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  1. I agree we with you, it's kinda shitty in that they're leaving all the players who have been loyal to the site and have wagered a lot out to bite the dust. I joined less than a year ago, wagered a fair amount of btc, and am down .63 btc. I'm just saying It would have been nice to be included considering we're essentially starting over to get rewarded in the new vip program.
  2. As long as you have all your settings set correctly I think it's still random in that you're most likely to get some if you're wagering decent amounts but even then it probably switches the players so everyone gets a chance as I notice I don't get it for a while even when gambling/chatting.
  3. yes I use stake for fun as gambling is the only thing that is extremely repetitive yet never loses the excitement when getting some huge wins. I would like to make some money but it's not the only reason to play here.
  4. I think I found stake at random on a google search. I like it because of the games, the sites overall design, the staff listens and helps out the users, as well as that it's very transparent in what goes on in your bets.
  5. I do like that it seems to be a very efficient strategy, compared to say playing plinko for hours just to bust all the same. I would say this strategy is best for people not interested in wasting time but I wouldn't use it as I enjoy playing here for a good amount of time.
  6. I would say Hilo or Mines because those two games have the potential to get some multipliers way higher than most other games on stake. It's very difficult to gain any significant profits from a small balance so you have to chase those multipliers and hope for some luck.
  7. I switch games once I get a few good hits, but don't play more than one game simultaneously. In terms of the switching machines for luck in a casino, it's impossible to know since you could be leaving the machine that is one bet away from the jackpot and going to a losing machine.
  8. It's kind of annoying when people use chatbot commands in chat as you could easily just use google to check the prices. I think when you type a command in chat, say !btc, it should function as any /command and just send you the pm without appearing in chat. The information is only useful to the person typing it and doesn't need to be broadcasted to the entire chat.
  9. I'm pretty sure I am addicted but I have a good time so I don't care enough to stop. Part of the problem is that I feel if I don't play I'm missing out on some kind of good luck but more often than not it's the opposite. I wouldn't say I'm committed as I have no actual goal other than to win a lot of money.
  10. Perhaps they should have a variable amount for tips and rain that changes with a set dollar amount, for example mininum tip would be set to 1 dollar and minimum rain set to 10 cents a person, adjusting based on the current market price of the coin.
  11. damn sorry to see that Eugene. Is this your usual strategy of betting, big bet + low multiplier?
  12. Yes I agree. I think dice is better for low multipliers and limbo is better for high multipliers. At least in limbo you can't be on the unlucky side of the board when chasing high multi like in dice. But limbo also has awful streaks of multipliers less than 2x more so than dice I have seen.
  13. Meh I'm satisfied with the coins available now at stake as it is. Some sites have way too many currencies available to play with and it kinda clutters up the sites look. One or two more would be fine but not too many.
  14. bobdole

    Low pins.

    Yeah I've tried low risk but it seems to end in bust all the same, albeit more slowly. No matter the risk, I think the key to plinko is to quit while ahead even if you haven't hit the max multiplier yet.