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  1. Furlicious

    Did you originally come from Primedice?

    Not for me. Haha! Thug was the one who lured me into Stake in August 2017 days before they even officially launched and gotten me addicted till now. Lol! Kidding! Thanks to him, i found this awesome site!
  2. Furlicious

    Anyone play 1-4 tiles?

    Recently i have been playing with 4numbers due to small bankroll availability. Lol! Its much safer with lesser risk i feel.
  3. Furlicious

    My best win

    So far i have only gotten up to 60x. Just luv seeing those greenies appearing in full. Hehe.
  4. Furlicious

    Martingale high 16 on Plinko

    Hey DB! So far i have only tried martingale method on Mines Game. Had a victorious win of 16eth just last October. I didnt do martingale on plinko bcos there isnt such settings in auto feature on mobile mode. Not too sure bt desktop site tho. Usually i will double up my basebet if i were to play manually.
  5. Furlicious

    What big mistake you've made it to the stake?

    Same scenario experienced as well.. so sorry about your losses. Im sure we will win all back with huge profits very soon! Stay Positive my dear!
  6. Furlicious

    My accidental win with automated Mines

    Wahaha! Really! Oh no! Hope its not a bad influence tho. I will try it again when i hv a more stable balance to sustain those reds streak. N yeah, being jeopardised by one bomb definitely blows our brain and heart up! More luck with your hunt, Kix!
  7. Furlicious

    Moblie vs. PC Plinko game play

    Yes yes, i totally agree with you. Lol! I always ended up switching to keno or mines after 3mins of plinko dropping.
  8. Furlicious

    My accidental win with automated Mines

    Haha! Thank u v much, i still miz that adrenaline rush for sure. Felt so great! Hopefully i can hit something like this again soon. Lol! Good luck to u too!
  9. Furlicious

    What if stake went from virtual to physical games?

    Sounds fun for sure. But i would still prefer playing online for convenience sake. Lol! I have never stepped into my own Country Casino till now. Hahaha
  10. Furlicious

    New Dogecoin withdraw limit - what do you think?

    Yeah the withdrawal limits were increased due to ongoing promotion offered to some Vips out there. Its to prevent promo abuse since the offered amount is pretty high. Once the promotion ends, the withdrawal limit will reinstate to its original amount.
  11. My largest profit over here would be my single mine hit last October. 16eth added into my balance unbelievably. Lol! Thanks to Stake!
  12. Furlicious

    Accidentally Hit 367736x

    Wow! Congrats there! That was an amazing insanely hit for sure! Expect unexpected Windfall! Happy for ya! May u hit more of this multiplier again soon..😉
  13. Furlicious

    Claim Free BCH Code [Giveaway]

    I guessed by now you do realised how awesome u are. 😊 Thank you so much for your kind generosity towards everyone. 👍 Good luck!
  14. Furlicious

    Choose One when you bet on stake

    For me, usually i will start with small bets ranging from 10k sats to 100k sats and once my bankroll is 1.5x more , i will start increasing my bets from 100k- 1million sats.
  15. Furlicious

    Appreciate the effort

    Oh Yes, indeed! Fun Loving Stake Support Team is absolutely amazingly Awesome! Im not exaggerating by the way. They will unconditionally assist you whenever u needed help around Stake. Much appreciated! Luv them to the max!😘