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  1. HILO: 1,792,474,421 placed by bobdole on 04/12/2018 Wagered 0.00012000 Multiplier 2.55009x Profit 0.00018601
  2. I've been pretty lucky on a few occasions and I usually withdraw immediately because I know I hit the high point of my session and that it can only get worse from here. But I usually spend a bit of irl then take the rest back the next few days trying to win back what I used and end up losing it all Lol.
  3. bobdole

    How do you make profit with the faucet?

    It may be possible but it's a waste of time. Right now 10 satoshi is worth 0.00038 in USD.... so if you went all in on plinko 16 pins high with 10 satoshi and hit 1000x on your first try that's .38 cent profit.
  4. If the site owner wants to celebrate Christmas on their site then they should be able to do that. It's a ridiculous thing to be offended by.
  5. bobdole

    What mode on stake do you like or use?

    I prefer dark mode but for some reason when I try to make a deposit my phone can't scan the qr code, maybe because it can't distinguish between the two colors. Nevertheless, lightmode because I forget to change and by that point the damage is done. XD
  6. bobdole

    Longest Bitcoin Transaction wait ?

    I think the longest ive waited is two hours, a lot less than others lol but I didn't get into bitcoin until late. You didn't ask but the quickest I've gotten one confirmaton on a stake deposit was around 10 seconds.
  7. Hope you win many bitcoins, Good luck!
  8. Hope you win big bro! Stake username bobdole
  9. bobdole

    Users abusing the chat

    Hmm tough to say, it could be an accident but if they're doing it consistently over a large period of time and not even participating in conversations then I'd say it's probably a bot trying to farm rain. Should be muted or banned if they can't explain otherwise.
  10. I joined a couple of months ago because I wanted to play on a site that was provably fair and didn't have a minimum amount you had to bet. Stay because of the good people and clean design.
  11. Haha I did because I made a bunch of replies, went to sleep, came back and it hadn't been 24 hours yet so I could one post 1-2 more times. Though the 24 hours ended a little bit after that.
  12. bobdole

    Who has a strategy for keno and dice?

    Yikes Keno strategy. Well what I have noticed is that if your numbers haven't given you a hit after about five bets then it's probably a good idea to change them. On the other side if you do hit I think it's a good idea to bet a few more times on those numbers because it seems like the same numbers are drawn for at least a few consecutive bets.
  13. bobdole

    Preferred Amount of Risk

    I was wondering what general strategies people here use in terms of the size of their bet compared to the amount of risk they are willing to take. An example would be one person having a balance of 500,000 satoshis and betting 10,000 on each plinko ball high. Another person with the same balance may be betting 200 sats on HILO hunting a very high multiplier. Obviously the person playing Plinko is making a much riskier bet that depends upon hitting something within about 50 bets. The person playing HILO is not taking much risk but is committing a lot of time in order to get a similarly large payout. My question to you is, in your experience which of these play styles do you prefer and which do you think is more effective in the long run? Or if you bet a different way I'd like to hear why you use it and how well it works for you. 😁
  14. bobdole

    Letting Stakers vote for the winners?

    Yeah a poll would be great. They could only allow accounts that posted say 50 posts and are older than 3 months to be eligible to vote to avoid anyone cheating. I'd prefer a wide group judging compared to just a select group of site employees.