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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome, Oleg! More luck to you! Cheers!😉
  2. Haha! Im actually still playing mines at the old stake tho. Preferred the sound effects and graphics over there compared to V2. And i luv the random pick button. Tends to self explode if i were to pick myself. So i rather let the bot do the picks. It works pretty well for me tho. Lol!
  3. Omg wow! Congrats there! Hope you will be able to hit that insane multiplier again with a bigger bet amt! More luck to you!
  4. Furlicious

    Hidden tricks?

    Yeah i believe its based on individual luck and mentality. Chances of hitting high multipliers are definitely higher for those who uses the bot to play. Those who play manually have to be mentally prepared for those wrong decisions made while during their games. Go Huge or Go Home! Lol!
  5. Hahaha! Oh yes, u nailed it, Badgee. Those rainbot thankers doesnt seem to understand the logical senses or they are just being ' Too Polite '. Over these years, i have come to learn that its totally pointless talking sense into them. They will not listen and will always stay deeply devoted worshipping their rain of god. Looking into another realistic angle, these rain thankers ran out of words to spam so by thanking the bot seems to be the easiest. Lol! Sadly they have underrated the rain system that has been smartly programmed to detect spammers and same ip users.
  6. Great! Thank you so much for this useful info. I do need it for sure. Its much more fun playing keno n mines at old stake. Lol!
  7. Lol! Really?! Best for u to stay away while my bitch mode is switched on. Trust me, its for ur own good. 😂
  8. Haha! I joined stake right before their official launch in August 2017. Still have some screenshots to share. From the shots itself you will be able to see how Stake progresses and improvise day by day. The fonts and the graphics. This⏬ is my 1st Keno hit in August 2017. Lol! Now, you should know just how deep my luv for keno has been since day 1.😍 This is classic! This Stats of mine was captured on the 19th of April 2018. And up to date, this is my latest Stats. Lol! Damn! Thank god i never thought of recovering .. Its gonna be so challenging if i do.😂😂
  9. I luv the way u describe, very innovative with a great sense of humor but yet understandable. Haha!
  10. Lol! Can i express how u might have felt? Could it be " FML!" (Fuck My Life!) Or Damn! Wtf! (What the Fuck!) Hahaha! Just pulling ur leg. Sorry those are how i felt instead tho. Lol!
  11. Wow! Well done Darkblood! Im sure u will complete all stages in no time! More luck to ya!😃
  12. I have never thought of recovering since day one. Haha! I feel its redundant and it will only incurs more losses when we were to chase losses. Its endless. For me, every deposit made is a fresh start of my games. Never looked back and dwell about our past huge losses. Its past tensed. Enjoy the games and Win like u never win before! Lol! 😄
  13. Here are some example of this topic content. Lol! I have been betting with 0.0031eth on the red streak and when i lowered my bet by half, Bingo! It hits green! Haha! Its becoming a cycle i feel.
  14. Awesome updates! Finally! No offence but those spammers / passive beggars are getting on my nerves day by day. Have been trying to avoid chatting in there to prolong my lifespan and prevent any unnecessary bitch mode switching on. Lmao. Anyway Thank you so much for addressing this issue. Its never easy we know that. Thumbs up!
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