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  1. Anyone who started playing Stake.com with Dice? What are your strategies and would you recommend the game?
  2. How do you calculate the odds in this game?
  3. Do you have any winning strategies for Baccarat? What are your favourite ones?
  4. Is there really a solid winning strategy for roulette? Or is it really luck and risk management?
  5. What are the best Blackjack strategies that you know of and where can you find them?
  6. Who can I get in touch with for a potential partnership with Stake to accept new cryptocurrencies on the platform?
  7. Would be interested in connecting with blockchain developers, I'm looking for potential partnerships 😃
  8. Hi I'm new and was wondering where can I find the link to forum rules and also participation for challenges details? Suche as the 10 post rule?
  9. Any intentions for Stake.com to start having NLH Poker? or is this strictly casino games only?
  10. Interesting website and way of getting people to engage. Posting to reach the 10 posts requirement before joining a challenge. Anything else a newbie should know?