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  1. pakiman

    $250 Twitter Giveaway #13

  2. pakiman

    Which is the best game in the world? (poll)

    The best game in the world it's "LIFE". another games nervously smokes. May be Death better... can see 💔
  3. pakiman

    When the FUN stops STOP

    It's NEver Stop. It's Trash Mf
  4. pakiman

    Who you calling a noob??

    Noob - This is Low Skill gamer, on forum posts is nothing with Noob ) Congratulations Memer!
  5. pakiman

    Choose a Charity Poll #5

    Manyhopes.org - Submit for this. This is BEst
  6. pakiman

    Save BTC For Our Kids is a Good Idea?

    Not good IDEA if check what his coas now and tendens .... ours childrens no need it ))
  7. Play fo ZERO balans, Nobody stopping me
  8. pakiman

    A never ending thread (last post wins)

    It's never END ?
  9. pakiman

    Primedice vs. Stake

    Stake the best. More People, More games, More Challenjes Gifts and GIveways. Primedice not bad, but Stake the BEST!!! 👽
  10. pakiman

    🥇 2018 Stake Awards

    Funniest: @Hoffguy Friendliest: @Nataly91 Forum Hero: @Dan Chat Hero: @Hoffguy Most Lovable: @fantasygerle Most Intelligent: @Nataly91 Most Influential: @Bojana Best Moderator: @zuxel Funniest Support: @Katarina Favourite Support: @Katarina Favourite Staff: @Steve
  11. pakiman

    Plinko 420x with 79 rolls

    Good Job. Do you shout Cheeeeeeers!!!!!
  12. pakiman

    Оптимальный икс для игры

    Сегодня ночью поднял на Х33 7К Догов с 50, ну потом как обычно
  13. ДА школа даёт базу, писать без ошибок и знать 2+2 это норма. А учиться можно и плохо, я оч плохо учился
  14. Надо просто брать и переезжать, ставлю ЦЕЛЬ - 2 БИТКА подымаю и валю в другую страну