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  1. simple as that. we dont need to brag because we all know stake is the best. stake username: waobossing3
  2. The best Food and Beer Combo in the philippines is this cuisine. Sizzling Pork Sisig (pork skin meat. Deep fried) and served to a sizzling plate. Tokwat baboy. (Tofu and pork meat combo deep fried) and the cold beer. The Sizzling Pork Sisig Tokwat Baboy and Beer Combo here in the Philippines.
  3. twitter username: @Unlucky2win
  4. stake: waobossing3 twitter: @Unlucky2win
  5. Dont know if thats okay @Steve. Hoping that u accept my entry. 🙏 🙅
  6. This is my not so cool and kinda ewwwwie skill or talent.
  7. My entry for the Pets of stake giveaway. The name of our pet is Lyka she is a Belgian Sheperd. And sorry shes in her little cage because she is 1month pregnant but hey she has some cute surprise for you before the video ends so you need to watch and finish the whole video @Steve
  8. dont know what happen but earlier this morning i can still chat and view all the msg from chatrooms. but now when i log in again. this error is showing. what could be the problem can someone from stake support help me.
  9. Good day i need help cause im getting this error. and i cant access all chats. dont what happen. im not muted or anything before i log out. then this happen.
  10. @Steve alrighty time to practice. ahaha goodluck to all who will participate.
  11. @Steve only 4 winners? or there will be a consolation prize for those people who will submit a video entry?
  12. so its okay if we just record our game and our voice?