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  1. welcome in stake community. with my pleasure we can learn it together. Sharing is carrying.
  2. yea,you are right. Only for vip level there. Mine is non VIP so dont have boosting service at all.
  3. hahaha mitos yang bisa jadi benar kalau kita yakin gan, ayo dong ajak bini ke borobudur murah kok. Btw emang agan di daerah mana ya? kalaudi jawa mah pasti bisa terjangkau biayanya.
  4. yes it will be happen. Play smart and wisely. Stopped even got a profit is a better advice i can say. Keep on profit, slow but stable is better than big win but will get nig lose also.
  5. Tiga tujuan destinasi yang sepadan dengan costnya gan, asli. Kalau Rinjani kadang rejeki rejekian, untuk sampai puncaknya. Banyak yang gagal mencapainya, iklim dan cuaca penyebabnya. Rata rata yang gagal hanya bisa sampai segara anak. Semoga bisa tergapai cita citanya gan. Life is adventure !
  6. Trip mahal semua itu kecuali pulau komodo yang mana sekarangpun terbatas dibukanya. Yang jelas Rinjani memerlukan kesiapan fisik dan mental, mental pembiayaannya. Kalo bunaken ama raja ampat jelas mahalnya, tiket PP nya aja jelas, soalnya transit. Kalau mau murah meriah gak jauh dengan pesona bunaken, karimun jawa atau pulau seribu kalo untuk sekedar snorkeling. Kalo diving tetap bunaken ama raja ampat rajanya.
  7. Rakeback button right? simple tasking as like prize claim button
  8. Daerah mana yang pingin dikunjungi gan? Siapa tahu saya bisa kasih sedikit info kalopun saya sudah pernah kesana.
  9. Jangan menyerah, jangan menyerah... D'massiv. Selagi harapan masih ada tetap semangat bosku.
  10. i wont get that, but rakeback i guess there are site payback from our wagered. Rakeback we're aim depend on the level VIP.More high level more high percentage you will get that rakeback on one periode (a days, aweek or a month period). Only that was i know.
  11. benar banget, saya jg masih bingung kok menang dapatnya cuma 1.5x. Masih bertanya tanya kenapa juga itu. Mungkin ada yang tahu?
  12. Jangan kagetan ah, entar gimana kalo ketemu orderan nganterin syahrini? hahaha.... enjoy bro
  13. i prefer for private tip, more quite and safe from new fans add friend request. lol
  14. A few days ago I got the news that stake will have a sportsbook page. I am very happy to hear it, like a dream that will come true. An online dice site provides a sportsbook too, very impressive. Although there are already some that provide it, I'm sure of the services that the stakeholders have provided so far, it will definitely be even better. The reason why I say that? 1. Stake has the best support with fast response until now 2. has an extraordinary forum supported by CEO, admin, support and mod who have high integrity 3. Instant deposit and withdrawal 4. Any coin can be exchanged with an exchange stake 5. There will be many promos and activities that will be opened later in this forum (I'm sure of that) I say a little about the weaknesses of some online sportsbook sites, especially crypto sportsbook: 1. Graders who are very slow to work so we long to wait for the execution of every bet that we do, even though the game is over. Average over 30 minutes, often even than 1 hour 2. It's hard to do running bet, because the odds they apply are very unstable (even during the break). Users have difficulty making the betting process. This is an experience that I can say, hoping that stake has an extraordinary sportsbook, what do you think? Please write your opinions here , don't hesitate.