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  1. Chartbet:281,580,933 placed by babaaz Wagered: 0.00010048 Payout: 6.10x Profit: 0.00051245
  2. Mines:281,568,427 placed by babaaz Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 277.33x Profit: 0.00027633
  3. babaaz

    coeghacked scammer

    coeghacked he is lier and will scamm you i've made loans to him and i should threaten him to pay.... last loan he didnt pay i gave 200k he should return 200k send ( max 7 or 10 days i payback) when i ask him to pay me back he say send message me wait wait Send btc coeghacked March 13, 2018 he has not sent me anything April 08, 2018. can i loan 100k babaaz ? send ok privat can ? how much? 100k ? 50k last ok okay what return me btc? max payback 7 days ok 150k return? wtf lol March 13, 2018 so big 300% can i loan 100k babaaz ? send ok okay okay i hope can payback today 130k max 7 or 10 days i payback 150k SEnd 50k return me 60k ok sorry my eror okay okay send ty Good Luck Coeg can last 50k ? i bust ok return me 120 k last oke 6:11 PM you have 5k ? sorry my ballance 7k okay okay 10:55 AM help 10k 5k ok okay thanks 11:30 AM nice hit babaaz ty coeg can you help me again 10k ? March 19, 2018 baz can loan again 50k ? babaaz you lucky always got tip send 50 how much recivery me? 60k you so kind because you got tip you so kind obligor 120k coeg obligor ? can last 50k ? Owen the Yellow i bust ok return me 120 k last Owen the Yellow oke 6:11 PM Owen the Yellow you have 5k ? coeg loan me 120k yea 120k send 50k loan me? i loan 70 and total 200k can ? ok send 70 recovery me 200k? yes but tip privat ok send i busted babaaz sorry coeg can last 80k ? total loan 300k ? iff i deposit i pay it all wait win send ok tip privat can ? ok privat can send now ? 12:59 PM you here ? buste all coeg sorry how much you have now ? 10k ? my ballance 1k you withdraw ? no withdraw lost all wtf 2m lost ? yes 1:10 PM sorry for hear it 1:33 PM why not withdraw ? March 22, 2018 Hi coeg when paid lon me? loan 3:20 PM Coeg help me? hi babaaz coeg 0 cant help now sorry cant deposit when paid lon me? loan coeg when paid loan me ? 13Mrch send 100k no return me 22 March when? 5:05 AM wait wait
  4. 10k-200k would be nice for me every days.
  5. babaaz


    Welcome good luck.
  6. babaaz

    My highest cashout in Hilo!!

    My highest cashout was 690x
  7. babaaz

    My high payouts on "Mines" game (not all)

    my max hit 11000x 12mines 10 diamonds
  8. babaaz

    Plinking plinko

    my luck best plinko hit 620x
  9. Thanks, didn't know this casino