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  1. Oh I'm sure Stake makes many times $20k a week, there's no way they would be giving away half their profit each week. Just by the huge amounts wagered in these races I'd be willing to bet they are making many times the race prize in profits for every single race. You have to remember Stake is a business and they aren't doing these things out of charity.
  2. Unbelievable he actually managed to hit it, although he did say it took 3.2 million bets and at 80 satoshi a bet that gave him .3 bitcoin profit overall. I don't think I would try this, for one he had to have started with a huge bankroll and being .5 bitcoin down before hitting.... there's no way I'd let it go so far is what I'm saying.
  3. player vs player would be fun but it's not very profitable for the site since you're playing for other peoples balances instead of directly against stake. Even if they had a house cut it wouldn't be comparable to what they get now.
  4. Of course it's not, if you can't come up with the money yourself then you should not be gambling. You're more than likely to end up not only broke but also in debt. People loaning to gamblers are scum in my opinion.
  5. An actual computer is always preferable for playing stake. Much easier betting and a lot faster. I only use my phone when I don't have access to a PC so only out of necessity.
  6. I don't think the seeds we are able to change make very much difference in the outcome of the bets we make except if you're in an unlucky part of a seed and switch to a luckier part but overall the odds shouldn't change in the long run of playing. I have notice that people often post big wins with the seed "Eddie" but this is most likely just a coincidence lol.
  7. haha yes it would be complete and utter chaos if this actually happened. I'm fine with my username as it is though and wouldn't change it anyways, no one would know who I am otherwise
  8. I like the amount that one coin is worth 41 cents as thats generally the amount that I wager per bet anyways so it works out perfectly. Bitcoin on the other hand I usually bet more/less than I realize because of the price changes and that it's worth so much. I was lucky at first with the bonus but didn't end well.
  9. I don't normally play slots in real casinos because I always lose, however the most i won was about 1500 dollars from a 10 dollar bet in a online casino. I hit some kind of bonus round and it would not stop giving me extra free spins and on a ten dollar bet that added up quick.
  10. biggest win I ever had was a withdraw of .7 btc to my wallet, won .5 btc on stake and the rest somewhere else all in one session though
  11. this is great advice, i especially hate watching someone stream playing blackjack and they have no idea how to play then complain that they keep losing lmao. Only when playing the game perfectly puts the house edge at .48% otherwise you'd be playing at a disadvantage.
  12. Yes, definitely my top choice because it is the original crypto, it's the most valuable, and it's the most widely accepted for various payments online.
  13. I made like 200k sats but they quit the site immediately after that lol. I've got something like 10 affiliates but they don't wager anything. Wish I knew a strategy to recruit rich people to the site but it seems to be a niche demographic, people that know about bitcoin, are rich, and would be interested in gambling it.
  14. Aww I missed that hopefully you do it again because it sounds like a lot of fun
  15. yeah I don't think stake actually cares one way or the other if you're playing from a country that's outlawed bitcoin gambling but put the warning just so they don't get into any actual trouble. The governments are just mad they're not getting tax from your winning anyways so screw them lol.
  16. yes I use stake for fun as gambling is the only thing that is extremely repetitive yet never loses the excitement when getting some huge wins. I would like to make some money but it's not the only reason to play here.
  17. damn sorry to see that Eugene. Is this your usual strategy of betting, big bet + low multiplier?
  18. Yes I agree. I think dice is better for low multipliers and limbo is better for high multipliers. At least in limbo you can't be on the unlucky side of the board when chasing high multi like in dice. But limbo also has awful streaks of multipliers less than 2x more so than dice I have seen.
  19. It seems sometimes the same numbers come out over and over, it would be nice if there was some kind of bot that tracks which numbers are coming out the most often and vice versa. I think I read somewhere it's impossible to make something truly random.
  20. Personally I prefer the classic version of dice compared to the wheel version. I don't think it makes any difference other than visually. The wheel version reminds of the wheel game, which I don't care for.
  21. bobdole


    I agree, it doesn't seem fair that everything we've wagered up to this point doesn't count for anything. Hopefully Stake considers player loyalty to the site in future promotions.
  22. I'm pretty sure the highest I've hit on keno was 900x though it was with a small bet so I wasn't very happy about it. I don't believe anyone has ever gotten 10/10 numbers but I'm sure a mod or someone could confirm that.
  23. Boredom usually, gambling in general is probably the most repetitive thing that is always thrilling and a great way to kill time.
  24. Congrats! I'm still trying to hit but it's nice to see it's not impossible to get.
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