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    4412830.00x Payout

    @Faris Congratz bro , glory hit.
  2. @Bojana Thanks for the reply , I was muted after one message to the bot . nvm
  3. I got muted 30min while trivia running because i said 'I love you bot', no one give me warning and i cant find rule about this here. Please add it to be clear rule.
  4. Mines sound is good for me , i can run autobet and do other things and back to game when i hear win sound .
  5. nice post , here we go , i'm from the lovely Egypt . http://www.travelstart.com.eg/blog/the-65-best-destinations-in-all-egypt
  6. Stake username: neoooo Bet ID: Roulette:91,253,629
  7. @dan If the same user hit multiple wins , will you take his highest only or all ?
  8. neoooo

    Plinko 1000x

    @Memeka this is half of the truth , suppose u played 65k rolls with base bet 10sat , then sum all win values for the 16 pins like this : 10*1*1000 + 10*16* 130+ 10*120* 26 , ..... and substract from 650k then u can get house edge correctly.
  9. Stake username : neoooo Bet ID : Mines:88,268,330
  10. what we r racing for here ? best multiplier or biggest win amount ?
  11. I love it when the autobet become green in Mines.