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  1. Simple game that tends to get boring when the payout is generally always the same. For me it comes down to how lucky I'm feeling when I raise my bet a huge amount. If the dealer is getting a six then I double and he ends with 21 thats when I'm soured from the game lol
  2. I prefer smaller bets where even if you don't get the big hit you can at least enjoy the ride while it lasts.
  3. The overall look of stake is much more appealing to the eye compared to gambling sites that have more traditional games. Those types of sites often have hundred of games/slots all crammed in with no thought in making the design coherent. The chat and forum make the site feel warmer and more trustworthy as you can hear what other players are thinking and share in the experience. So all in all I like the aesthetics and the community of Stake compared to other sites.
  4. Yeah for a while last year they seemed to come about once a month but lately it's been like a coupon every 2-3 months. Although it sucks when you hear about a big coupon that certain special players got
  5. Yes, I can't stand Hilo as I inevitably get caught in a rut where I guess every card wrong straight from the get-go and I do not have the patience for that lol
  6. Hate spam trivia when it's about some random number but the worst spam trivia is when it's something like, "Who is my favorite sport's player" then everyone spams all the popular players of every sport then the trivia gets canceled and they don't say who it was. Pisses me off lol if you're gonna do a trivia like that, for gods sake at least say what the specific sport is. 😡😡
  7. haha that's the worst when you bust a big deposit then have regret about what you should have done differently. You never know the value of what you have until it's gone, but I wish I would learn one of these days.
  8. Well, it's pretty easy to tell when you send a tip or post a big win and they become very interested in you all of the sudden, but if I see players who have good attitudes and chat often it's nice to surprise them with a tip. It comes down to how paranoid you are about people's true intentions, which is not healthy. Just go by your gut feeling
  9. Yes bring back !bonzo it's much more dramatic than simply leaving chat. The only reason I can see for removing it is so new players aren't tricked into muting themselves but they'll learn their lesson lol
  10. yes I can see why businesses would be more attractive targets for ransomware as it's likely cheaper to pay them than the effects of losing all their data. I'd be angry if I was personally a victim but nothing on my pc is important enough for me to pay some dickhead hacker. I have all my important stuff backed up on the cloud or external HDDs.
  11. I mean, you could just disable 2fa. But when someone finds the password you use for other accounts in a database dump, 2 factor saves your life. The only big issue I have had with it was when my phone reset and I couldn't find the screenshot I took of the qr code not for stake but other website.
  12. I haven't yet dare to touch it. I assumed it was instant bust button.
  13. Haha I've never kept track that way as my deposits vary widely in amounts. I go by days/weeks/months. Longest I've gone is probably a little longer than a month.
  14. I've have yet to hit a royal flush here. I have gotten one in a real casino but in a game where you can play ten hands at once so you pick your cards to hold and it deals you out ten hands very quickly. Best I hit here was a straight flush.
  15. I have yet to profit from a coupon given to me by stake. Part of that is my own bad luck the other part is that they just don't give them out very often. I don't think they should base who gets the coupon on who's online at a given moment, that would suck for those who are frequent players that wouldn't get it. It should be based on perhaps if you've logged on in a given month and the amount you've wagered. Part of that is already the case as players get different amounts in the coupons. I haven't ever straight withdrawn a bonus because it's never really that much and by the time you convert it and pay whatever fees to get real cash it will be even less. Besides I want to make a big score! I'm not sure what you mean in terms of misuse. If you're hard up for cash I don't see any problem with withdrawing straight away. But I agree that players who hardly wager shouldn't get as much as those who have been here a while and wager much more.