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  1. No more need for it, logins are working normally again.
  2. Yes but it's not really Stakes fault this time, more of a problem with how Windows natively handles SSL encryption levels. Here's a workaround to be able to log in until I publish a new version: https://forum.seuntjie.com/index.php?topic=1334.msg2318#msg2318 Logins are working normally again
  3. Seuntjie

    A scam I noticed

    I have 2 Questions for you. 1. If the video was as believable but it said $ (or whatever your local currency is) would you have even considered it? For some reason people stop thinking of cryptocurrency as money and they become gullible. Whenever you see something like, replace any mention of cryptocurrency with your local fiat currency and think about how believable it is again. 2. When you found out the channel/video is a scam, did you report the video/channel? Youtube doesn't just know when things are scams, they rely on people to report videos that are. So when you see one, instead of posting on an unrelated forum, report the video/channel so it can be taken down.
  4. When's the last time you checked? DiceBot has supported Stake since before Stake officially opened.
  5. Can you post a screenshot of your settings and the malfunction?
  6. Let me rephrase my response. I'm not adding new features to version 3 of the bot at the moment. I'm still open to suggestions or requests for version 4 of the bot.
  7. 1. I'm not adding new features to the bot, and typically any GUI update can have an effect on betting speed. 2. Have you tried opening the settings menu? view->settings.
  8. DiceBot 3.4.1 available for download - https://bot.seuntjie.com/botpage.aspx Change Log New Features Stats window is now dockable to home screen Added percentage increase to martingale settings that works with multiplier (changing one updates the other) stop/start buttons for programmer mode saves last used currency syntax highlighted code box auto load tmpcodebackup script on startup (should be last used script for that instance) Changes Ui Changes to advanced mode and programmer mode Added XLM for bitsler Added XRP for PD (and stake) Added tipping to advanced mode Bug Fixes Stake and PD not working correctly
  9. While we wait for feedback from the devs, here's a few work-arounds for common issues: When searching for bets using the bet history form, replace the last number with a %. For example, if you're looking for bets with rolls of 12.34, search for 12.3%. This will search for anything that starts with 12.3, so anything between 12.30 and 12.39. It's not ideal, but it should make it a bit easier to identify (If you know which side the precision tilts it to, you can search instead for 12.339% or 12.340%) If you're using the programmer mode to identify rolls as they happen, you can round the lastBet.Roll value using the simple round function described here: http://lua-users.org/wiki/SimpleRound
  10. I did a quick test from DiceBot and then directly from Stakes API page to make sure: The problem is on stakes side, below is a screenshot of roll as it is returned from the API. While I can round the results to 2 decimals, it would be better and more correct for it to be done on the server. I have escalated the issue to the devs and am awaiting feedback
  11. I still need to test and verify this, but I suspect that the problem is on Stakes side, not the bot. DiceBot only shows the number it gets from the site, if it's showing something with too many decimals, the site is sending a number with too many decimals. Once I've had a chance to test it, I will report back. If it's a problem on the bots' side, I will fix it, but if it's a precision problem on stakes/pds side, I will report the problem to them.
  12. Not really sure what those screenshots are supposed to be? As for your actual question, no. The bot does not withdraw or tip funds to me or anyone else (as long as you use the official version) automatically, unless you are using a programmer mode script from someone else and didn't read through it properly. If you suspect the bot is stealing from you, check your transaction logs for outgoing tips or withdrawals. DiceBot is and always will be open source, you can check the source code and compile it yourself if you don't believe me (or decompile the one you have downloaded and the source there). Also, no. I/the bot can't do this via the API. with the recent move the API keys/betting tokens, the bot only has permissions to bet, reset your seed and pull the stats to be displayed.
  13. That's caused by the site throttling your bets. Afaik, the site throttles requests by IP, so if you are chatting or betting from your browser, the bot will have issues. My best advice in this situation is to reduce your betting speed even more until it runs smoothly. I don't know what the rate limits for stake is. It seems to be more complicated than just a set requests/second limit, and it seems to change quite often.
  14. 1. No way to do this without deleting old bets. Some people want to keep all of their bets, others doesn't care if it gets logged or not. So I will not be adding anything anytime soon to automatically reduce the DB size. What you can do is rename the file when it's too big for you. 2. Can you send me an example of the error please? It works fine when I try it.