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  1. Lol! Seriously i can totally understand and feel your frustration about losing. Close your eyes for 5 secs, take a deep breath and accept the fact that you have lost and get over it. Thats what i have always been doing. No point crying over spilled milk and start maligning the site or games or who ever involved in your game session. Its our own decision and consequences to bear. Will you credit anyone when you win huge? Usually most will only complain when they losses. The Universe matches what we are, not what we want. When you emotionalize something a loss, you give it power, and the result is that more losses are on the way. When you emotionalize a win, more wins are coming your way. And always operate from a state of gratitude. When you are grateful for all you have, and all you are attracting, your mind becomes less of that of a gambler and more of an investor. Keep positive in mind. Refrain from drowning yourself in negativity and being a sore loser will only make you a true loser in life. Be optimistic and realistic at the same time, you will win huge soon. More luck to you.
  2. KENO: 11,029,583,257 placed by Furmagesty on 04/11/2019 Wagered 0.00016000 Multiplier 390x Profit 0.06224000
  3. So far i have yet to come across any site as generous as Stake is towards their members. Stake appreciates every of their members and offers handsome rewards to their Vips every weekend. The highest vip coupon i have ever received was 0.05btc in last November 2018. Its totally amazing how generous they can be to be honest. They have won many hearts with loyalties including mine of course. Luv Stake to the max!πŸ₯°πŸ’–
  4. Happy Birthday Stake!! πŸŽ‚ I was around when you were newly born into this crypto world in 2017! πŸ˜„ Hahaha, u have literally swept me off my feet and changed my lifestyle for real. At least you have managed to tame down my wildness by stopping me from accepting invitations from my party friends who drink drank drunk almost every other day, definitely a huge save on further damaging my liver. Haha! Im really glad u were born, Stake!! Nothing is impossible at Stake! U have nicely created an ultimate online gambling experience for all to enjoy and offers generous bonuses and opportunities for us to win huge as well! I seriously cannot imagine a day without Stake. Stake Complete Me. 😘
  5. @Mackyrivera We Can & We Will Reach 500x & above!! πŸ˜„
  6. Yeah! I totally agree with all of ya! True gentleman like Eddie should be well protected as endangered male species. God must have spent a little more time on him for sure. Eddie knows the difference between confidence and arrogance. He is an intelligent gentleman who knows the benefit of listening to other’s views and being prepared to learn and develop his world view. No doublespeak, no having to read between the lines – while never being rude or insensitive. A man of his words. He will never turn his back on you, i have realised.. Instead, he will always try to help to salvage the situation and brightens ones' day. Simply Luv him truly deeply madly! πŸ₯° Lol!
  7. That goes without saying, babe. I have never ever come across any live support team out there who are always there for us 24/7, giving their members moral support and with their great sense of humour to brighten up one's day, even go to the extra miles in resolving any of our problems, to ease our mind and keep us happy. I simply Luv all of them to the max! πŸ₯°πŸ’–πŸ’―
  8. Yeah! Its a great idea sis han! Thank u for suggesting! Im sure all of the stakers gonna luv u even more for this especially me! Lol! Im still wondering how much more should i wager to reach platinum star . Hehe
  9. I would rather be surprised bcos the anticipation of something is too painful to endure. Lol! It kills me to wait..
  10. Lmao wise choice for sure! I shall be Keno tiles! So that i can turn green whenever i need my tiles to be. Lol
  11. Furlicious


    Haha, this question suits me best tho. Ask Miss Busto Expertise, me! Lol. Well i can never get used to busting my balances away that's for sure. I think my remote controller is malfunctioning to be honest. I have this issue with stopping. I can't seems to be able to stop while im still winning. No matter how much i have won, at the end of the day, i will end up busting all away.. hates myself to the max..
  12. Not sure if you guys heard about Bitcoin debit card. It acts like a prepaid credit card which allows you to make purchases at some supermarkets and retail stores. Enabling you to top up your debit card with Bitcoin. Anyway, it will be cool if we can just pay from our bitcoin wallet itself by scanning the payment barcode. I believe bitcoin payment mode will be futuristic since we already have grabpay and wechat services out in the market making payments easier with just a scan away.
  13. Well, its definitely not worth taking loans to gambling for sure. Yet it does comes in handy when u have cravings on your games or you need chances to win and build up. I can totally relate to how frustrating it is to take up loans to win for other other loans repayment but ended up busting all of it. Adding on to your current burden. Especially now that the btc rate has shot so high up, its really taxing... i have been purchasing $50-$100 worth of btc and its like only 0.003- 0.005btc. Damn... cant win any and always ended up busting in mins... oh well, seriously can't wait to clear off all of my outstanding loans out there, its stressing me out. Lol!
  14. I would rate Stake 11 out of 10 rating if I'm allowed to. And why am i over rating Stake? Well, Stake has been over pampering their Vips in many countless ways , always upgrading the platform to ensure best gambling experience achieved for their members to indulge, get sink into their seductive games which provides endless supply of adrenaline rush guaranteed! And talk about getting help from their live support team who are always around 24/7 to assist us promptly, be it their meal time or even toilet break, they will ensure all enquiries are resolved with satisfactory answers, even to the extent of going the extra miles just to put a smile on one's face and brighten his or her day. Talk about generosity, no other sites offers so much bonuses and giveaways like Stake do. And i really meant huge amounts up to $3k USD depending on the Vip levels and activity of course. Its not a one time bonus for your info, more like a monthly perk up bonus and giveaways which all of us are always anticipating for! Yup this is definitely a freaking awesome gesture from our Stake's Big hearted, chivalrous Eddie, 😍site owner who really bothers to listen to what others have to say or suggest. He has truly won the hearts of many including mine obviously. Now, come to think of it, dont you guys think Stake deserves more than 11 out of 10 rating? U shall be the judge!πŸ’― Thank You Stake for your awesomeness!πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜