with Automated Mines

    Really! Nice to know someone out there is winning great as well. Thank u v much for ur kind words!
  15. Furlicious

    Killing me Softly With Keno

    Hahaha! Thanks for the advise.. & prediction. Lmao! I did feed them all back that's why. Thanks! Frankly speaking,its quite impossible for me to stop depositing into Stake. But i will try practicing self control on my game rounds in the future..😆