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  1. 1. computer 2. shaniqua 3. Shinjo 4. Exadao 5. Eugene265
  2. Stake username : Ebrahim & Twitter username : @off0ebi gl all < 3
  3. i will take those minutes at the peak of excitement. i will not bet more with my huge 100 bitcoin, i'll STOP !!! i'll keep that. first i should sell all 100BTC . i will buy 2 houses , one near beach & one in downtown : ). i'll buy new heavy motorcycle too. just can say 'gg' to that happening /😉
  4. 1. How did you find Stake? via BTC gamblers on youtube 2. What changes do you believe would most improve Stake? add online bets with users (like coinflip ، jackpot ) 3. What is the primary reason you come to Stake? to have BTC for first time 4. What’s your favourite crypto to make bets with? Which would you like to see next? BTC 5. Do you buy crypto just to play on Stake? hardly ever 6. What’s your most memorable moment on Stake? when i withdraw 7. What makes Stake stand out the most from competitors? easy way to deposit & withdraw 8. What’s the most inconvenient thing for you about Stake? laggs while betting 9. Would you recommend Stake to a friend? Have you already? yep 10. Are you interested in sports betting? hell yeah 11. Which social media platforms do you use the most? twitter 12. Would you use a cold storage wallet on Stake for additional security? No. because acc security waste my time 13. What’s your favourite and least favourite game on Stake? Why? Dice. there's easy 2x 14. How many bets on average do you make a day? around 2$ 15. What’s your approximate average bet size? betting with low risk 16. What do you like most about other online casinos that Stake currently doesn’t offer? just stake ❤️ 17. Hypothetically speaking, Stake goes offline. Where do you go next? i'll play steam games 18. Are there any community events you’d like to see in the future? more forum challenges 19. Do you gamble anywhere besides Stake? Where? yep. i started my first gambling with steam games items. 20. What’s your biggest question for the Stake staff? No any question. just answer fast to support tickets