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  1. YES! You heard it right! This running promotion and upcoming giveaway(s) are a result of a security, saftey and the vulnerabilities TESTING of the btc blockchain. Here's a bit of background of this immense project started by an individual going by the username of Crypt0sy! To some of you, Crypt0sy is already a familiar name that u may have seen across several sites. Crypt0sy has undertaken a huge challenge to study and research the core and development of BTC Blockchain and the different interactions between payment systems and popular bitcoin wallets. The goal of this project was to find possible vulnerabilities and bugs that may allow an outside hacker to exploit users information or threaten the security of individuals wallet funds. Working for months - committed to the future safety and security of Bitcoin, what started as a hobby like challenge during spare time, for Crypt0sy, it became a passion and a drive to gain recognition and being noticed by many developers. Twitter was ground -ZeR0- for the growing followers as Crypt0sy would post screenshots and step by step findings, and carried out many discussions and tweets with the Crypto community. This caused a sensation and a huge buzz about many developers of different wallet and payment systems. Most recently - in order to gain exposure of the importance of safety and security of interactions within the blockchain, a major giveaway is being sponsored on Twitter. I happened to be within the first beta testers of this upcoming event and coin giveaway. Winning the first test event - i received a privately created wallet, password protected - with 175k+ satoshis inside! To be eligeble participant in the next and upcoming 100k-200k+ satoshi wallet giveaway the following requirements have to be met. 1. Follow and Like and Retweet the latest tweet with mention of username on BOTH of Crypt0sys Twitter Pages - Links here: https://twitter.com/crypto0sy and https://twitter.com/omen56830974 2. Actively check the next several days for the announcement of the Promotion Giveaway and for the required rules! 1 (One user / account) per individual can only be allowed to participate - no multiple accounts, will be strictly enforced. 3. Feel free to check out the numerous screenshots of the project and how you may be able to receive bonus coin for being a top tweeter and helping to promote the ongoing Security and Safety Blockchain Project Further Questions and or Giveaways can be messaged directly on twitter to Crypt0sy! Ask how you can become a sponsor for this immense Project! *** Below i have attached a screenshot of my transaction from the winning project test of the first wallet giveaway!! ***
  2. I sure hope I win (Username: PlayaboiI)
  3. Username: Playaboii I heard about Stake from Eddie himself on the other site, PrimeDice... I remember the excitement of it in chat and watched Twitch Stream of preview
  4. Hi Badger, Its unfortunate that this has happened. I have posted a review for Betchain and submitted your link to this here as a reference - on LCB.org (Online Review and Bonus of Casinos Website) . Again, I referenced the link to this page of your statement here on my review of Betchain as a scam site and a non-paying site. I have an acct there, have played there. Glad i havent deposited there lately and havent chose to play there most recently as incident such as yours isnt the first one of its kind. I have heard it happen from several different people. I hope they do give you your BTC back. - Playaboii
  5. We need the leveling to Elite and Legendary to be a bit more accessable to us degens poor garbage people. But thats my opinion... lol Quirte frankly i dont ever play or hardly ever play discord giveaways... havent won one yet and i played a lot before... so i just gave up on it. Seems like a huge waste if time for me anyway.
  6. The only games i DO play is Dice and sometimes Plinko... very rarely Keno.... all the rest are wierd and i cant seem to profit quite how i want to with the other games. So Yah... Dice is the main one tho
  7. uhh yah i never hunt really well... only my own hunts on dice... i dont do well with challenges - not my thing. I am not a keyboard warrior. Some of us cant tyoe 1000 words a minute. Lol! Cheers!
  8. Since i started with Stake, i havent cashed out not even oncce i think... so not much success here. Maybe sometime soon I will reach the minimum lmao
  9. I wanna kind of hold a poll of sorts... I am curious - if Stake was to add another alt coin... WHAT would it BE? Any ideas? And why?! I will review the answers in few days... best answer for coin and why - may win a prize!
  10. well i got a tip for 178k satoshi about a week ago and i hit like .1 btc win betting 10k hitting 1000x on plinko lol
  11. havent hit big on anything so far lol.... besides the .1 about a week ago
  12. Uhh... https://www.xnxx.com is prolly one of the best out there. Jus sayin
  13. I am the weeiner... i mean WINNER! lol