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  1. it appears the highest i got from a coupon was 390k satoshi from a while back when bitcoin was crashing very low so it wasn't really as much as some of the other ones I got when looking at the price at the time of issue.
  2. Oh I'm sure Stake makes many times $20k a week, there's no way they would be giving away half their profit each week. Just by the huge amounts wagered in these races I'd be willing to bet they are making many times the race prize in profits for every single race. You have to remember Stake is a business and they aren't doing these things out of charity.
  3. Yeah I think this new challenge format is kind of dumb, everyone except gold stars or platinum stars are worse off if they win now. I see why they did it though, why give money away to people who don't spend money here. It would be better to just not allow anyone without a star to participate in the challenges and keep the prizes how they were before.
  4. Normally I do best with 7 mines, any more than that and I can't win very much.
  5. I would be raining all day long and perhaps even do a 24 hour stream with giveaway for the special occasion! Only happens once a year so I would go all out!
  6. So as you guys have seen there's always a promotion when a milestone is coming up for the number of bets placed on stake. It's usually on every billionth bet but an extra was done recently for the 7,777,777,777 bet. The prize for hitting it is 100x of your profit or loss on that bet. I think this promotion is kind of a let down as usually the person who ends up hitting is betting a very small amount and the prize get is pretty underwhelming considering the sheer luck it takes to hit a milestone bet ID. Especially since the promo is advertised as being able to win up to 1 bitcoin. I t
  7. Yeah my biggest win was hitting 1000x with 50k Satoshi for .5 btc profit on that single bet. Couldn't believe it since I hit it in less than 20 rolls and was really only hoping to hit 130x so that was a very nice surprise. Ended up withdrawing .7 btc at the end of the day.
  8. It would be nice if it could be a job but I don't see how it would be possible to consistently make money in the long run. Since the house has the edge, making profit is mostly down to luck and eventually that luck runs out. If you can do it, more power to you, but for me gambling can only be for fun.
  9. It's fast enough for me with instant bet on and animations turned off. That being said I don't really play dice on any other sites so I don't have anything to compare it to. Although I have noticed stake is getting slower for me in general. I'm guessing it's due to the large influx of players and just the sheer number of bets being placed that perhaps stake wasn't prepared for the server load.
  10. I was looking forward to it since I seem to be luckier in games that my choices don't affect the outcome like plinko compared to dice. Although I'm kind of turned off on it now since they changed the house edge from 1.1% to 2.9%. Like wtf stake I already lose a lot on games now with 1% house edge, is it really necessary to make it even more unfair to the player?
  11. most memorable moment for me was hitting 1000x in plinko with a much larger bet than I would usually make and within less than 20 rolls, I couldn't believe it! 🎂
  12. I've only used it once because I had received some free BAT from somewhere but I wouldn't use it again, it was way too slow. Unless you have no other way to exchange your coins I would not recommend using coinswitch.
  13. Haha stake does seem to have a lot lore about its self as well as the people who work at stake. Perhaps stake should have a wiki, much like how every game/book/movie has, to explain all the different aspects/personalities of stake because it's almost like it has its own little fictional universe. Though a wiki for all the staff might be a little creepy so let's stick to just learning through chat if you're new here.
  14. Yeah it's mostly just dumb luck, especially as the challenges seem to be getting much harder. In games like limbo or dice it helps to have another window open betting so you can bet twice as much. Too many though will probably just lag everything up. Also be sure to turn instant bet on and animations off.
  15. yeah plinko is always either extremely good or extremely bad for me, like yesterday I hit 620x then played some other games went back to plinko and hit 1000x within 10 rolls of starting. It's all about coming in at the right time, unfortunately this is impossible to know. I think if your not hitting anything at all in plinko, change seeds or switch games for a while, then come back randomly as you may come in at the good streak instead of going through the long bad streaks.
  16. Only after busting since if I I'm doing good I'll not even notice the rakeback amount and inevitably will end up losing that too. It's like a last chance to recover after busting and shouldn't be wasted to quick.
  17. I didn't really like chartbet in the first place but I'm playing crash now and I just let it ride as high as I'd like and cashout when I feel like it. Although I go for higher multipliers, at least 100x. Maybe it would be wise to sit back and wait for a long streak of 1.xx multipliers then get in at that point since when it swings low it's bound to swing right back up high.
  18. Lately I've been having good luck with 9 numbers in a 3x3 box without the middle, I usually place it in one of the corners and just be mindful of where the numbers are primarily coming out as I do think they are not truly random. Another good pattern is 6 numbers, one on each corner and two randomly placed. I get 180x a lot doing it this way.
  19. Seems to be going well with out any problems so that's good. Seen some crazy multipliers already, in fact within the first 10 rolls after release there was a multiplier over 4000x!
  20. No I think you are right that it was removed due to some matter of fraud. I can't remember if there was a mininum amount to tip, but I'm thinking if someone made tons of accounts they would send their balance to one account so they would be able to withdraw to stake. I'm also thinking if they keep switching accounts they would rack up thousands of satoshis and it would probably be easier for them to send it all to the one account the use the most on stake.
  21. So I seems many users at Stake have been getting hacked as of late. Each time the victim can't believe how they were hacked. It's time to be more paranoid because your money is at risk and if you don't want some shithead to steal from you I have some tips you should follow. 1. USE 2 FACTOR AUTHENTICATION!!! This is probably the most important tip since even if the hacker knows your password they still will not be able to get into your account. Use Google Authenticator on your phone but if you can't for some reason, Authy is another authenticator that has a windows application so you can g
  22. Unbelievable he actually managed to hit it, although he did say it took 3.2 million bets and at 80 satoshi a bet that gave him .3 bitcoin profit overall. I don't think I would try this, for one he had to have started with a huge bankroll and being .5 bitcoin down before hitting.... there's no way I'd let it go so far is what I'm saying.
  23. No, I don't want anything to do with Libra as I really don't trust Facebook. With the seemingly limitless amount of cryptos out there now I just don't see the point, especially with the anonymous aspect of stake, the last thing I want is Facebook tracking what I'm using a coin for. On the other side of it, Libra might end up being more stable than other cryptos as it's backed by a large company that's subject to regulations/us laws.
  24. I agree with you but it seems the amount of spam on forum seems to be at an all time high. There are so many frankly stupid topics being posted that are clearly just to earn forum rewards. I also think that there is a cool down on the amount you earn per post as I have posted what I considered to be a quality post but didn't earn as much from it as I had for a reply earlier that day.
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