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  1. Oh yes, hahaha! I just encountered this surprised pending vault withdrawal amount of 0.002btc a couple of days ago. I was freaking happy indeed since i hav been on a losing streak for weeks. This discovery brightened up my day instant i swear! Lol.
  2. Somehow or rather i do play with the same numbers thruout my game session. Lol! I guessed its my stubbornness controlling my decision. Just wanna get all my numbers in green to satisfy my soul. Lmao
  3. Yeah, we both shared the same sentiment bmg luv! I was like what! R u serious ?! Till now, no1 has even hit 100x multiplier.. haha! Well i guessed 100x is no longer a target for keno fanatic now when its easier to hit 259x and above. The thing about Keno is that, when it gives it really gives out alot. But if its starving, it will starve you even more. Lol! Good luck !
  4. I do not seems to have that magnetic field to navigate my plinko balls tho. Lol! Thats why u will rarely see me plink-ing. Hehe
  5. Hmm, u do have a point there. Yeah, as a depositor and high wagerer myself, its kinda disappointing especially on days when we just cleared all of our balance in the bad gamestreak minutes ago and when u were chatting in the room, the storm hits but never on u but on those who hardly or never deposit in the site at all. But well anyway its free money, we can't expect too much tho. Its all up to Stake. Just hope they will reward us VIPs with huge bonus by email like how they previously did. Was freaking awesome! Lol
  6. Well im not sure this news is fake or not but it can happen tho. Just last year, i hv sent some eth over to my Bitvest account for a fee which is slightly higher than the amt sent. Lol! I think i hv accidentally set the gas on fire! Jkjk
  7. Nice! You have just earned my respect as well. We should always cherish all of our friends and be there for another in bad or good times. There are billions of people around as and its fate that brought us all together.. everything happens for a reason.
  8. Haha! Same here sis han. Perhaps likely bcos of the difference in time zone. So far i hv only managed to participate once on mines challenge but didnt get to win as well. Haha at least i have tried and gave my best effort to win. Nevertheless its really Awesome of Stake to offer these generous giveaways to their loyalties! U guys Rock!
  9. What i would normally do is to credit the amount that im ready to lose in any case as my bankroll and then start auto rolling with martingale strats. I will not use stop on loss in my game round. Bcos i will go crazy if it stops right before a green hit. Lol! Been there once, its painful to your eyes, heart and soul. Lmao! Not gonna let history repeats.
  10. Haha, im always doing the last minute completion of the challenge. Not intentionally tho, its either i wasnt aware of the ongoing challenge or i just managed to find time to do so after my long day at work. Lol
  11. Seriously crap! Its so scheming of them to allow to deposit yet disable your account the moment you request for withdrawal of your winnings. Its not like you have won from their free spins or abuse their bonus by other tons of alts account. You guys are considered as their highrollers aka their paying masters,providing for their families to be honest. Ever since you told me about this issue, i have stopped depositing in there totally. I don't see the point of depositing my hard earned $ into site that pull tricks whenever their players request for their withdrawals. Its as good as busting my funds away or unless they have converted into an arcade park whereby we just deposit and play for the sake of pure entertainment. Oh ya! Come to think of it, my Betchain account has been hacked before in August last year. For your info, Betchain does not provide any 2FA security feature for their players account. I was advised to change my password when i reported my account being hacked to the live support. The best part is that pathetic hacker managed to withdraw 0.4 doge out of my balance eventhou I did not confirm on the withdrawal request . Instead i contacted the support as stated in the email. Perhaps during my conversation with the support, the hacker work his way into my email just to acknowledge his withdrawal request of just 0.4doge. I really don't know.. 🤣 Below is just 1 of my deposit history pages in Betchain. ⬇️ that address doesn't belong to me so i was only told to change my password after i have contacted the support..
  12. Guessed my current situation will put me in a good state in commenting in this topic.. lol😂 Yesterday , I have managed to win up to 0.4btc in total at keno. Shared around 0.2btc with my friends before busting all of my balances away. Felt so lousy and retarded for not being able to control my stubbornness. Eventho i have managed to clear up most of my outstanding loans, is till ended up reloaning once again.. 😥 i seriously hated myself so much.. arghh
  13. KENO: 4,298,290,090 placed by Furmagesty on 08/04/2019 Wagered 0.00008000 Multiplier 450x Profit 0.03592000
  14. Lmao! Damn Kix, we are seriously so alike not only in our thinking , experiences, and also our clumsiness! Lol! This is one of the disadvantages in using mobile set. Haha!
  15. Wow those are risky ones pinky! Glad that it went so well for you! You definitely deserved such awesome winnings for your awesomeness! Congrats! And i do share the same sentiment with you as well. Need a good bankroll and gutsy enough to hit the bet and win huge. That's how i play for my Keno too. Lol